69 thoughts on “Digging Holes For Asylum Seekers

    • Why? would it make you feel any better if he was on the unemployment line? What is it with you people that you would destroy a life for differing points of view or a rant on a social media website. Would you sleep better at night knowing you have put someone out of work? Would that appease your feeling of moral outrage that someone doesn’t think as you do. How petty can you be

      • Nobody here believes that a person who has lost their job is no longer a racist. But they have realised that there are real life consequences to their actions – actions that actually affect the lives of many demonized, persecuted people. And if they serve as constant reminders to the rest of the community then so be it.
        It should be noted that the removal of a person from employment is an action committed by an employer – not a random blog.

      • Karen are you saying it is ok for people like Cory to write “differing points of view or a rant” which is against The Law and put them on a “social media website” himself which effects others within The Community? But who’s fault is when Cory put his employer name on Facebook himself?

      • I’d sleep better at night, yes – knowing that this guy will learn that not only are his comments / views / opinions disgusting, they are also illegal.

        And, if I were the director of the company, I would like to know if my employees were damaging the company’s reputation by spewing out racist comments on a social networking site; while at the same time loudly proclaiming their employee status.

        It’s not simply a “different point of view” either – that would be if we were debating euthanasia, or talking simple politics. Here, you’re talking about offensive and insulting language, threats to kill – etc; and there are laws against this for a reason. To give you an example – would you not report a peadophile for his acts? Or would you simply allow it as they have a “different point of view”….?

      • Karen, if this guy worked with children, and was posting about killing muslim children on his wall, would you not contact his employer?

        We’re talking about a company that services the community directly. That community is made up of many different cultural groups. A differing point of view is one thing. Being horribly antagonistic towards your fellow man in an open forum, and then working on a service the accommodates them in public, is another.

        Simply having ‘freedom of speech’ doesn’t absolve someone of the consequences of their actions.

      • How true Cara, but it is a pity people in The Community like Katter and The Media doesn’t accept this reality. 😦

    • That Katter comment deserves an antibogan entry of its own. I’m sure there are FB groups where bogots are reacting to this in the predictable way.

    • Ugh, I don’t mean to rush to defend Katter, but he doesn’t mention $7k for each white child, only an ustralian child, and that migrants are migrants, not Australian. It’s still ugly, and appealing to the knuckle dragging bigots of the North, sure, but doesnt’ exactly say the thing we’re reacting to.

      And I think in the long run, he’ll either ignore it and hope it goes away quickly, or alternatively will be saying that he would include children of migrants in Australia (Could say something about being raised in Australia making the difference).

      Any other plan would break down quickly as he, or anyone else, tries to define what percentage of “non” migrant is required to be called Australian. One generation-two generation-do you get a percentage of $7K dependant on how many ancestors were on the first fleet? It can’t work.

      • I see your point, but didn’t he mention something about protecting ‘the Australian race’, and therefore made implications about how migrants are somehow separated from this?

        • He, like many politicians, stated something that if said to a racist would mean one anything, yet is suitably vague enough that he doesn’t actually have to do anything a racist guy would want.

          Really, from what I’ve seen on this article (And based on nothing but his comments in the article above), it seems to be nothing more than the baby bonus with a bit of dog whistle politics attached.

          Anyway, I think calling it dog-whistle politics is fine, calling it racist and divisive, even is fine, but saying “Katter pays $7k for each white baby”, while I have no doubt that’s want some of his supporters wanted to hear and would interpret it the same way, is not actually what he said.

      • “The statement came as the MP demanded seven thousand dollars be paid every year for every child to ensure the Australian race survives.”

        He’s talking about race, JM, not citizenship.

        What ‘race’ does he mean?

        There are 23-odd million Australians and he’s worried about us dying out. It’s fair to assume he’s not talking about all 23 million… just the ones he considers part of the Australian ‘race’.

        I’d love to hear some clarification on what he meant by it, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume he probably means white Australians.

