5 thoughts on “Just Joking? Or Just Being Racist Scum?

  1. pfft… Tasmanians. Says it all.

    oh wait – I didn’t mean that. Of course, it was just a harmless joke, I wouldn’t want to be seen perpetuating negative generalisations about Tasmanians all being stupid inbreds. 😉

  2. Its so wrong of you to publish peoples names with out their permission! And wordwitter, You wont find anyone here being offended by your ‘Tasmanian’ jokes. Because its a JOKE! Deerrrrr!

    • Steph Paterson

      Spare Parts at Gaffney Machinery
      Lives in Deloraine, Tasmania
      In a relationship with Clinton Cameron

      jealous are you? We’ve fixed that up with our patented TAB five seconds of fame.

      Say hi to the peeps at Gaffney’s.

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