Neo-Nazis Promise to Visit Sydney Schools

About two weeks ago, someone calling themselves ‘Breivik’ was posting here at theantibogan making wild accusations about who they believed to be behind this website. They pointed the finger at a few people, name-dropping with gay abandon. One of the people they mentioned is a Sydney school teacher, and ‘Breivik’ is apparently planning a ‘reception committee’ to visit his school to harass him in front of parents and children.

So, a few points for the person behind this threat to consider:

Just in case this individual fondly believes he is above the law, let us draw his attention to a little-known law about trespassing on or near schools.

Inclosed lands 1

And the definition of “inclosed lands”.

Inclosed lands 2


15 thoughts on “Neo-Nazis Promise to Visit Sydney Schools

  1. I’ll give Mr. ‘Brevik’ my details personally. I’d be more than willing to meet him, face to face, as would about a dozen of my mates. But instead of a primary school, how about in front of our dojo?

  2. I remember this pathetic keyboard warrior. He has taken it way too far, just like most of the fuckheads who spew racist shit from their mouths. People like this unfortunately see conquest as a fight. rather than an intellectual argument/pursuit.

    Fortunately we have the good grace of being able to ridicule this idiot and his primitive mind. Attacking or even threatening someone who you ‘think’ (read: don’t know) is behind a website is so low it strips him of any credibility he may have built up over his miserable internet life.

    Theantibogan is a good place, supporting multiculturalism. We have the dream here that one day our great nation can be free of racism, and the hate it breeds. Some people just don’t get it, though.

  3. Considering Multiculturalism is the OFFICIAL policy of Australia (which is actually taught in schools, which just shows the intelligence of racists) I’m pretty sure that rocking up to a school to yell at some poor teacher isn’t going to be viewed kindly by the law.

    • I have grave doubts that any of the bogots actually attended school unless they count the hours spent outside the Principal’s office, on suspension or in the time-out room.

      Or maybe they were all in juvie…

  4. He’s obviously a slow learner: integration, not assimilation, has been a foundation stone of Australia’s immigration policy since the 70s … Which rock has he been hiding under?

  5. I wonder why he chose that email address, seeing as the website is down it obviously isn’t real. I wonder if he has a connection to a Mr. Tony Rollason or a Brian Prescott of England, or to the company StaySouthWest.

    • Nine times out of ten these brave “patriots” and staunch defenders of their right to be able to access our personal details in order to stalk, harass and intimidate us use fake e mail addresses and post via proxy servers

  6. Threatening to beat somebody up because their opinion differs from yours is not a way to prove yourself right. It’s a way to prove yourself a violent, rude, mindless, pathetic bully.

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