Alcoholic Welfare Recipient Unaware of Hypocrisy

Here are some comments by Bradley Hampton. He is currently supported by Centrelink and has a criminal history – two drink-driving offences and a drunken car-jacking.

What a hero.

And he has the nerve to point the finger at non-whites as being ‘unAustralian’.

Time for this dope to get over himself. Full of hate, addicted to the drink. It’s no wonder he’s living a lonely 53 year old life, pushing hatred on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Alcoholic Welfare Recipient Unaware of Hypocrisy

  1. i think the best comment is “let them go home and fight for their country”. mate, the thing is, in your mind, their country is the one we are fighting in at the moment. You want to send reinforcements over? If theres only one thing you reconsider, that might be a good one to choose. Even if it doesnt really have any basis in reality.

  2. TWO drink-driving offences AND a car jacking.
    Ok, we’re all allowed one mistake but this idiot doesn’t want to learn.
    What a pathetic specimen.

    Another goose that blames the rest of the world for his idiotic choices.

  3. Hampton’s profile says that his favourite book is ‘Satanic Verses’ by Salman Rushdie. I bet like most islamic fundamentalists he has not read a page of that book.

  4. “”We have enough taxi drivers”

    Is he joking? in Queensland Taxi Companies are desperately underemployed, it also doesn’t help that the industry has harsh employment restrictions on immigrants

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