Nick Sowden’s Pro-Rape Stance

Not satisfied with calling TV identity Corrine Grant a pig, cunt and a prostitute, and calling for ‘black folk’ to pack rape her, this guy then turns his attention to fellow Australian Steve, who is putting his political opinions forward in a completely non-confrontational way. See it all here:



15 thoughts on “Nick Sowden’s Pro-Rape Stance

  1. What a childish pig of a coward. One thing I hate about the net is how it has invented the Internet Tough guy. For fucks sake if I heard a bloke talking to a woman like that,for any reason, I would clip the bastard behind the ear. Have a debate fine but don’t sink to such disgusting comments like that. Mate I hope you get done undeer the Racial vilafacation act & rapped in prison….. see even the idea of the threat is one that should NEVER be used by someone who wants to call themselves an Aussie. Good going Corinne I have been a fan for years & although I do not always agree with you I respect you not just as a comedian but an informed individual. Keep sticking it to the bastard Corinne we need you & your friends more then ever to get rid of this Facist crap out of our society.

  2. Unfortunately, under our legislation, only a black person can lodge a complaint. I know this as I lodged a racial vilification complaint re a comment on my web site. Officially I had to make it on behalf of my husband and children, because I am white.

    The man should be incarcerated. End of story. Internet allows cowards full reign.

  3. As someone with an interest in law reform, I would be interested if you can point to the legislation which states only a black person can lodge a racial vilification complaint.

    • I was referring to my own particular case and the comment referring to black people above. Here is my case:

      The legislation results in a situation where I, as a white person, cannot lodge a complaint if racial hatred against black people occurs, even if my family are black. I had to change my complaint. The flip side would apply, of course. I could not lodge a complaint if the situation involved Asians, either.

      I can’t point you to the legislation myself, but I had two lengthy conversations with my AHRC case officer yesterday on the topic. I think it is wrong, but that is the way it is.

  4. really an Aboriginal woman got charged with racial vilafacation in Western Australia about 5 years ago? I remeber the story well. Don’t know where you are getting that information. the legislation states that is is Illegal to act in a prejudicial manner to a person based on that persons Race, religion or culture. It says nothing about only being able to be lodged by a Balckman against a Whiteman because that would make the legislation racist. Stop for aminute & think about what you are saying & read up for yourself what the Racial vilafacation act says & don’t believe what you hear on Radio or TV cause it makes all us Aussies look like ill informed baffons who will eblieve anything just cause someone said it. Have a bit of national pride, how the hell can people actually believe that stuff. Please do the nation a favour & raise the IQ & immgrate to places where this type of fear mongering belongs. Raicism is racism no matter how we dress it up. Hate as much as you want just don’t hate the colour of a persons skin or the name they want to call god.

  5. So he thinks it’s cool to suggest Corinne Grant should get raped and then become a prostitute to earn money?

    *Forever alone*

  6. I’ve seen this guy on Twitter many times. He abuses everyone who disagrees with him. He is irrational and likely has mental illness – very scary

  7. Does anyone know the company he works for? On twitter he states he is a Geotechnical Engineer in Brisbane & Regional QLD.

  8. I doubt very much that he’s a ‘Geotechnical Engineer’, the moron hasn’t a shred of intelligence. The pathetic individual resorts to name calling and hopes for ‘rape’ as he lacks the mental capacity to argue. Greg Jessop just regurgitates far right American rhetoric. What a hate filled, miserable individual he must be.

  9. From Wikipedia:

    “Greg Jeremy Jessop is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Stefan Booth.”
    A figleaf of his own imagination no doubt. In fact “Greg” sounds very much like ex-LNP Nick.

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