Just Another Australian Nazi With A History of Law-Breaking



Yep – you read that right. ‘General Manager at Auswitz: making the world pretty’.



(88 = HH – ‘Heil Hitler’)


13 thoughts on “Just Another Australian Nazi With A History of Law-Breaking

  1. I can not believe this shit exists in this day and age. These beliefs and actions are a spit in the face of democracy and are utter disrespectful towards the sacrifice many fallen Diggers gave to rid the world of this kind of hate.
    The day this idiot does not walk out the front door of a court house and lands in prison will be the day he regrets that evil fucking swastika that dons his chest. It will become a target and quite frankly a well deserved one. You are living on borrowed time fool!


    • It doesn’t make him a target, it makes him friends pretty fast though. Many people have swastikas in prison, mostly old white Bikies and skinheads…

      • correction “Some” old Skinheads. Skinheads started as an infusion of English Mods (working class gangs) & Jamaican rude boys which is why proper skinheads wear alot of Checkaboard stuff. It didn’t used to make him a target but across the world the Anti-Facists Skinheads have been taking back the honour of the Skins & we are here in Australia now. It does make him a target because if any Anti Facist skin see’s it they will instantly beat the fuck out of them becuase thats what we do. & if we can win in Russia & the US we will win here.

        • OK, well I was speaking of Prison. I’ve never met an anti-racist skinhead inside. Or maybe I have, and they didn’t want to make that obvious. Because just like you see on the TV, prison is divided by race, whether you like it or not, it doesn’t give the anti-racists much choice on who to side with, seeing as how a lot of the white guys in there are either Nazis, bikies or junkies, and no-one like junkies. To be quite honest, most of these sharps wouldn’t last a week in mainstream prison if they were open about who they were.

          Just my 2 cents

  2. What a doucheturd. Is it just because he’s white that he thinks he’s superior? It can’t be for his IQ, his looks, or his preferred alcohol… it’s a bit sad when the only thing that makes you notable in your own opinion is the fact that two white people had sex and produced you.

  3. From Caboolture… ’nuff said.

    He’s not even ‘Aryan’. Do these people bother to read history books? Or at the very least, wikipedia?

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