Natalie Brooks on How To Live Up To Your Stereotype

Natalie Brooks thinks Aboriginals are disgusting scum who are living up to a stereotype when they commit crime. How do stereotypes become perpetuated again? Hmm?

Yeah, you’re a racist Natalie, and that makes you scum.


66 thoughts on “Natalie Brooks on How To Live Up To Your Stereotype

  1. I suppose it was too difficult for her to say “hey, if you’re shopping at such-and-such place, watch out for thieves in the car park and take your valuables with you.”

  2. What would you expect from garbage like her? Maybe it is time to steilise these bogan females from producing more garbage like her ilk so they can just so they can cash in on the baby bonuses!

  3. How is calling this thing a dumb blonde racist? And how is it racist to call for the sterilisation of bogan filth?

  4. The featured bogot is indeed an airhead, a racist and no doubt a crashing bore to boot but could we ease off on the sterilisation stuff guys?

    That was a method of genocide used by both the Nazis and the white racists in the US to eliminate minorities.

    Not all blondes are dumb.

    Our preferred method of bogoticide is to ridicule them out of sight and earshot.

  5. I agree not all blondes are dumb and many are beautiful people whom I call my friends, unlike this airhead tweedledumb that thinks she is some master race bogot!

    • I’ve made no apologies or excuses for her what so ever. Your comments are, however disgusting and just as bad if not worse than anything she has said. Sterilisation, filth, are you for real? With comments like that it’s pathetic that you think you can take the moral high ground.

      • You fight fire with fire when you are dealing with these inbred bogan vermin! They are incapable of learning and educating these disgusting repulsive bogots is a waste of time and energy.

        • Wow. So fighting fire with fire is to take away her ability to have children? That’s pretty extreme punishment, don’t you think?

          Beware the rightreous judgement of the morally superior!
          Your condemnation of this lasy definitely has a Nazi type feel to it. It might be you featured here if you really think that’s ok.

  6. Well if these inbred bogot vermin had there way they would be lining up all people who did not meet their critera and shoot, gas or sterilise them. Am sure this lassy would be more than happy to lend a hand in such procedures if giving a chance. If that is so then it’s a fire with fire approach to neutralise such a threat.

  7. No, we just deal with this vermin the way they should be treated and that is with a zero tolerance and by taking the fight to them, as when confronted they are just the spinless cowards you expect them to be.

    • I agree. Procreation is the easiest thing a human can possibly do, bar none, and these fucktards think of it as their greatest accomplishment. They even fail at that. We give all the deadshits every possible chance to bread, the more the better, and make it hard for intelligent professionals who actually have some brain cells to share. Quite the opposite of what nature intended, where the fittest and smartest survive to breed.

    • You’re out of order. Agree with MMU and GAMA… this one woman may have come out with some racist bile but there’s absolutely no justification in talking about sterilisation and such. What a load of twaddle. You can treat racism with zero tolerance but that doesn’t justify extending completely extreme measures for other human beings. You’re no help to the anti-racism cause if you’re going to trot out that kind of bullshit. And using the ‘some of my best friends’ are blonde defence is lame, too.

      Are you a troll?

    • Says who?

      They may be ignorant, hateful and/or moronic human beings but they are still human beings.

      Stating people aren’t human just because you don’t like them, and calling for mass sterilisation? That’s insanely Nazi-esque and I am completely opposed to it. Your comments are as vile as those of the bogots. You really need to catch yourself on.

        • There is no “final” solution however the answer to the problem is education. As with everything the more that people understand the more likely they are to have empathy. There is never a lost cause and if you think that there is a final solution you are just as crazy as any nazi has ever been.
          The term final solution makes me sick to my stomach. How many atrocities have been caused by those who think they have a “final” solution?

        • Why are you appologising?

          Anyway, my point is that since the Allies dallied around trying to be nice and accomodating, it cost millions of lives. Hence the expression ‘Evil prevails when good men do nothing’ (or suchlike). They finally took action only after Germany invaded no fewer than 4 countries. If that wasn’t a hint to their intentions, I don’t know what else is… Mind you, it’s easy to see with hindsight, maybe not so much at the time. So the point is that the only solution was to use violence. Do you have a better one?

