Justin Honeywill – $2 hero

Kiddie bogot Justin Honeywill always seems to be angry. He was angry when TAB featured him last time. Nothing seems to have changed.

One reason he is angry is because he doesn’t look like his idol, American illusionist Criss Angel.

Justin idolises Criss so much he made a profile at another site using his picture.

We pixellated Criss’s face because we are fairly sure as a proud Greek-American he does not wish to be associated with a bogot like Justin.

Justin as Criss Angel

Criss looks pretty cool, and we suspect Justin does not. That’s why he has to make public appearances in a patriotic niqab of some sort, wearing paintball clobber and desperately trying to look like a hard-arsed Special Forces dude.

Note the $2 shop wristbands. The ones he nicked from his 4 year old sister. Good to see Justin is trying to get a colour-co-ordination thing going. That is important for the fashion-conscious bigoted white nationalist.

Justin Honeywill

Justin is aware of the power of the written word and likes to exercise this with  manifestos spammed to a variety of Aussie pride and racist Facebook pages.

Yeah Justin we know you are a “crazy bolke (sic)”. We just read the manifesto.

Justin Honeywill rant

Justin also belongs to neo-Nazi playgroup street group Southern Cross Soliders Soldiers, along with a handful of other “crazy bolkes (sic)”. However despite his admiration for Criss Angel, Justin still likes to show his manly independence with a rousing “FUCK USA”.

Justin Honeywill SCS

33 thoughts on “Justin Honeywill – $2 hero

  1. Please let this be a very elaborate troll. Jesus Christ how much of a sad individual do you have to be to dedicate every aspect of your life towards a retarded ideology.

    (I bet he sucks at whatever games he owns on Steam too)

  2. All I understood from that rant is that this guy apparently got stung by a bee and is rather pissed about it….?

    Seriously – that incomprehensible rant just gave me a headache.

  3. Justin well drop you, with laughter at his expense. LOL

    And I find it is rude for this “wanknut” to wear a Poppy.

    • Careful gnbraun, he might drop you, he’s a crazy bolke.

      And Does It Look Like [He Gives] A Fuck what you think? No, that’s why he sat and typed out a manifestly bullshit manifesto with zero punctuation. Coz he totes doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks coz he’s cuh-ray-zee like that.


  4. G’day am a crazy bolke i like workin sheep i’ve had 16 of them very good :p fuck USA and fuck wogs except you criss coz yous me hero now weres the full stop key?

  5. OH my gosh. And his comment about work? “I don’t need to work” so he’s a typical dole bludger probably. Aghhhhh.

  6. Sudanese men who are over 7 feet tall should be murdered because they’re more likely to become peeping toms because of their height and stuff. MURDER !!!!!!

  7. And it is a proven statistical fact in hundreds of studys that almost all asylum seekers are gay terrorists. There’s plenty of evidence of this fact. So fuck up.

    • Are you throwing a little tanty there, Davey? “So fuck up”? Sounds like a little kid who hasn’t got what he wants, stomping his feet and wailing like… a DaveyBaby.

  8. I am wondering what fuckhead and his gutter mates, would think of couples where one was born in Australia and the other was born overseas?

  9. Bless his heart. Such a rant without any punctuation is a difficult task. I wonder if he’s doing a TAFE course to follow his dream of being a trolley boy?

    • No, if you look at his profile he states under the employment bit that he has no need to work. Evidently, he’s not just a fuckwit but also a parasite.

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