Refugee Week: The Highs and the Lowly Lows


Tens of thousands of Aussies marched through major cities around the country yesterday (23/6/12) in support of ending mandatory detention and welcoming those who’ve sought refuge in Australia.

From ‘Welcome To Australia‘s website:

At 1pm on June 23, the Saturday of Refugee Week, we’re inviting everyone who is a part of the Australian community to ‘Walk Together’ in recognition that although we’ve all arrived here via different pathways we share a common Australian journey. 

We’re Aboriginal Australians, we’re refugees, we’re skilled migrants, we’re long-term Australians, we’re international students, we’re asylum seekers… we’re people. It’s time to Walk Together into a future where diversity is celebrated, fear is replaced with welcome and where everyone belongs.
Workplaces, schools, community groups and even pockets of politicians held services, events and parties in recognition of World Refugee Week. Here are some of the photos:
But it wasn’t a week completely full of positives, no. The ‘party’ of perpetual political pants-downs, ‘The Australian Protectionist Party‘ had organised a counter-rally that would somehow negate the positive actions of the tens of thousands of Australians who believed in treating asylum seekers and refugees like real people. They called it the ‘Torpedo the Boats Rally‘.
You will note that this event was shaping up to be the most successful Australian Protectionist Party in the history of the ‘organisation’. To date, the hicks have only ever been able to conjure up around 8-10 supporters at each racist eyesore rally. They once got around 20 people, but that was because they called on the Southern Cross Soldiers and the Australian Defence League (two other similarly dysfunctional and unpopular groups of intellectually mild boys in men’s bodies) to boost their numbers. But perhaps Hodges always knew that the event would eventually turn out poorly, given the group’s history of failing miserably at attracting any form of support from any given demographic, and he put his hand up to declare that it would be his final ‘rally’.

Hodges actually showed a glimpse of intelligence as he declared “…defined madness as repeating the same actions and expecting a different result…”. However, he then went ahead and practically removed himself entirely from the APP and left Brievik appreciator and child-murder supporter Matt ‘Mutation’ in charge, much to Matt’s confusion.

The Facebook event page for the torpedo-solution inbreds was red-hot with fake profiles from both sides of the debate, many deciding that the best course of action in dealing with Australia’s migration issues would be to post private details about each other and call people pedophiles and rapists etc. But while the social networking site was getting a server-crashing workout, the rally itself was failing to gain any kind of foothold, as the APP failed time and time again to secure a protest permit from NSW police.

Hodges and Folkes were talking up the idea that the only reason police were refusing to let them publicly humiliate themselves was because ‘leftists’ were always violent at these kind of gatherings. Meanwhile, at the Facebook event page, there were calm rational comments being made from APP supporters.

And while Hodges was keen to paint his opposition as the kind who refused to answer questions and silence debate, he teamed up with bum-chum Nicholas Folkes and consistently went on a comment-deleting rampage, proving that the best way to win an argument was to make it appear as though the opposition didn’t want to talk.

Without wanting to speak for the APP, I can’t imagine they could feel any kind of pride for the kind of lowlife bottom-feeders they were attracting to their page. Sharlene Ashton even turned up to threaten people (including pregnant mothers) with lighting their houses on fire and setting her ‘roids-raged husband onto them.

The debate was reaching an intellectual low-point wherever you looked – Rosina Mason-Parker was unfortunately one of the more intelligent APP supporters commenting.

Mid-way through the lead-up to the APP’s rally, another asylum seeker boat crashed, killing many people including women and children. Did you expect compassion from the scum? I certainly hope not. Here’s stand-up comedian and pants-wetter Trilby Steinberger‘s take on it:

Bigotry and hatred coupled with inappropriate apostrophes. It set off celebratory parties within the Protectionist Party’s corner however.

Even Folkesy weighed into the conversation, intimating that God had stepped in to kill the asylum seekers, and suggesting that in the future he would also sort out the ‘Marxist scum’.

Of course, the Bible-basher couldn’t avoid pushing his thoughts on slavery.

Anyways, I bet you’re itching to actually find out how the APP rally went. I hear you say, “I’m finally interested. This well respected, well received political party is now attracting numbers of over 130 at their planned rallies.” Well here are a few pics for you. Sorry to say, Nicholas Folkes and Darrin Hodges only managed to attract FOUR supporters and the pathetic non-event racist Italian Sergio Redegalli (the guy who dresses up and hides in women’s bathrooms).

Here’s Sergio with a nearly-dead, lonely fogey APP supporter filming the five other lousy APP dead-shits standing alone in a park next to Central Station in Sydney, waving an Australian flag and holding up signs saying ‘Join the Aussie Resistance’.

