Jane Skrovota’s Crazy Hilarious Anti-Gay Rant

At a Lincoln Nebraska City Council hearing this week to review a proposed LGBT protection ordinance, resident Jane Skrovota delivered a rambling, incoherent anti-gay rant that, for all its obvious bigotry, was mostly just plain weird.

76 thoughts on “Jane Skrovota’s Crazy Hilarious Anti-Gay Rant

  1. This is what happens when the deluded and demented are given parity of platform and parity of esteem with the rest of us. It is a sad indictment of “freedom of speech”.

    Mind you, it is not just the mentally unwell who freely spout nonsense in the public arena. Just look at the trash media, and at some of the posts and comments made here.

    And look at a certain alternative Prime Minister who can state that things are only true if he has written them down, rather than asserted them off the cuff and things are now true merely because he asserts them to be the case: “they just are.”

    Not just nut jobs then.

  2. It’s a public service, y’see – she’s uniting the young fella and the elderly lady behind her! They had nothing in common except for wanting to address the Council (I’m assuming), and now they’ve formed a common bond of OMGWTF. It’s touching.

    And, of course, the speaker is CLEARLY “touched”. “All bodies found naked were killed b their partner”?

    Although, if homosexuals died as quickly as she says, post-sex, I imagine there wouldn’t actually BE many of them around…

    • I know!, where the fuck did that come from? None of it was legible. I wonder how long it took her to write that when they give her a time allowance for undoing her straight jacket and letting her using dangerous items like a pen and paper. One of the most absurd yet funniest rantings I have ever heard in my life.

    • Nah Betty would have done it as a really crap poem… lol.

      Sounds more like Michelle Alexander (xoxoxo)… now that one is about ten sandwiches short of a 2 person picnic.

    • And that’s why we all support Iranian gay men fleeing from Iran, seeking in asylum in Australia, don’t we Grant? I mean, you and the APP would welcome homosexual asylum seekers fleeing persecution in thier home country, right, or is it a case of you only hate anti-gay violence when it’s a muslim causing it. Otherwise you’d be joining in?

      Another case of APP morality: “It’s only wrong or evil if a Muslim does it. Otherwise, and especially if an APP member does it, it’s perfectly fine”

  3. Just before people get too carried away with vitrol for this woman, she has real mental health issues http://journalstar.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/video-of-testifier-s-anti-gay-words-goes-viral-but/article_82ec7104-4062-5988-8e56-8effde1ff202.html

    “Jane Svoboda, 52, lives at an assisted-living facility in Lincoln and is listed as a protected person, according to court documents. Her brother, Patrick Svoboda of Ogallala, is her conservator because she is incompetent, the documents say. He was unaware of the video’s popularity, but wasn’t surprised — he knew it would be a matter of time before she got in trouble somewhere. He said he’s disappointed the video garnered such attention and jokes without the whole story. “To me, it shows how little society really cares about people with mental health issues,” Patrick Svoboda said. “She does have a very tender heart … but anything she says is certifiably schizophrenic … she’s not some crazy conservative.” He said her family has tried to get her help multiple times, but unless she harms herself or others, there’s not much more they can do.

    It wasn’t the first time Svoboda has testified before the council. She also is a registered lobbyist at the Capitol. She usually speaks twice a month during the council’s open mic sessions, where citizens can talk for up to five minutes on any topic. The council sits patiently until she is done. Svoboda has talked about Chinese “subliminals” that come through cellphones and other electronics, paradise on earth and family members being killed by doctors. She once brought in a large stick figure that she said was her mother’s ghost, but the council told her not to bring in props anymore. She’s also well-known on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, where she’s handed out thousands of fliers. Students have dubbed her “Crazy Blue Protesting Lady” because of the blue coat she often wears. A Facebook page about her has nearly 3,000 members..”

  4. How fucked is a system that allows this mentally ill woman to be a registred lobbyist? ” She also is a registered lobbyist at the Capitol.” or is it that amoung all the bottom feeding scum that has become American right-wing politics, her comments don’t sound out of place.

    • How fucked is the system especially in Australia, that we allowed ANYONE to be Member of Parliament and proof is the people we have now that supposed to represented us, but end up crawling from under their rocks to attack others and then turn around saying this shouldn’t happened yes like The Opposition?

        • GAMA how long did you have this problem?

          Attacking me instead of writing someone useful on the subject?

          But you must love me if you continue to attack me?

        • And you believe your comment is useful and relevant to the subject being discussed? That being mental health. So tell me Enstein how does slandering The Opposition have any relevance to the mental health issues that are suffered by the woman in this post?

        • Honestly, GAMA, can you just leave off with the bitch fights with RH even once?

          And RH, before you agree with me, you’re not blameless either. If it’s not one it’s the other.

          Give it a rest… please?!

