More From the Protectionist Pathetics

Peter Hinds describes Australia’s skills shortage as a myth, while Darrin Hodges explains that any migration to Australia should be for non-blacks only, based on… um…

Jack Stone tries to comment on a specific event by intimating that Aboriginals in general are over-compensated, criminal scum, while Nicholas Folkes talks about his poo stains while simultaneously eluding to the fact that white people are the ‘normal’ people.

Nicholas Folkes focuses on a singular ethnic group while talking about over-population in a country that ‘struggles’ with 2.66 people per every square kilometre. Krystal Lee throws in an irrelevant comment about another country’s immigration needs while Paul Hayman strokes her ego.

No wonder this ‘political party’ can’t find a foothold in parliament. Their smartest are thicker than our society’s thickest.

15 thoughts on “More From the Protectionist Pathetics

  1. You know the funny thing. Reading the comment about African workers in Australia above reminded me of something recently. The above comment was made in response to a qualified African worker, who has a job in Australia, and skills we need in Australia. Most of all, he wanted to be Australian. He asked why he couldn’t come to Australia-and the above comments were his answer (Along with another one saying essentially “Your incredibly rude to come to Australia when I don’t want you here-and that rudeness is why you shouldn’t come”).

    More recently, though, another person from Africa, South Africa to be precise, got in touch with the APP, stating he was a migrant, finding it hard to stay in Australia. And he wanted to be Australian. And all the APP posters welcomed him, saying he would be a great addition to the country. No mention of overpopulation, limited resources, “Stealing our jobs” or “taking advantage of our welfare”. Not a single report of “Don’t bring your culture, and your crimes to Australia!”

    Of course, no surprise in saying the more recent African migrant was white.

    Yet still, some APP members, including our favourite rabid poster here Grant, maintain that the APP is not a racist party, hating all people who aren’t white. They’re probably even supicious of anyone with a tan.

    • JM, I remember the South African, Milton Zietsman. I was gobsmacked by their hypocrisy. Later, I sent him an inbox asking him not to put his trust with that lot because they would never accept him even if he is white. This is what they’d written on an earlier thread, (atrocious spelling not mine)….
      “a peice of papper does not make you an aussie cobba its in your heart and soul mate you cant print it or copy it that is australian and lefty look at ya friends mate guilty by association”


      • That comment from the Pathetic is typical of the magical thinking and myth-obsession which grips that lot. I’ve seen the same thing written about “race” by some of the same tragics.

        When someone invents their own “reality” that’s when their instability reaches dangerous levels.

  2. “talking about over-population in a country that ‘struggles’ with 2.66 people per every square kilometre”…. nice cherry pick there Anti White Site, habitable land verses land in total is a big difference, you and your green mates would have a fucking shit fit if your population masters flooded the country with immigrants, stuck them all on the coastal fringe, overburdened an already struggling water supply, then said hey lets fill the interior now as well, and pipe even more water to areas where rainfall is measured in millimetres a decade and evaporation rates make mercury look like the Costa del sol. Then we can work all the remaining arable land into sterility because you can only use it so many times before the nutrients cannot replenish (can’t have GM food or fertiliser remember, they are big baddies that make you unwell when you want to eat your “organic” tofu), and remember you have built on the rest of the available land, for all your new left leaning Liebor/Green voters you have imported. Also don’t forget, water would now be 200 times more expensive than fuel and there is not that much left, so that we are starting to leave the country as environmental refugees looking for greener pastures.

    • “”…. nice cherry pick there Anti White Site, ”

      How exactly is this an anti-white site? Please poitn out any example of this site spreading the hate of all white people.

      “you and your green mates would have a fucking shit fit if your population masters ”

      Oooh, a conspiracy! I love them. How exactly are our “population masters”?

      And in terms of overpopulation-if that is the true concern behind anti-immigration statemwents, how come all anti-immigration parties don’t oppose immigration across the board? Why do all anti-immigration parties state not that Australia is overpopulated full stop, but that Australia is over populated with non-white people, and need more white immigrants?

      Are non-white migrants somehow using more water than white migrants?

      “(can’t have GM food or fertiliser remember, they are big baddies that make you unwell when you want to eat your “organic” tofu), ”

      Why not? I support GM food, though I do get concerned about the legal ownership of it. But the concept of GM food itself, especially the type promoted by Norman Baulrog, has already brought wonders (Norman Baulrog saved billions of people from starvation-I doubt you even know who he is).

      I’m sure some people here disagree with me, but you should’nt think digger whatever your name is that we all have the exact same thoughts or beliefs. That’s the APP that only has one mindset, not us. This is an anti-racism site, not an anti-meat, or anti-gM, or even anti-capitalist site.

