Brian Conway and Andrew Nang and their Asylum Seeker Solutions


We would welcome Brian Conway here to explain what asylum seekers, the entire Greens and Labor parties have actually done that is ILLEGAL – and illegal enough to warrant blowing them up and killing them.



Interesting views from a man who once upon a time gained entry to a University and held a job with the National Roads and Motoring Authority (NRMA). Whether or not he’s still there, well… just cross your fingers if you ever break down – especially if you’re not white.


And here’s another guy claiming to have a solution to our asylum seeker ‘problem’. What is it? Ah yes. Blow up the ‘FUCKERS’. By the looks of it he has no idea how to wash his own clothes, fix broken light switches or maintain a respectable level of personal hygiene. Blowing things up seems like all he’d ever be good at.


6 thoughts on “Brian Conway and Andrew Nang and their Asylum Seeker Solutions

    • Remarks about this guys looks are stupid, because your just as bad as him. I guarantee you he says the same things about non-whites. Don’t sink to his level

      • What If I was referring to his facebook posts?!! The article itself states that he lacks a ‘. . .Respectable level of personal hygiene’. Presumptuous much? And if you’re going to imply that I’m stupid, get the grammar correct Its ‘You’RE just as bad as him’.

  1. I suspect that, if given the means, they’d only succeed in blowing themselves up.

    Hmmm… Anyone else want to chip in to make that happen?

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