        • I just don’t see the point in taking a pointless shot at the Liberal Party in every post when it has nothing to do with it. It’s fairly obvious Reality Hurts doesn’t like Tony Abbott, whoop di fuckin do, we get it. Why bring it up when there is absolutely nothing in the post about Australia, our politics or any political party?

        • lol.. but we also get it that you disagree with him, and that you two don’t see eye to eye on… well, anything really.

          I’m tired of seeing comment thread after comment thread turn into a GAMA/RH bitch fight. There are enough boring trolls on here to not have to read through all that crap.

          RH doesn’t seem to be able to hold back from getting snipey and asking the same question over and over but phrased three different ways (and half the time, if I’m honest, I’m not sure what he’s getting at any of those times), and you don’t seem to be able to hold back from trying to argue with him any time he mentions politics.

          It’s boring as hell to read, and even annoying to have to scroll through, and as such you’re just watering down the comments and making it hard to find genuine, relevant discussion. Once, alright. A couple of times, okay. But over and over and over… it’s old!

          And now with me having this chat with you, I’m part of it, and I don’t want that! lol 🙂

      • Not sure quite what you mean Reality Hurts, my point is the level of discourse that the American Right have sunk to mean that, what would have been obvious outrageous, extreme comments seem pretty much par for the course. I know politics at home at the moment are pretty horrible, but in all honesty if this woman had stood up before a parlimentary committe anywhere here in Aus, both the left and the right would have been squirming in their seats, whatever they might think in private. That being said watch how it goes come the election, my money is on Scott Morrison playing the race card big time.

  5. Now if only GAMA done any research before “slandering” me, he would noticed the clip is from The USA not Australia.

    • Then why does your comment reference the system in Australia? Perhaps you should have remembered that “this clip is from the USA not Australia”, before making an irrelevant comment about it.

      • Perhaps GAMA should have remembered that this subject is about “Jane Skrovota’s Crazy Hilarious Anti-Gay Rant” before making irrelevant comments attacking me.

        • If that’s the case what has relevance does your comment about The Opposition party in Australia have to Jane Skrovota? You really should pay attention to your own advice!

  6. And my comments WAS on Australian Parliament.

    Now I am wondering if GAMA well continue to love by attacking ME and have something useful to write on the many subjects in here?

  7. And my comments WAS on Australian Parliament.

    Now I am wondering if GAMA well continue to love me by attacking ME and have NOTHING useful to write on the many subjects in here?

    • Oh diddums! I’m attacking you am I? Can’t handle it when it’s being done to you? Can give it but not take it? You poor thing!

      • GAMA there is something that well benefit both of us.


        THANKS 🙂

        • Let me help you with your grammar there Reality, seeing as you’re always having a go at others about their spelling and grammar. It’s,
          “get fucked and take your tantrums somewhere”.
          The way you wrote it suggests that you hope I get laid. Thanks for your concern but my sex life is really none of your business!

        • Blah blah blah, you two. Maybe TAB can facilitate you two swapping email addresses so you can just go off and bitch at each other all day… lol 😉

    • No one asked this woman to make a public spectacle of herself.

      And we have heard the same homophobic rubbish espoused by supposedly “sane” people like the Christian Right in this country.

      The US seems to have more nutters only because it is bigger than we are.

      And save your condemnation for whichever hate group propelled this woman to make such a spectacle of herself.

    • So bleak is her Doctor or a expert in the mental health area, to know 100% she has “genuine mental health issues” or did they based their finding from media stories?

      • Reality hurts don’t be an asshole, read up about her, start with the article I linked to, but whatever her situation she still needs the exposure, because it’s how legislators use her statements as representative of public opinion.

  8. I thought this blog was about protecting those unfairly discriminated against. Or so once it used to be. But now in its crusade it has firmly targeted an individual with genuine mental health issues, an individual whereby it would be open to question whether they really would say what they have were it not for the presence of illness. Quite an easy target really, don’t you think? Not to mention one whereby the politically correct ideals as usually espoused are somewhat conveniently ignored. But then again, those suffering from mental illness have always been, and sadly still remain, a target too easy to pin by anybody. It should be evident to anyone that, upon first viewing of this clip, that this woman is clearly not well. And so that this clip should be forsaken as material in any demonstration of bigotry. Sadly this has not happened here. Good on you TAB, for perpetuating the notion that the mentally ill are and will remain forever a target of ridicule.

    • I don’t think it’s that obvious. There are plenty of people who say equally ridiculous stuff on the types of Australian hate pages featured on this site. Ever read a rant by Scott Pengelly and friends?

      Come to think of it, after the ANZAC Day dawn service a woman, who had travelled from Canberra, had two grocery trolleys full of photocopied 4-page statements that somewhat echoed the logic of the woman in the above video, only that her rant was against Julia Gillard and the notion that she rigged the election. A friend and I spoke with her to ask if the time and place for handing these out, when people were honouring the commitment and lives of soldiers, was appropriate. She was trying to hand them to ADF personnel and they were glancing over it and making her take it back.

