17 thoughts on “A Public Admission of Beating an ‘Aboruginal’

  1. And …… Wear (sic) is the rest? Oh that must be the part were he says he was joking and didn’t really do it.

    • Cool, so let’s be clear here, it’s okay to joke about beating up and robbing an Aboriginal. Perfectly fine to say you hate them, and that you’re beating them up and stealing from them, as long as you’re not serious.

      So if the situation was reversed, and an Aboriginal was saying how much he hated white people, but loved beating them up and stealing their wallets-you’d be fine with that if you knew they were joking?

  2. Interesting how people accuse Aborigines of being thieves and this guy hates “Aboruginals” so much that he beat and robbed someone. (And is stupid enough to boast about an assault and a robbery on a public profile)

    • No nugget, no one deserves a beating. While a physical response in self-defense that is proportional to the physical attack – a ‘beating’ is not excusable under any circumstances.

  3. Davoe, what is “Proportional” to a fist in the face, if you attack someone, you must be prepared, for the consequences, if that means being beaten to a pulp by someone who knows or is capable of fighting back then so be it, Sun Tsu wrote, never leave an enemy capable of fighting back, if it was me, that “coon” would be permantly unable to walk

  4. Hi Frederick St.Claire,

    First of all, I REALLY loved you in all those porn films from the late seventies and early eighties before you went flacid and became disease-ridden.

    I particularly like your idea that “if you attack someone, you must be prepared, [sic] for the consequences”, and “never leave an enemy capable of fighting back, [sic fucking comma here too] if it was me, that “coon” would be permantly [fully sic – is this some sort of hair-curling reference?] unable to walk”.

    This “coon” (that is me I am referring to) agrees with you completely that I should not be allowed to walk again AND have my phone stolen if I ever punched you in the face.

    You see, I too am a BIG fan of disproportionate responses!

    So on that basis, here’s my mine to your ‘attack’ on Davoe:

    First you’ll note that I put single inverted commas around the word ‘attack’ above because I know you so weely weely wanted to have a go at Davoe didn’t you… yes you did you big, big, cutie… you weely twied to impwess the adults didn’t you now that you are an all growed-up person.

    Okay you mind-numbingly inferior pseudo-wannabe-philosopher. So you watched one B-grade Welsey Snipes movie and all of a sudden your an ancient-Chinese-General-channelling mystic. Oooooo! Teach me more Si Fu!

    So, O Magnificently Snivelling Little Dried-up Piece of Virus-encrusted Phlegm, please tell me just exactly where in “The Art of War” you found that gem of a paraphrase. Did you obtain it from the Jean Joseph Marie Amiot translation or where you reading from Edward Calthrop’s version? No – surely you were reading from the original text!

    Which piān was it from? 虛實? or 兵勢? or 九變? or even 火攻?

    (You’ll notice I mixed the order up there, but I’m sure you’ll correct this in your reponse).

    Also, do I detect a subtle reference to Du Fu (杜甫) in your altered quote of ‘The Art of War’? Do I detect a subtext of animosity towards Cao Cao (曹操)? If so, that’s very clever O Puddle of Sloppy Rancid Ringworm Excreta!

    But a humble question, O Purveyor of Poignant Potent Pugnacious Pustulent Philosophical Parables:

    Now if I adhere to 道教 or 道家, where 道 teaches us that 三宝 should moderate our actions, or even if I ascribe to a more traditional Confuscianist approach whereby Ren (仁), Yi (義), and in particular Shu (義), Wen (溫), Liang (良) and Gong (恭) appear to confirm thsi, surely this conflicts with the specifics of your well-considered analysis of the text?

    I mean I could go into details on where I believe the disconnect may occur, but I am sure an expert like you will easily decipher where my concerns lie and provide an enlightened and illuminating response from your radiant beacon of a mind.

    I will of course, eagerly anticipate your response to be in no more than five-lines of poetry in Chinese characters as anything else would not convey the message in it’s correct or pure sense.

    I will of course leave you GRAND MASTER SAINT CLAIRE with my own humble offering:


  5. Terror Australis has the interwebz in his prison cell and formulated that response over the period of a few hours, trolling internet sites and sources for references to Tsun Zu or whatever his name is. Point is, you don’t realise you look just as much of a fuckwit to the people you are going after as they do to you, and your response whilst a bit better than most runs true to form from the ass hats on this site. Mind you I got a giggle out of your attempt to come across as some sort of pseudo intelligentsia, surprised you have time, your dole form is due in today isn’t it? Fact, aboriginal punches dude, dude punches back, they fight, aboriginal gets beaten because like Negroes he does not have 10 mates jumping in. The phone stealing and shit, go on you tube or any other place and look at all the footage of aboriginals stealing shit, it is what they do, their ‘culture’ of dependency turned into entitlement from years of take take take from the hated whites. This one had the tables turned, good about time.

