Asians Can’t Drive: I Got 16 Likes On Facebook So I Must Be Right


Australian (NSW) research shows little indication that young drivers born overseas are more likely to take risks or be involved in crashes in Australia than those born locally. Rather, Asian-born young drivers are less likely to drive riskily and have a lower crash risk than their Australian-born counterparts.




Australian-born drivers were more likely to report a high level of risky driving behaviours than those born in Asia, with those born in ‘other’ countries reporting a level somewhat in-between the two. The most striking finding was that Asian-born young drivers had almost half the risk of a crash than those born in Australia.


Young Brendan here looks to be in his mid-twenties, and a male driver who seems to have some frustration issues. Lets see what the statistics say about his driving:

It seems young men who are aggressive and risk-taking are causing a lot more problems than Asian drivers, and drivers who have only recently arrived in our country.


But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good negative generalisation joke, Brendan.

16 thoughts on “Asians Can’t Drive: I Got 16 Likes On Facebook So I Must Be Right

    • Very true, it is these hoons costing us money and even lives.

      It is all a bit sad really, instead of going out with a girl and engaging in normal young adult behaviour, they are all alone with their cars.

      Its’s the socially inept blokes with a type of desperation and inner frustration at their inabilty to find a date or partner that scream around in their ridiculous cars.

      Hopefully they will realise the sadness of their life and try to improve on the situation.


  1. Enjoyed this post thoroughly, reminds me of the “fuck off we’re full” status I saw on Facebook… whats wrong with these people? Ive written a semi-rant/ hopefully entertaining post just today about it!

  2. Probably true? However I am 33 and have had my licence since I was 16. Until this year I had never been in an accident. I have, in the last 6 months, been hit three (3), count it, one, two, three, 3 times by an asian female driver in the Waterloo area. No, not the same one in case you were wondering.

    • I should clarify further. One went through a give way, another a red light and the lucky last changed lanes into mine without looking…

      • I am a Caucasian Australian, and I’ve seen other caucasian males do every thing you just wrote there. By the way-does your missus tell you that she is a terrible driver and puts others at risk by her driving?

        And just to be clear here, are you telling us that your experience of three accidents is more justification than the abvoe statistics provided by the Yougn driver factbase?

        • No and No. However, I clearly seem to have drifted from the edict and will forever beg forgiveness for making light of what is surely a life and death struggle between the radical right and the radical left.

    • Perhaps you’ve got a sticker on your car that reads ‘please ram my car if you dislike simpleton bigots who think that a handful of experiences constitutes adequate field research that make sweeping generalisations about gender and race’.

      And if you don’t have that specific sticker, I would say you were just unlucky and counter your ‘argument’ with a counter argument that I’ve had not-at-fault accidents with two (count them) two drunk drivers, male, Anglo Saxon, and two not-at-fault accidents (count them) two accidents with psychotic lane changing V8 driving white, male, mid-twenties P-platers.

  3. I don’t have an opinion one way or another re the stereotype. Though I am getting the shiots with being hit lately. I thought it was a funny anecdote given the subject matter.

    Yes she does give herself shit in a light hearted manner – her and her sister are forever giving each other shit over funny stereotypes. Not everyone fits into your neat little pigeonholes of Racict/Non-racist. Learn to relax.

    • Learn the difference between what’s racist and what’s simply a light hearted joke with a sterotype against yourself.

      Btw, your wife (not sure if I believe you, but let’s just say I do) joking about her asian sterotype is one thing. Labeling all asians off as that, is another.

      • a) I think you’ll find I hadn’t in fact labeled anybody anything, given my recent experience this subject funny/interesting.

        I also think it’s funny that not so up tight people such as my missus can have a laugh at themselves and that she in fact prescribed to the relevant stereotype (not many hoons in commodore utes where we live). Just as we can watch the Castle and get a kick out of the “stereotypical” Aussie family.

        b) I don’t find the ignorant, uneducated wankers exposed on here funny nor, as it happens, do I find the spiteful, self-righteous, holier than thou pseudo intellectuals funny. You can wake me up when the war is over.

        It’s very gracious of you to believe me but why don’t you save the patronisation for the next person who starts an argument with “Im not racist but”… or “my best friend is Aboriginal but”….

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