      Do I think she was mentally ill? Honestly, no. If so, then only as much as any of the bogots I see on Facebook all the time.

      Are all the members of the Westboro Baptist Church mentally ill? Coz they come out with some weird, twisted logic and nonsense.

      I think it’s sad if this woman is indeed mentally ill and I don’t wish to make fun of that, nor do I think the mentally ill are great targets for ridicule and/or entertainment. But it’s a stretch to suggest that only mentally ill people say the kinds of things she is saying, and that it should be patently obvious straight away to those not trained in picking up on such things that she is mentally ill.

  9. Reading their own opinion, is bleak the only one that is perpetuating the notion that the mentally ill are and will remain forever a target of ridicule?

    • Yes, as a matter of fact I have extensive experience in a professional capacity dealing with people suffering from mental illness. And it is quite evident that this woman is not well. And in terms of me “perpetuating” that the mentally ill are and will forever remain a target of ridicule? I am not “perpetuating” anything. I am simply stating that society, including those from the “politically correct” camps, clearly seem to believe that the mentally ill are an easy target. And this blog has picked on one that is all too easy a target.

      • So bleak thanks for your update of your Professional Capacity, but is she not well in the sense of having Mental Health Issue or not well with other issues?

      • Ok bleak in your “professional capacity dealing with people suffering from mental illness” what do you think of those especially The Media seems to think that someone who has done something wrong, this person has a Mental Health Issue?

      • There are two issues here. The first one is that this woman has actually broken the law. Homophobic hate speech in the US is a crime (Matthew Sheppard Act)

        The second one is that a person or persons have/has facilitated hate speech by permitting her to speak at this particular Council meeting. So they either knew she was likely to vilify gays and lesbians based on prior knowledge of her behaviour or they were unaware that she was likely to.

      • Nearly 700 pages of hate-based rants that sound very similar to what this lady sounds like.

        Are you going to tell me that they’re all suffering from a mental illness as well, and that all we want to do is ‘make fun’ of people with mental illness?

        Fuck off whinger. People who are racist or sexist or homophobic have a mental illness called unjustified hatred and fear. And the only thing we have ever criticized a person for is their ugly personality.

        • i think the issue here is that in your quest there may be times when you may be wrong. And you simply don’t like it when you have got it wrong. As you have it here. There is no system of justice that gets it 100% right. Any champion of human rights knows that.

        • At least the only thing being criticised about this woman is her homophobic rants – she at least shares this trait with other relatively sane people.

          Mentally ill people are criticised for many other reasons.

      • I think this may be part of the difference of opinion here. What is evident to someone who has extensive experience with people with mental health issues, and what is immediately evident to those who don’t, can be very different.

        It’s obvious that what she’s saying makes no sense, but if you keep an eye on any anti-asylum seeker Facebook page you’ll see plenty of illogical nonsense, and although I think plenty of the people on said pages have serious issues, I don’t think they’re all mental health issues per se.

        • I find it a bit repulsive that this woman has continued to be vilified by people on this site after Spike’s post on the 14th showing that she clearly does suffer from serious mental health issues. Attacking the system that has allowed her to get to the point where she can publicly spread her hate speach in a formal hearing, fair enough but questioning if she has mental issues or not is just abhorrent.

    • Are you serious Reality? Really? I think that it’s widely accepted that people suffering from mental health issues are widely ridiculed and segregated from society. Are you implying that they’re not? Or are you just intent on attacking anyone who dares question MMU?

      I don’t always agree with everything MMU posts. I don’t always agree with the people who question MMU. I definitely do not agree with the bogots coming here to bleat their hate filled nonsense, but at least the people who question, are (for the most part) engaging in meaningful debate. Your above comment is really off the mark, can you please explain what you mean by it?


      • Kal,

        If you read my comments and questions especially directed towards Bleak where I was engaging in meaningful debate.

        I did not say people suffering from mental health issues are NOT widely ridiculed and segregated from society as you asked.

        What I feel is people suffering from mental health issues should be allowed to be part of the society they work, study etc in, as I know an number of people with mental health issues and they are and so am to see them to be proud of them doing this.

        But in your question “Or are you just intent on attacking anyone who dares question MMU?”

        Are you saying it is ok for some to attack me, because they didn’t like me expressing an opinion on the subject and I was just defending myself?

        Thanks 🙂

        • What I am saying people suffering from mental health issues should not be widely ridiculed and should not segregated from society.

          They should be allowed to be part of society.

        • Hi RH,

          Thanks for your reply and for clearing up what you meant. It’s really easy to get confused when you write things like this –

          “Reading their own opinion, is bleak the only one that is perpetuating the notion that the mentally ill are and will remain forever a target of ridicule?”

