PHOTO GALLERY: Australian Protectionist Party’s Latest Fail 23.6.12

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11 thoughts on “PHOTO GALLERY: Australian Protectionist Party’s Latest Fail 23.6.12

  1. I don’t usually comment here anymore, for reasons I won’t bother exploring right now. But I can’t help it after seeing in those pictures that prick wearing a t-shirt which exclaims that “Socialism Stinks”. No doubt that little tosser will be reading this blog, hence I have a few questions for him:
    -Does he use Medicare? If so, Medicare is an example of a socialist initiative. If he doesn’t care to be a hypocrite, then he may from now on wish to pay for all his healthcare upfront and to the full 100%. And that includes avoiding private health insurance as well, because even that is government subsidised (another socialist initiative).

    -Has he ever used sick leave or annual leave whilst in gainful employment? These too are benefits won courtesy of the labour (i.e. socialist) movement. Now that this has been drawn to his attention, he might care to pay back the applicable employer(s) the appropriate amount, lest once again he be pulled up for his hypocrisy.

    -Any government benefits received in the past? Or maybe right now? Is he on a pension? Go on, give it up mate. Once again, such state benefits are SOCIALIST in their aetiology. Care to pay them back? Or, should you be receiving any benefits right now, care to tell Centrelink that you don’t anymore care to receive anymore of this “socialist” money? I betcha not.

    -And did this fella at all pay for his schooling (the little he had)?

    The list goes on… so go on, if socialism really does stink, then start paying for your healthcare, education, annual leave, sick days etc out of your own pocket.

    • Add to that the policies of the APP, which include reintroducing tariffs, and making Australia entirely self sufficient, and only have trade with “like minded” countries (All of whihc sound more communist than any party in parliament), you realise to these guys “Socialism” means “Not hating brown skinned people” possibly combined with “Not letting the poor starve” It’s a common mistake by racist groups-have a look at “Rock against Communism” at sometime-all race hate music.

      Even on the APP pages, their supporters pointed out this contradiction. All the APP were cheering as “Occupy” protests resulted in arrests and police dissambly. Then one member pointed out he also didn’t like the disparity between rich and poor in Australia. Nick Folkes responded with “Absolutely, I agree the rich have it too easy, but we don’t want to be socialist”-so, he agrees with the protests, but doesn’t want to be seen as agreeing with them.

      Then, of course,. generally the APP doesn’t know what words mean.

      • If it were possible I would let these fools have the social darwinist libertarian dystopia they so (knowingly or otherwise) advocate for, if only for the satisfaction of watching them perish for lack of the qualities necessary to survive such but yet so obviously lack. Go the right, for it corrects itself.

        • Completely get that. They are all calling for “We want a civil war” or even more directly calling for no police, no government, and let them take care of themselves (Mr Merritt even wants to make his own country).

          Yet they seem to forget that if there was no law an order, no police, no government, those communities that are strongly united already (particularly migrant communities), would be the best suited to survive. And the worst? Idiots who have broken contact with all their friends and family because they don’t support white nationalism (Again-a lot of APP members have written about choosing the APP over their family).

  2. …yet try telling them that. Hitler used people such as these for cannon-fodder, simply because they served no other purpose but. After all, they are not ones possessing the skill or intelligence to engage in politic proper (i.e. the art of compromise in order to attain one’s own ends, as required to maintain a peaceful, orderly and flourishing society) or civil administration.

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