        • Maybe everybody is interpreting his comments incorrectly and he means Aboriginals, afterall they are the custodial owners of the land. Not a bad idea then considering that health services in remote locations are nowhere near as good as in our cities.
          I think I’m stretching my imagination too far to believe that is what he meant though.

        • Guess for the benefit of genius boy Justin we will have to repeat

          Australians are not a “race”. “Australian” is only a national identity. Helps at the airport when you travel though we doubt if genius boy Justin has been outside his suburb.

          It has been scientifically proven that there is only one “race” and that is the human race.

      • Are you sure, JM?

        “Australians are dying out and will within ten years become a vanishing race as baby boomers die.”

        Defines ‘Australian’ as a RACE, typified by baby boomers, a generation of almost entirely white Australians.

        “…immigrants won’t be Australians, but migrants.”

        Reaffirms that migrants are not members of the Australian RACE.

        “…the MP demanded seven thousand dollars be paid every year for every child to ensure the Australian race survives.”

        Demands money for members of the Australian RACE.

    • My guess is you are more likely a half-illiterate Aussie bogan who thinks that driving a ute, drinking beer and wearing stubbies ‘makes you a true Aussie’. Grow up. We really are f*cked if you’re the “future” of Australia.

  1. Wow what talent Ronin, just what by reading a person comments you can tell if a computer was made overseas or not.

    Pity you didn’t use this talent to get the correct numbers in Oz Lotto.

    But my point is if you must know, is how can ANYONE complain about people moving to Australia from overseas, when those complaining uses items especially food and drink that was either made overseas or owned by overseas companies.

    • Ronin is mistaken and confused if they think, I am the one complaining about people coming to Australia from overseas and then uses items made overseas or owned by overseas companies.

        • I must be able to put a sentence together, as you replied many times with complete crap.

          So “whoever you are today” you are the one struggling.LOL

        • I am able to put a sentence together, as you replied with crap.

          You are the one, who struggle to put a sentence together,

          Now find a child to help.

    • lol. So true. What is ironic also is that the doofus featured above probably doesn’t even realise his 2$ aussie wristbands were made overseas too, before landing on the shelves at the Reject Shop.

  2. The point is, Ronin – Reality Hurts doesn’t use these products as a basis for misinterpreted nationalist ideas. He is aware that his computer most likely comes from overseas – as opposed to your average bogan, who sees the utes, stubbies, etc as part of their “Australian culture”.

  3. Personally, I think it’s high time the admins and posters here should hold a well publicised street march under the banner of The Antibogan. That’ll help. Why not ?

  4. Oh I see. So you don’t have the courage of your convictions so you hide behind the keyboard of you high school issued laptops? Why didn’t you say so?

  5. Oh I see Amanda you have a one sided opinion, in that you think it ok that those racists who abuse, make death threats and break the law should be allowed to hide behind fake names and groups here and in Social Media like the 1 Melting Pot for Racists, Facebook?

    • if they’re breaking the law as you say I guess you can provide me with a list of convictions. Mine won’t be there of course. They suppress the names of certain sex predators.

      • If you weren’t busy in here making a fool yourself and stop being lazy and get off your arse and do your own research instead of getting others to do your work for you, you would see heaps of illegal rants that are against Australia Hatred laws.

        But idiots like you and your fellow racists has proven time and time again, that no matter how much evidence you are shown you still won’t believe in facts and that people have to believe in your rants, even if is complete bullshit.

        Now whoever you want to be today, run away do some research especially look up Australian Hatred Laws.

        • Great. So how about some convictions for me? Or even charges? I love it in the showers in prison.

      • Not looking at the Facebook screen shots above to see “a list of convictions” who is the stupid one?

  6. And I guess Amanda Hug And Kiss is not your real name even Amanda and you love with hugs and kisses to see racists hide behind fake names?

  7. PS I take it back, Facebook is not a melting pot, but a sewage farm for those racist who are full of shit.

  8. Convictions for ‘who ever you are’ is that you are a very sick person and need further help even just claiming you are a lover of the mass murderer, terrorist and the confessed perpetrator of the 2011 attacks in Norway.

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