And here are Folkes and Hodges, flanked by random nobody and Old Guy. They took great delight in telling their opposition (Wallabies jumper and blue cap) that they were feral, unwashed S-bend scum, yet both Folkes and Hodges had turned up to their fap-rally after bathing in each others’ sweat, regrettably failing to shave their filthy unkempt attempts at facial hair and wearing the unwashed shirts they wear to all of their fail-events.

Here’s a photo of all six proud Australians who support the torpedoing of boats lined with women and children. You will note the blimpy woman on the right wearing a scarf and sunglasses – we have photos of her at previous events, including ‘ban-the-burqa’ rallies outside Redegalli’s house in Newtown. The irony hurts.

With another failed event chalked up; a miserable sayonara for fomer sex-shop assistant Hodges, they parted ways and headed for the pub. We look forward to the write-up on their website, describing the hundreds of attendees. It’s important to find humour in all situations.

And finally, a quick wrap from one of our other administrators:

“Went to the Welcome to Australia rally yesterday. It was really positive. They had performances and speakers.  I’d say 99.9% of attendees had absolutely no idea the APP were down the other end of the park… you could barely see them, and couldn’t read their signs or anything, plus they were standing between/behind some big trees.  There were about 3 police standing behind the pro-refugee group, mostly just chatting and one helped a little girl put some rubbish in the bin because she was too small.

At the other end of the park was the APP group.  There were 6 or 7 of them standing as part of their ‘rally’, and Sergio Redegalli was away from them with a video camera on a tripod.  They were faced (a distance away, probably set by police) by about a dozen Antifa who held banners saying ‘Torpedo the First Fleet’ and ‘No Borders’, in response to the APP calling their rally ‘Torpedo the Boats’.  The Antifa chanted to the APP that they were racist scum, to stop deportation, and that Australia was and is Aboriginal land.

Nicky Folkes responded by calling out to say they were “S-bend socialists”, “feral stench”, “bog stench”, etc. He ranted about them supporting murder and being racist. The force is obviously not strong with this one. Darrin Hodges mostly stood beside him, sniggering and looking adoringly at him.  Occasionally he repeated something Nicky had said, or chanted something himself, quietly at first while looking at Nicky for approval and then got louder if Nicky laughed, or stopped awkwardly if Nicky didn’t respond.

At one point, Nick called out “How are you going to torpedo the First Fleet? Are you going to go back in time?” and Darrin looked like he was so in love he was almost salivating. Darrin did some Beavis and Butthead style guffaws. Nicky spent a lot of time waving a big Australian flag around, not seeming to quite understand that it didn’t make a statement to anyone, because aside from the odd tourist or international student passing, everyone in that park was pretty much Australian.

There was one woman with them who had a beanie, scarf, sunglasses, long sleeved jumper and long skirt. Any time her scarf started to slip down from covering her face, she pulled it back up.  She tried to turn away from photos a lot. I guess she didn’t realise that the people she was standing with opposed burqas in public. I was scared that she may have been hiding a bomb. That’s what people who cover themselves are doing it for, right?

There was another guy in a cap and glasses who got really worked up if anyone went over to question him or talk to him.  He yelled at one girl and she walked away, I’m not sure what about though.

They attracted a few jeers from random people passing through the park.  There were about 10-15 police babysitting them.

Sergio was filming the Antifa for the most part, although if he was recording with sound, a lot of the video would have included him chatting shite to people.  Old Guy was at the rally and he went over to talk to Sergio for a while, and then there was a group chatting to him and one young woman was talking to him for a while.  I wasn’t close enough to hear but the few times I walked close enough behind him I heard him giving the spiel about how someone he knew was attacked by a Muslim or something, in his normal “I’m an intellectual and I don’t hate Muslims except when I do” type fashion. He ended up being interrupted by Nicky calling out to him to say to come over and take a group shot of their rally before they left to go and get a beer.  Sergio went over and introduced the girl to the fuckwits and then the 5 of them in t-shirts posed for the photo… the guy in the cap and glasses didn’t get in the pic, and neither did the woman with the full face covering, who stood beside Sergio, despite him being against that sort of thing.

They then toddled off towards Surry Hills.”

29 thoughts on “Refugee Week: The Highs and the Lowly Lows

  1. “And while Hodges was keen to paint his opposition as the kind who refused to answer questions and silence debate, he teamed up with bum-chum Nicholas Folkes and consistently went on a comment-deleting rampage, proving that the best way to win an argument was to make it appear as though the opposition didn’t want to talk.”

    This is absolutely comical coming from TAB. You people are renowned for deleting or disallowing comments, and even worse, it’s been proven that on many many occasions when you’re a little light-on for blog posts you simply invent false comments out of thin air and falsely ascribe them to APP members among others.

    Another EPIC fail by the antibogan.

    • We delete comments from fuckwits who turn up and post private details about our members. Got a problem with that? Who cares?

