Australia’s Biggest Whinging Wanker Defies Logic

In reference to the SBS Insight episode, ‘I’m Not Racist, But…’, Nick Folkes offers up some migraine-inducing last words.

That’s right readers, you read it right. Little Nicky refers to himself and fellow gutter-trash as ‘bearers of the truth’.

Here is our ‘bearer of the truth’ telling us that facts and statistics are ‘obscure’ and that Muslims are the only people committing rape in this country. Yes, NSW’s North Coast has a higher instance of rape than more Muslim-populated suburbs such as Bankstown. Folkes’ logical explanation is that either the study is ‘obscure’, or that Muslims are traveling a four-hour return trip to commit rape. And he uses the infamous Bilal Skaf as his evidence to support such a ridiculously spastic claim, overlooking the fact that Skaf committed his vile sex acts in Greenacre (a suburb in Bankstown). Don’t mess where you sleep? Swing and a miss, Folkes.


Folkes talks shit about physical violence and threats of ‘getting people sacked’. What a wanker. No evidence to support ‘threats of violence’, and no idea about how much responsibility TAB admin have over whether an employer thinks their staff making offensive, half-witted comments in public is a sack-able offense. Nick takes delight in hanging around NSW primary schools with is hobo mate Paul Toohey, waving flags and metaphorically beating themselves off over their self-righteousness. Ironically, Folkes adds 2+2 and comes up with 5, stupidly assuming that theantibogan admin are automatically criminals because he doesn’t like them, but fails to recall that vagrant Toohey has a criminal record for assaulting police officers. They also organise fail-rallies a-plenty with their sex-shop lurkster Darrin Hodges, all the while thinking they’ve got the support of true-blue Aussies.

So, ‘what’s the definition of irony?’, you may ask Nicholas if ever you see him standing with his wanky handful of mates at an APP/ADL non-event. Perhaps it’s hating an entire culture of people based on a self-installed perception that they are all hard-wired to blow innocent people up, then publicly declaring your intent to blow innocent people up and kill them, based on the colour of their skin, their country of origin or their religion.

Yep the stupid irony hurts. One day Folkes’ son is going to Google his father. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that moment. Of course, I’d never go near Folkes’ house, knowing how he likes to publicise his feelings towards women.

And of course, his penchant desire to get into female clothing…

Nicholas Folkes, Paul Toohey and Darrin Hodges are nothing more than dirty smegma personified – off-white, dried up, gag-inducing, unwanted babies who are representative of previous fap sessions. Nazi-lovin’ Brievik supporters, keen on spending their lives waving signs that may as well read ‘I’m wasting my time’.

In case you missed Nick’s cameo:

In case you missed the SBS Insight Nick appears on, choking on his own shit:

And because Nicky thinks that any publicity is good publicity, here he is if ever you need someone whose calling in life is standing in front of a wall, painting it white and having a hard-on over white pride.

23 thoughts on “Australia’s Biggest Whinging Wanker Defies Logic

  1. Niky’s olds were russian refugees. Imagine how he’d feel if someone torpedoed that boat… Wait. He wouldn’t be here.
    in that case – Im all for the torpedo the boats cause.

    • My skirmishes with Little Nicky have always ended with him telling me I’m not Australian or that I don’t have any money.
      Then he blocks me from making any further comment.
      Brave man, this welfare-leeching immigrant scumbag.

      I don’t get what the pics outside the school were about though ?

  2. Just emailed a link to a contact at Department of Housing and another at Veterans Affairs (many properties in the Inner West are owned/managed by these two Departments)
    This kind of boneheaded cowardice goes against the Procurement Protocols of both.
    I’ll see what other organisations might be at risk and contact them as well.
    Any suggestions would be welcome.

  3. I admit to not liking you lot on here, and the shit you post, mostly low level dicks with a bad attitude, however when it comes to this thread and people I have to agree, what a bunch of fucking morons, ugly to boot, and totally out of touch with even what people to the right think. Anyway, post this or not this APP lot and members etc..are cockheads.

  4. Haha, fantastic picture of them holding a “rally/protest” at the least used entrance to sydney uni. They are a whole 5/10 minutes walk away from the 2 largest public throughfares into the uni grounds and yet the decide standing next to the staff car entrance is going to gain them the most attention. Or maybe that just so happens to be the place they coped the least amount of abuse from the public. Tools…

  5. Muzzies are the only rapists how come u never read about Aussies raping in the paper
    Onya nick keep giving it to these fuckwit knowitalls

  6. Nice one MMU. The APP has a treasure trove of great articles including their latest offering likening the carbon tax legislation to fascism:

    “Banning criticism of government policies is something you might expect in nasty places like Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, but the political multiculturalists are trying their best to mould democratic Australia into a fascist state.”

    In the same vein, Lil’ Nikki laments the hoards of “mad lefties” packed into the SBS studio without realising that he’s so right-wing, that everyone else is a “lefty” by default. Those paint fumes have really gone to his head.

  7. So why do you people concider the working class an Inferior? That’s how it seems to me when I read this blog sometimes

      • “someone whose calling in life is standing in front of a wall, painting it white and having……”

        I’ve seen others but do not care to go back that far to copy/paste. It seems to me, when I read this that you are trying to demoralize him, not just for being a racist arsehole, but because of his selected line of work.

        • Why did you put a capital letter on the word ‘irony’?
          Sorry, always like digging at the poor grammar of those who excuse discrimination.

          Those who discriminate are inferior. That is my belief, and the belief of many people around the world. Believing that people who discriminate on the basis of factors beyond a person’s control is a belief system. There are many who dislike us and believe that we are inferior based on our belief system.

          The irony runs deeper than you think.

  8. No one will vote for this party in fact not even 0.1% will vote for this party. I’m a reformed member of the community who “was” a member of the APP, in fact check the above photo on this page of the pathetic APP protesting outside the Sydney University front gates when we were refused entry into the Labour party conference. I’m the tall guy with a blue jacket holding up my phone to take photos of the occassion, in which I deleted as soon as I got out of the cult.

    Down with the APP and to all its followers.

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