          Because it doesnt really sound like this –

          “What I am saying people suffering from mental health issues should not be widely ridiculed and should not segregated from society.
          They should be allowed to be part of society.”

          I’m not accussing you of discriminating against people with disablities – I have been following this blog long enough to know that it’s not what you’re about – however, I do want to point out that sometimes your comments can be quite hard to understand. I’m not the only person on this particular thread that has pointed it out.

          As for –

          “Are you saying it is ok for some to attack me, because they didn’t like me expressing an opinion on the subject and I was just defending myself?”

          That isn’t how this has come across at all. In fact bleakanddestroy argument was conteracted by you first ‘attacking’ him so your question is pretty redundant.I must also point out that I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with bleak, simply using this as an example.

          We’re both on the same side of the fence here. We’re both anti-discrimination activists who loath bigots, racisits and homophobes. I don’t want to start a 20 reply he-said-she-said with you, I would just like to see more relevant and well thought out comments on your part because sometimes you come up with some good ones and sometimes it’s quite painful to read.

  10. Bleak in Australia, don’t you need 3 people in a professional capacity to considered if someone has Mental Health Issue?

  11. It is about as legitimate as any pro homo statements I have seen! There was one major mistake, she misused the word gay, it is homosexual. Lets call a spade a spade. Or do they not like the true name, I love hetrosexual, do not want to be called anything else. Love being married.

    • Homosexual is a clinical term. I’m heterosexual and never use the term-prefer the term straight (Sounds nicer, smaller word, absolutely fine).

      By the way, who are you to decide what a group calls themselves? If gay people wanted to decide the formal term for themselves is gay-who are you to tell them they can’t?

      If you’re allowed to come up with the “official” term for gay people, are we allowed to come up with a “true” name for you? I’m sure we could think of a few.

  12. O.k enough with the bullshit. bleakanddestroy misses the point that everything that the lady said has come out of the mouth of right wing pundits and anti-gay activists, The weirdness might be obvious to bleakanddestroy but in the American context they are not out of place. As I said, watch how her comments are used by those who wish harm on homosexuals. She needed the exposure for that reason.
    What really pisses me off is bleakanddestroy coming up with this
    “I am simply stating that society, including those from the “politically correct” camps, clearly seem to believe that the mentally ill are an easy target. And this blog has picked on one that is all too easy a target.”
    Fuck off, “the politically correct” camps, as you put it, are the least likely to use the mentally ill as a target for anything, whats more the fact that what this woman said was obviously a sign she has a mental illness only proves you have your head in the sand when it comes to the level of political discourse in America at this moment.

    • I do not have my head in the sand regarding the political discourse in the US. If anything, the libertarian ethos of US politics will so much more allow the mentally unwell to be used as in the war against minorities. As what has happened here. A person’s mentally unwell state has been exploited by by the relevant US based groups. And now it is being exploited by “politically correct” parties in Australia to bash homophobes (and, BTW, I am not a homophobe. I myself, for example, support gay marriage. Just so happens I also champion the mentally ill). That the political discourse in the US will quite easily involve a mentally ill person is not surprising; again, look towards their libertarian ethos. And it does not make it right either. It serves as no excuse that for her to be exploited for a “politically correct” purpose here in Australia.
      And as for the earlier post about requiring three people to declare somebody unwell in Australia. Where did you hear this? Why is it that I as a health practitioner am allowed to voice my concerns about a person’s mental health to others? Should I be prosecuted for masking such notes? And why is it if it “takes three” that it only takes one consultant psychiatrist to section a person in all States?
      The bottom line remains that this woman is clearly unwell.

  13. Sorry bleakanddestroy you might champion the mentally ill but you really do have your head in the sand on this issue. You keep saying “this woman is clearly unwell” and you arrive at that conclusion by the content of her comments.
    So would you assume that similar comments made by a black american pastor would indicate he is mentally ill? http://abchurch.org/resources/hutchs-weekly/item/q-a-re-same-sex-marriage.html?category_id=25
    or perhaps claims by a leader of a major christian ‘pro-family’ group? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egxB0dTajb4&feature=player_embedded
    How about a ‘leading’ commentator with national syndicated TV show? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YV5Jp1iQdhs
    I could go on. To me all these people seem like they are mentally ill, but unless someone shows me evidence I’ll have to assume that they’re bad not ‘mad’.
    I found evidence that Jane Skrovotas has a history of mental illness so I frame her comments with that in mind, however she is free to say what she believes and your assumption that she should be ignored when she stands before a government commitee is frankly an insult to her. Your assumption that what she has said is obviously a sign of mental illness is wanton ignorance on your part and an insult to everyone.

  14. Hey Kal you are welcome.

    The quote I have is:

    The side of the fence where The bigots, racisits and homophobes are is greener, as it has been fertilise with BS.

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