Riana Marie Deacon and Her Thoughts on Asians. Whoops, ASAINS.

Problems with this:

1. It’s ASIAN dammit. Why do stupid racist twats insist on spelling it ‘ASAIN?’

2. Um, ‘hmong’? Pretty specific…

3. Rice is grown in Australia, and dim sims are fried in Australia.

4. Heroes are cool. Australians do Kung Fu too.

5. There are currently no breeds of dog that have shoe lace eyes.

6. Telling someone to ‘cook up frog legs’ sounds like an insult for a French person, not an ASAIN.

7. I don’t know where to go cocksucking anal fucking idiots. Does anyone know where they can go to cocksucking anal fucking idiots?

Congratulations Riana Marie Deacon. Your comment has been immortalised forever.

16 thoughts on “Riana Marie Deacon and Her Thoughts on Asians. Whoops, ASAINS.

  1. 2. It’s a real thing. I’m frankly astonished that she’s using the correct spelling.
    Hmong  (hmông)
    n. pl. Hmong or Hmongs In both senses also called Miao.
    1. A member of a people inhabiting the mountainous regions of southern China and adjacent areas of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.
    2. The Miao-Yao language of the Hmong.

  2. Frog legs are actually a really popular food in some Asian countries. Especially Vietnam, they’re on nearly every menu since French occupation. They probably eat more frog legs in Vietnam than they do in France.

      • I’ve lived in France 10 years and can confirm – you’re more likely to eat frogs legs in Vietnam (or Asia in general) than in France. And most of the time, in France, you’d find them in an Asian resto than anywhere else.

        How’s that for peer review?

  3. how come she gets all the attention, what about the guy who liked her status, we all can’t be biased and pick on her and not clifford too can we?

  4. Have to agree with that one. I’m French – usually the only place you can get good frogs legs in Paris is in an Asian resto 😉

    But she is still a total Funt.

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