      “for all your new left leaning Liebor/Green voters you have imported.”

      Ooh, that’s a stretch. Did ti hurt trying to stick the word “lie” into “Labour”? I mean, the vowels don’t even sound the same. I was no fan of the “Juliar” line, but at least that was similar enough (Just swap two letters around and it already fits) to actually work.
      Does it hurt that Liberal can have the word “lie” in it, so much more easily?

      I know it’s a bit pedantic, but we got to nip this in the bud before someone starts writing “I hate the Greliarens” thinking it makes them smart.

      “Also don’t forget, water would now be 200 times more expensive than fuel and there is not that much left,”

      Oh, you gotta source that! Water 200 times more expensive than fuel-even thoguh fuel is currently increasignly in price and in the time line you’re suggestign we’d already have hit peak oil (If we haven’t already)!

      ” so that we are starting to leave the country as environmental refugees looking for greener pastures.”

      So……Australia would not be overpopulated because people would be leaving the country, then? I think you’ve solved your own imaginary problem there, digger! Good work!

  3. “we are starting to leave the country as environmental refugees looking for greener pastures”

    Oh please don’t toy with us that way, putting the idea in our heads that people like you might fuck ALL the way off. Just the idea of it has sent me into a dream-like trance… what a happy Friday thought…

    As for the rest of it… tl;dr. Blah blah anti-white blah overlords blah tofu blah. Who gives a shit about your paranoid ranting.

  4. I work for a large international organisation which is focused on accurate statistics and studies to establish the policies and recommendations with regards to economic situations around the world. And, we have, on numerous occasions highlighted the need for Australia to tackle skills shortages in order to remain competitive in the future.

    The sustained economic boom has caused skills shortages across the board, particularly in parts of Australia affected by the boom in the export of natural resources and mining. Actual statistics prove that employers often consider difficulties in recruiting staff as their key challenge. Numerous economic surveys, carried out annually, have highlighted that immigration remained an important contributor to labour supply and alleviating skills shortages in Australia.

    The organisation recommended improving assessment and recognition processes for overseas skills by simplifying the current regime and “to increase the responsiveness of temporary migration, especially with regard to the 457 visa scheme”.

    This isn’t just “left wing politics”; these are studies backed up by actual data, produced over long term periods, that prove that without immigration, we will suffer greatly from this skills shortage; which will lead to disasterous economic consequences for Australia in the very near future.

  5. PS: probably all that text was a bit hard for you, Cobber mate.

    To sum things up, basically – you’re a dumbass.

  6. bunch of leftist tree hugging faggots will be the downfall of all the things we take for granted in this wonderful country……shame on you anibogan fuckwits with your head in the sand

    • Thanks Mike,

      Yes. You are onto me. My ruse is over.

      Just before I go an throw my arms around the left side of a tree in a gay way, I intended to specifically map out how such an action will (through a series of complex algorithms) ensure the finalisation of all things that we (collectively) take as assumed in this country.

      This situation will be made all the more difficult to achieve by the fact that simultaniously, I intend to have my cranium buried under a pile of naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles.

      My actions of draping a rainbow coloured flag around said perennial woody plant, and focussing on it’s left side only (whilst being headwardly interred in a pile of loose sandstone/coral), shall therefore hopefully result is the removal of all white people, myself included, from this fair land, and then replaced my non-GM organic tofu-eating, non water-drinkers from Asia and Africa.

      Victory shall then be mine!
      And theirs!
      And not yours!
      And not mine really either!

      Why will you not see the light and join my side of the debate – you know – that wonderful place full of random, wacky, insane assumptions that you have placed me in.

      Yours Sincerely,


  7. Hi Anne,

    Just curious – this exact same comment (word for word) has been left on no less than 50 different web pages, from online newspapers to environmental awareness groups. Is this your original work? Or is it quoted from somewhere else?


  8. Thanks MMUp…

    I thought it a bit too “wordy” and full of strange quotes not directly related to the article.. as I had a moment here in between data calculations here at work *yawn*, I thought I would carry out a quick search on google… I wonder the objective? Strange indeed.


  9. I’m a reformed person who was a member of the APP for about a year, I personally knew Nicky, Darrin, and Sergio and even attended a few rallies and had bbq’s twice at Nicky’s house, but eventually I soon grew tired of their dillusional racist homophobic policies. I mean they are pretty much Nazi’s of the 21st century. I hate them with every fibre of my being, and I wish only bad things to happen to the party and to all the people who are involved or are pathetic supporters of the party.

    Now today I am a friendly person who appreciates everyone regardless of where they come from.


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