  8. A Final Solution to the bogan filth is saving humanity. You cannot educate this garbage as they are incapable of any form of reasoning. Give to this lot what they like to preach to others and see how they like it.

    • I remember a man saying something very similar to that about the Jews. It’s been said about blacks and gays. Now it’s being said about racists and bogans.

      You cannot educate the Jews, they are a lower form of people, they are sub-human, they are animals ‘incapable of any form of reasoning’. Sound familiar Adolph?

      Actually it wouldn’t surprise me since you named yourself after a racist, antisemitic, homophobe.

      • Referring bogan racists to sub-humans is an insult to real human beings, so any sterilisation of them will actually increase the human gene pool. Also you forgot to mention that Farrakhan was one damn great Calypso performer!

        • “Nazis required the sterilization of those who carried hereditary defects … To further purify the race, women of mixed blood were to be sterilized … the Nazis were more ruthless and more thorough in their efforts to improve the gene pool.”

          Keep on parroting the Nazis.

    • “Jesus Christ went in, behind enemy lines and undercover, to save Humanity from the jews. But why were the jews scheming to do harm to Humanity?”

      “you cannot educate blacks to not act like niggers. we have been trying for centuries now and it cannot be done. violence and animalistic behavior is just in their genes.”

      “That the Jews are incapable of reasoning is proven. The choice of an individual Jew who claims any reasoning ability for his or her mind, is, by definition, to either stop the Jewish institution from playing the killing game, or to cease to be a Jew.”

      • And you cannot educate the bogan filth to be human as it is not in their genes either. Any bogan who claims to be human is engaging in a deceitful and immoral game in order to obtain financial gain for themselves. eg Centrelink fraud or endless baby bonus payments that supports the breeding process of more of this rubbish polluting this country.

        • Am a realist, the bogan filth want to exterminate anyone that does not fit into their criteria and for that they must be stopped.

        • By doing the exact same thing they are? You want to exterminate everyone that does not fit into your criteria. So you are calling for the sterilization and extermination of yourself?

        • By your reasoning, we shouldn’t have gone to war with Nazi Germany to defeat fascism and oppression, we should have ‘educated’ them in the vain hope that they might change their ideals. Yeah right. Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire. It’s the only way. Evil prevails when good men do nothing, and this is exactly what happened at the start of WW2 where we had the likes of British PM Chamberlain brown nosing the Nazi Party in an attempt to gain favour and influence to avert a European conflict. We all know how that turned out…

        • Sorry P. Ness, the allies went to war after the failure of deplomacy. We did not instantly declare war on the Nazis until deplomatic efforts to have them cease their conquest of Europe had failed. We even talked to the Nazis, the most tyrannical regime in modern history before resorting to armed conflict.

        • Why are you appologising?

          Anyway, my point is that since the Allies dallied around trying to be nice and accomodating, it cost millions of lives. Hence the expression ‘Evil prevails when good men do nothing’ (or suchlike). They finally took action only after Germany invaded no fewer than 4 countries. If that wasn’t a hint to their intentions, I don’t know what else is… Mind you, it’s easy to see with hindsight, maybe not so much at the time. So the point is that the only solution was to use violence. Do you have a better one?

        • If anyone in this country is violent and attacks someone then we have laws to deal with it. The fact that we reject violence as means to settle an argument differentiates us as civilised people. If you are pre-empting attacks on people who you consider to be bogans and racists then you are no better than those racists who believe that violence is a viable means to conflict resolution.

          I’m interested in exactly what action you think needs to be taken against racists.
          A Breivik style massacre? Round them up and put them into camps? Abductions? Crucifixion?
          What is your solution?

        • If we’re going to send people to prison for things they post on Facebook we’re going to need a hell of a lot more and much bigger prisons. How do propose to fund this massive rise in costs to police enforcement to arrest and charge people, the judicial system to try and convict them and finally the prison system to detain them?

        • Well funny you ask, since the Victorian state budget has allocated half a billion dollars to a new prison, whilst cutting spending on education. Whilst this answers your question about the problem of ‘storage’, It seems they have missed the fact that education reduces crime. 1 in 10 people in prison never finished high school. I’m not saying a lengthy sentance, something in the order of weeks or a month will do..