      Re inventing posts. Nup. I wish the content on this site wasn’t authentic, but unfortunately it is.

      Fuck off troll.

  2. You say the falsification of comments has been proven. Where has it been proven, and how?

    I find it hard to believe that anyone would need to falsify app comments as members have, through direct communication to or witnessed by myself, stated they support the murder of children, the extermination of all muslims, the deportation of all non whites, see all women as prostitutes (hilariously,this comment was made by a guy who uses prostitutes), and have even denied the holocaust.

    So with all these comments absolutely being true, what is left about the app that isn’t true?

    • Where are they you ask [name redacted]. Well, I’ve sent them to [name redacted] many times but since he’s the main offender of course he won’t post them. Just look at the clearly edited comments above. Even your most ardent followers can see they’ve been altered. OWNED !
      But that said I guarantee this one will either be heavily edited or not posted at all.

      • Wow, the force is not strong with this one…

        Let’s get this straight: you’re trying to set up a teacher as a pedophile because you don’t like his anti-racism stance. Somehow that’s linked to our website because we alter all the screenshots we post here. Or something. And then apparently our website isn’t publishing the real screenshots because you’re sending them to the teacher guy that you don’t like and you’re surprised that he isn’t sharing it with us. You’re also surprised that we aren’t publishing evidence that we alter screenshots at our website on our website.

        Makes perfect sense.

        Would you like a second try at explaining yourself? Perhaps you could try not assuming you know who we all are this time? Just stick to misunderstanding one thing at a time.

    • Your many, many screenshots are where, sorry?

      As for the rest of your comment, it has been screenshotted and deleted! Oh noes! Only da leftiez delete commentz and shit!

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  4. I am concerned about Australia’s immigration policies so I will solve this problem by accusing a primary school teacher of being a pedophile. I am so smart.

  5. looks like ronnie boy is trying to divert some of the attention away from the latest APP rally failure! Why would that be? There’s only a handful of people that could possibly be embarrassed by this article. Motives are always important…

  6. I followed this link from a friends facebook page. I wanted to read more about the positive pro-refugee rally! I Had no idea that this page would be full of coverage of morons! We didnt even see these try-hards, they didnt have any kind of impact on anyone it seems

  7. Is anyone else growing tired of these fools? The fool waves an English flag at one of the APPs fail rallies in Oz.

  8. Whoa!

    Looks like racists were outnumbered roughly 5,000:4.

    I’d ask why they bother, but it’s obvious they’re passionate. But surely they can see after so many dropped balls that the general public wants nothing to do with them or their platforms.

  9. My general litmus test for early-onset dementia and/or severe retardation are people that still believe in the left/right paradigm when it concerns politics and considering how much bogan degenerates love to throw around the term “Loony Left” like it’s 1963 and the Soviets have just placed Nuclear missiles in Cuba, it’s quite logical that I find every one of these retards meets my criteria for ill-informed, poorly-educated sheeple.

    Anyone who seriously endorses that the division between center-left and center-right political parties is anything more than the illusion of choice should die and just get it over with already. You’ve surrendered, you’ve proclaimed to the world’s elite you are no longer able to lift the wool from your eyes and you wish to be subservient for the rest of your life.

    Anyone, right or left, who wishes to enter Cabinet, Parliament or the PM’s office must accept the right lobbyist donations, must have the right banking/industrial/defence connections and must play ball by whatever rules the true powerbrokers like the IMF, World Bank, Banking Cartels, Seven Sisters Oil Companies and regular attendees of the Bilderberg meetings and G20 summits set.

    Any semblance of choice or independent thought in a political candidate has long evaporated by the time they are in any sort of power seat.

    Please stop parroting this ridiculous notion of there being a limp-wristed, weak and effeminate left and some kind of macho, totalitarian, hard-line right.

    It’s the same people across both sides of the aisles you retards.

    Australians have been running around in circles like headless chickens since Gough Whitlman was kicked out by Mark Kerr, who happily obliged American requests to oust this CIA base-opposing, Vietnam War conscription-abolishing, social program-creating Pinko that America could not stand to see have their interests in South-Asia influenced by.

  10. Anyone watch ABC last night? APP rally on the show ‘Dumb, Drunk and Racist’… Seems appropriate. The guy lost all credibility when he said his sister was raped by a Muslim; Aussies don’t rape? And that foul-looking woman! She carried on like a rabid dog when the other side came in! How embarrassing for everyone who is Australian.

  11. Hate how a couple of drongos make the rest of us Australians look so bad overseas, if they have a problem with the different nationalities of all Australians; they can just fuck off 😉

  12. Just one thing on the slavery thing, the pyramids were built by paid labourers, not slaves. There was next to no slavery in ancient Egypt.

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