What Does Banning the Burqa Have to do with Neo-Nazis and Racists…?

An interesting question. You might find the answer to that question somewhere on our website. Or perhaps in this video:

12 thoughts on “What Does Banning the Burqa Have to do with Neo-Nazis and Racists…?

  1. It’s incredibly sad to see the amount of hatred these people have against people who have not caused them one ioata of harm. To live with that amount of senseless fear is just a reflection on their own failings as human beings.

    • Hatred really?

      Funny, Because Islam discriminates against women. Islam loves well hung gays etc etc. Death penalty for apostacy etc and now you’re shitting on about, senseless fear?

      Senseless fear, no, it,s people who understand your religion & the implications of allowing it to spread like a cancer here in Australia.

      So what are you talking about?

      • Supporting secularism isn’t the same as supporting one particular religion, nor is it supporting discrimination against women and gays.

        You can support peoples’ right to practice their religion, and still maintain legislation against discrimination.

        Not that you’d understand that in your black and white world.

      • Grant, I ask again, why do you care about gays being killed by Islam, considering your opinion, and the opinion of the party, hates homosexuality just as much? Is it a case that you think that hating gay people is okay, but only if a white person does it?

        “Senseless fear, no, it,s people who understand your religion & the implications of allowing it to spread like a cancer here in Australia.”

        Firstly, I highly doubt GAMA is a Muslim.
        Secondly, you have made it perfectly clear during your time here that it’s not just Muslimsyou have a problem with. It’s also:

        Anyone who looks like they could be Muslims
        And generally, people who are left wing.

        So….it’s not just that you believe Islam is a “cancer” that will spread across Australia-you also have problems with other people coming here. So is it the case that you have a separate reason for each particular group you don’t like being in Australia, or is there a blanket hatred behind it all of difference?

      • Yes, Senseless fear Grant because you have no precedence to show that justifies it. Name one occasion where a Muslim woman has caused you harm or committed any crime against you while she is wearing a burqa. In fact show one incident of a crime punishable by jail time committed by any person wearing a burqa in Australia?
        Why are you so afraid Grant? You talk all tough on here but you obviously have a genuine fear otherwise you wouldn’t be vehermently against the burqa. Are you, Sergio and the rest of the whining rabble really afraid that you will be in a bank and someone will come in and rob it wearing a burqa? You know that could happen and the person committing the robbery could be wearing any type of clothing or disguise to hide their identity, don’t you Grant? It would help us all Grant if you stop with all the bullshit and lies and tell us what you are really so scared of.
        JM is correct too Grant, I’m not Muslim, I’m catholic and attend church regularly. Even though I have different beliefs to Muslims I have no fear of them, in fact I and the people of my church welcome them and are more than willing to extend a helping hand to those in need.

        • I think someone once robbed a bank in Australia with toilet paper wrapped around their head. Ban toilet paper!


      • Is Fred Nile a Muslim then, Grant? How bout all the domestic violence cases in Australia, all Muslims? Anyone that ever says crass, sexist, demeaning or misogynistic stuff to or about women… all Muslim?

        You’re so thick it’s a wonder you can lift your head, with all the rocks in it.

      • Fascists like the APP discriminate against women. Some of your members were recently whining about women in the ADF fighting on the front line.

        Others are quite happy to make objectifying comments about women, including remarks about their breasts and insinuations about what they would do to particular women. Pretty typical of the APP.

        The APP want women at home churning out babies (as long as they are white babies of course) and cooking and cleaning while the boys go out and take over Straya. All this while the APP males dream about women they cannot have and cannot do anything with if they had them anyway.

  2. and now Sergio is the Australian manifestation of breivik? LOL.

    Mo-Ham-Mad who made the video has too much time on his hands.

    fifty one minutes of Muslim whining & bullshit.

    • Sergio is aligning himself with people who support Brievik, for sure. Matt Mutation, Darrin Hodges, Nicholas Folkes – all have expressed similar views and on occasion shown support for Brievik’s actions.

      You didn’t watch the video, I can tell. Care factor is low.

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