    • Ah most epigrammatic turd – cobber digger mate,

      You are correct – I am in prison and had hours, nay, days with which to carefully craft a response the likes of which would allow brilliant people like you to absolutely determine that I am a fuckwit pseudo-intelligentsia. I will also credit you with the coming up with the word “pseudo-intelligentsia” all by yourself even though you had just read my post where I wrote: “pseudo-wannabe-philosopher”. I see absolutely no correllation between your witty retort and my initial statement. I promise.

      And you are absolutely correct, I was unable to get my dole form in today. Possibly because I am currently in prison as you just pointed out.

      I’m also really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY glad that my message about the problems of a DISPROPORTIONATE RESPONSE were so well realised by yourself and that you have taken it right back to Aboriginal affairs, as though my post was written in Pitjantjara and not Chinese.

      I also appreciate the fact that in your head, this is a more direct issue about racial problems and nothing to do with a fucking large over-reaction by a demented mungbean.

      But of course, I was a little to subtle about that wasn’t I? You know – the whole “DISPROPORTIONATE RESPONSE” thing.

      Maybe if I had said “DISPROPORTIONATE RESPONSE” a few more times rather than just the once and then going into an example of it (you’ll note this by the careful prison use of the punctuation colon), then it might have been more obvious but instead, I failed to realise that this was not so.


      Sorry – just had to say it again.


      There you go – one more time clobber digger mate. Are you getting it yet?

      No? One more time then shall we?


      Tell you what cobber digger mate, how about instead of just paraphrasing me (see “pseudo-intelligensia” vs. “pseudo-wannabe-philosopher” point above) and then throwing in a couple of gentle prods about my employment status (or lack thereof) that don’t actually have any logical progression between the two, in an attempt to not simply demean me but to also give you an opportunity to weigh in with your quarter-of-a-percent value-added luminescent opinion; how about instead of that, you focus on spending a little bit more time crafty a well-considered response to me.

      (Oooo – just realised the above sentence was probably a little long for you)

      Let me put it another way for you.

      I may very well be “some sort of pseudo intelligentsia”, and I’ll happily acknowledge that cobber digger mate; but if you are going to try and highlight this, you may just want to be be a little more intelligent than I am. Unfortunately, judging by your response, you appear to be very significantly lower down the evolutionary tree than I am.

      So run along little monkey and go and pick faeces out of your haemorhoids or something more fruitful than attempt to belittle me. You’ll probably get better results.


      (there you go – one final time for good measure).

    • So just to be clear, you think it’s okay to steal if it’s from a culture which you think steals stuff all the time?

        • Colour is exactly the point here! If he hadn’t referenced the colour of the person he bashed he wouldn’t be on here. Btw Tim doesn’t say the “coons” who punched him were the same one he bashed and stole from. It seemed more like an Aboriginal person(s) punched him so he bashed and robbed others to feel better. And who knows why an Aboriginal person punched him. Purely on the basis of his own comments he’s a violent thug and a racist.

        • I agree with Sammi completely.

          If someone is attacking me then I will defend myself.

          After the event, how I describe it determines who I am and what attitudes I have.

          In this instance, the superfluous piece of microbiological detritus has revealed his inadequacies to the world via social media and is therefore deemed worthy of serious, hardcore, ‘I-wish-to-poor-scorn-on-this-dung-beetle’ contempt.

  6. “In this instance, the superfluous piece of microbiological detritus has revealed his inadequacies to the world via social media and is therefore deemed worthy of serious, hardcore, ‘I-wish-to-poor-scorn-on-this-dung-beetle’ contempt.”…..no you are just an arsehat with too much time on his hands, now that you have paid out on the internet on someone you go away feeling all gung ho and ooorah because fuck man you owned his shit, fucking hard core yeah. Fuck you lot are funny. Next time you go on SBS or ABC in the audience of a rigged “debate”, get up and tell us how much of a difference you made. You know the ordinary person doing extraordinary things! Only with you it is is mediocre loser feeling good when he does insignificant things.

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