Brian Fitzgerald “could easily pour acid over a fefugee (sic) lovers (sic) face and have lunch like nothing happened”

Meet Brian Fitzgerald, bullshit artist amateur statistician.

In addition to musing over Australia being a country like Europe, Brian also enjoys using Facebook to imagine up scenarios where he goes all extremist wanker tough guy and pours acid over the faces of others before a few cucumber sandwiches in the local Parramatta area.

Brian also seems a little confused about his ethnic slurs, not to mention the history of medicine, but doesn’t let that stop him mixing them all up in one big theoretical vomit.

It’s surprising, considering the charm and eloquence of the man, that he would appear to have become single in recent times.  Well, perhaps not so surprising…

Not content with alleged threats of violence against the mother of his child and/or written threats to random members of the Facebook public, Brian also provides an example of how to be an expert in irony.

If you’re still with us (well done), let us leave you with Brian’s hypotheses on genetics, his aversion to “mooseys” (?) and the curious notion of the foam-inducing bogot misdemeanour of being a “race traitor”.

10 thoughts on “Brian Fitzgerald “could easily pour acid over a fefugee (sic) lovers (sic) face and have lunch like nothing happened”

  1. I don’t think it’s fair that TAB post about someone who’s so obviously mentally-challenged. He can’t help spouting the bigoted crap that some racist carer has taught him in the past, while wiping the food from his chin and making sure he doesn’t soil his pants.
    He’s not intellectually disabled?
    Are you sure?
    God. Can we just put him on a plane and send him over to Martin Brennan’s place? He’d fit right in there…

    • I think it’s okay to put a person like him on the website. He is only expressing the nonsense he has obviously picked up from Andrew Bolt and the News Ltd press.

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