        • Wouldn’t the new prison that is being built be used to house current and future prisoners based on projections for what they need to accomodate those who break current laws? You are talking about adding a lot more people to the system so it doesn’t really solve the problem. Even if it did, are you only going to enforce your laws in Victoria? What about the other 6 states and 2 territories?

  9. It is a fact, that 25% of the prison population in Australia is of aboriginal background.

    So, Natalie Brooks appears to closer to the facts than you lot are.

    • So I should be 3 times more worried about a white person committing a crime against me than an aboriginal. Thanks for the tip grant. I’ll keep an eye out next time I see a white person near my house or car!

    • So Muslims out. Africans out. Aborigines out.

      For a party which you seem to believe isn’t a whites-only party, the APP members seem to have difficulty finding any non-white groups of people they actually want to keep in Australia.

      I’ve asked you again and again, Grant, and you’ve ignored it because you’re scared of this symbol: ?
      Who do you let into Australia, and why?

  10. Unfortunately I think I would have written something similar if that had happened to me :S I interpret her status as the people looking into the car are scum, not that all Aborigines are scum. I also definitely understand the stereotype comment, I’ve known great Aboriginal people, but unfortunately mainly in the country… So I can kind of get what she’s talking about. She could have worded it to sound less racist… In the end, I don’t have many Aboriginal friends, but I have met many that live up to racist comments and stereotypes. Sadly, when I walk around on my own and I see a group of Aboriginal people drinking or yelling loudly, I get intimidated, scared and will usually cross the street to avoid them. I’m not racist (in my eyes anyway), just fearful. Hopefully that all makes sense.

  11. quote”GAMA
    May 9, 2012 10:08 am

    So I should be 3 times more worried about a white person committing a crime against me than an aboriginal. Thanks for the tip grant. I’ll keep an eye out next time I see a white person near my house or car!”

    According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006 web page
    the percentage of total indiginous population of australia is around 2%, , which is a little over 500 000 people,
    also from!OpenDocument

    “In June 2009, the age standardised imprisonment rate for Indigenous prisoners was 1891 per 100,000 adult Indigenous population, compared to 136 non-Indigenous prisoners per 100,000 adult non-Indigenous population. Twenty-five per cent of all prisoners in Australia in 2009 were Indigenous”

    Sterotyping is what the majority of the population sees from one group of people by another group.
    Without knowing the true motivation of the aboriginals involved,, from what natalies could se, they were possibly looking to break in to the car, and she may have been justified in her fears, what reason did they have to look into HER car in the first place.

    Personally, if I found someone looking through the window of my car no matter what “RACE” they were, i would think that they were up to no good,, in this case, it would appear that they were aboriginal, and Natalie, had said just that.

    With Nearly 2% of the total adult aboriginal population currently in jail/ gaol (whichever way you want to spell it) she obviousy thought that the sterotyping is correct.

    as a side note,

    I do not know Natalie, or any one else mentioned in the stated post.

    • I look in to nice cars all the time & I’m not aboriginal,
      I just like cars! Looks like I’ll be screwed now. :/

  12. I think that all who are talking shit here can suck on a fat dick.
    Your a load of cunts and if i make a racist comment maybe you should look at whats being done and what the area is like.
    Instead of going after ‘racist’ people, how about you tell the cunts doing it to fuck off.
    I dont give a shit what colour you are, if you try and break into a car you will be abused.

    • Another racist guy who loves talking about having oral sex with men. Notice a trend?

      So to be clear-if you make a racist comment, we’re not allowed to complain because you probably have good reason? Do you keep up that belief for everyone, or only yourself? I mean, if someone who isn’t white is racist towards you do you just think “They probably have a good reason”?

      If you abuse someone breaking into your car-fine. When you go from that to racism-ie attacking all people of a particular group whether or not they’ve broken into your car, that’s when you are wrong.

    • If you make a racist comment then you are a racist.

      If someone breaks into your car, call the cops and report it.

      So instead of being racist on Facebook, how about telling the cunts doing it to fuck off.

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