33 thoughts on “Justin Honeywill and his Freedom of Speech

  1. Wow. As a teacher of low literacy children over a number of years I can say with absolute certainty that he has the worst spelling of anyone I’ve encountered.

    At least the t-shirt is correctly punctuated.

    • Lol, even my 6-year old cousin know that you write in sentences. That you use fullstops. And at least make your writing mildly coherent.

      Go back to primary and learn basic grammar an punctuation, dickhead.

  2. Not this wannabe again… He obviously thinks himself a part of some ‘master race’, yet he is probably the poorest example of a white anglo-saxon. Can’t evolution breed you out already??

  3. While nowhere in the Australian constitution do we have a right to freedom of speech, I do think that it is an inalienable right to it as a human being. However, one thing most people don’t understand is freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom without consequence. Sure, you have the right to say or do anything you like, but that doesn’t exempt you from facing the consequences of what you choice to say or do.

    • I couldn’t agree more – theoretically, we can do anything at all, whatever we like, but we have to cop the results! But unfortunately too many people embrace their rights while neglecting their responsibilities; they only see the side of the equation that is in their favour.

  4. •Has blue hair.
    •Plays dress ups in front of door while mum takes photos (she also dyed his hair, like it?).
    •Too dumb already to get drunk.
    •Says “yes too day”, have never seen it done like this before; so unique (in the head), absolute trend setter.

  5. In disbelief that somebody like this actually exists. I hope he wears above shirt and shorts outside. Everytime I try to venture away from this website for a few weeks, someone like this pops up and I just can’t avert my eyes. Total trainwreck situation.

  6. I can’t help but think he looks like the love child of Dame Edna Everage and Eddie McGuire….

    “I love Aussie sheilas” – quite a statement from a COD warrior virgin. I’m sure they “love” him too. *eyeroll*

  7. This is just ridiculous now, at first I was inclined to laugh at this drop-kick when he was featured on TAB before but he’s almost too tragic and pitiable for that.

    A scrawny, not even 6ft tall, high school drop-out with the coherency of a heavyweight boxer with a hundred fights under his belt and not even aware of the fact he is lampooning himself more successfully than anyone else ever could.

    I mean even his claims of “White Pride” are in serious disrepute considering most of his ilk would have had their first drink as they just entered puberty, Justin held out until he was 18.
    At this rate his virginity will be closely guarded well into his 40’s.

    And what in the hell is “DILLIGAF”?

    Nice Chinese 9mm replicas Justin, did you get those for your 17th or something?

  8. Rofl, I’d love to see him bring that “Wigga Gansta-ness” down to Redfern for a quiet lunch. I’d be guessing he crys so hard the first time a 10 year old local says “Gives us 2 bucks, you racist, white cunt.” that he goes home covered in dried snot.

  9. At least the cock head above admits White people are likely to be racially abused in areas with a high non-white (especially aboriginal) population.

    I hope [name redacted] has a good week at work this week. But somehow I doubt it.

  10. No, I don’t think anyone would run home crying after the above. Personally I’d crush the little coon’s windpipe there and then.

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