39 thoughts on “Tony Grayson – Fugly on the Inside and on the Outside

  1. Yeah right ‘my friend’s cousin’s brother’s neighbour told me that the imergrents got a free car from the government and because I’m a moron, I beliebered him coz it gives me an excuse to be bitter and hateful’.

    Fucking dolt.

  2. They just love saying ‘let the Navy use them as target practice’ don’t they? And words like ‘Blackhawk’. Rarrrrrr!!! And short sleeved shirts, lots of those. Nong.

    • “A spokesman for Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said migration had brought substantial economic and cultural benefits, and net overseas migration had blown out under the Howard government.

      Our immigration reforms are delivering a sustainable level of migration, while responding to labour market needs,” he said.”

      • Oh I see. The opinion of one unqualified labor fuckwit loser who is going to be out of a job come October like Bowen over rides the feelings of the majority of Australians? Typical commy attitude. As it says, the tide has turned. get ready for hell. Now that it’s open season on publishing photos of totally innocent kids is it? No problems. Not sure you’re going to like it much but oh well. There’s a lot on it’s way that you won’t like. And while you’re trying to work out a way out of this hole, look up the meaning of the word “tyranny”.

        • What is it with Tony Abbott fan-boys and counting chickens before they hatched? No ‘innocent kids’ have been profiled here. Most have arguably committed crimes under Federal Law.

        • I love how they pertain to speak for the ‘majority of Australians’… based on what, fuckwit? The crowd of whingers you associate with in your fetid bubble of a world? lol

    • Fair enough-if immigration is too high, and we have not got enough resources, we should restrict immigration. Agree 100% with that, restriction across the board.

      Where you lot, and this is pretty much APP and AFP policy right here, where you guys lose me is when you try and tell me “Well, we need to stop immigration, but only nonwhite immigration. You see, we’re overpopulated with non-whites, but underpopulated with whites”

      I don’t see how that actually stands up. I mean, either Australia is overpopulated or underpopulated. I don’t see how the skin colour makes a different between this.

  3. How weak are you? I knew you wouldn’t publish that one because it proves your lies and how far out of step you pimply faced morons really are. Get ready for hell.

  4. Oh I get it. You’re doing your homework scouring the web for some tired old survey that you’ve either forged as you’ve been caught doing many times in the past. You’ll more than likely come up with your usual wallop that goes something like ” 3 Aborigines, 2 Sudanese, a lapsed muslim and 5 1st year art students asked the following question of 10 of their fellow pupils and came up with the top 5 answers”

    • We leave fudged and dodgy survey statistics to you bogots.

      I’d love to see over-crowding controlled by letting in hard-working, keen and intelligent immigrants and refugees and deporting demographic rubbish like bogots.

        • Tsk. You above anyone should know not to admit to anything without legal advice. :p

          How did you go with the magistrate on the 16th March? Must be a bummer thinking you are the Second Coming and these pesky prosecutors keep hauling you in front of the beak. 😀

    • Reminds me of a joke, a bogan read a chain email the was in ALL CAPS!!!!!!!!! immediately assumed it was true.

  5. Righty-o. The Audi Q7 retails for $90k to $257K in NSW (http://www.carshowroom.com.au/newcars/2012/Audi/Q7). But the Bogots and the people who want to bring back the pacific solution should note, it costs $250,000 per year to detain someone on Nauru. It would actually cost less tax money to buy an Asylum Seeker an Audi Q7 and house them than put them in detention on Nauru!

    • no Cara you just need to get laid, by a black african with a 14 inch cock, in the arse so you can’t shit without bleeding, that should set you straight for a day or so till you feel the urge again

      • The above was an example of the far right showing how much they respect and appreciate women.

        Also how much the far right ultra racist ultra heterosexual love talking about big black cocks. So tell me, digger, how long have you been fantsising about big black cocks?

      • Hmmmmmm,…

        So you admit that black Africans have 14inch cocks & hence superior to all of us in the cock department????
        Hence why Cara should get laid with a black African & not you???? because if she was to have anal sex with you, she’d still be able to comfortably shit without bleeding???

        Is that right???

      • cobber, I know that’s meant to make me go all horrified and offended, but it made me laugh, smirk and then zzzzz….

        All that says to me is that you think a lot about arse sex with big cocks. I’m happy for you, if that’s the way you like it, but I’m just wondering what the point was in sharing your fantasies? I think you got the wrong blog.

        Funny. Whenever these guys run out of arguments they just turn to sexual degradation. Frustrated bunch of little bunnies, aren’t they? Heheheh… nawwww.

  6. That Sudanese bloke sure gets about ….he’s also the neighbour of an EDLer too. Complete with Audi Q7, 4W drive and trailer!
    Will try and find relevant link.

    • Bogots have this cast of mythological figures which they share amongst themselves. Doesn’t matter which country or which ethnic group they come from, bogot myth figures are collectables.

      I blame cereal companies and fast food joints. Get your Ali the Asylum Seeker (remember they are always Muslims even when they are Tamils or Assyrian Christians or Yemeni Jews) and his Audi right here with a Happy Meal! 😛

  7. “we are being over by immergrants from all over”

    Really… thanks for doing the work for us Tony.

    TAB, when’s the last time you wrote your own material?

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