Bizarre British bogots

Bogots seem to have a complete inability to relate actions to consequences and to learn from their mistakes  and the mistakes of others. It seems this is irrespective of their national origins.

We featured this UK story some time back.

Emma West rant

However this brazen British bogot decided to emulate Emma West, this time on the Tube.

Jacqueline Woodhouse

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And Jacqueline Woodhouse, like Emma West, is captured in all her drunken racist frenzy here.

Apparently, Woodhouse was arrested following a similar incident back in 2008.

Be interesting to see if the likes of West and Woodhouse will be able to control themselves as London fills up with millions of foreign visitors for the 2012 Olympics.

Racists and bigots – they never learn do they?


An open letter to Emma West, the racist on the tram

8 thoughts on “Bizarre British bogots

  1. Yep, it’s quite stupid how they think that their ranting makes any logical sense. It comes out of sheer ignorance and anger and lack of human understanding. They clearly just have chosen to hate certain races or all races and you get those racists who try to cover their ignorance with a sense of half hearted and illogical political views or philosophies… just as ignorant however… or you get racists like this lady… who don’t even bother with covering their hatred. Hehe, isn’t it stupid how she is telling the people how they don’t like their kind coming to England coz of their rudeness and arrogance and all the while those people she is calling rude are keeping their cool while she rants and raves and hurls abuse. Yeah, she is the rude and arrogant one obviously. Goes to show, racism in so many ways stems from insecurity because of the racists own faults… so they need a scapegoat to feel better about their neurotic faults and blame foreigners… coz they are simply there to blame.

  2. We were at the pub after work one night in London, when a lady in our group (who was fucking obnoxious at the best of times, and downright vile once she started drinking) started ranting about foreigners and jobs… I said, hang about: you’re Canadian, I’m Australian, he’s a Kiwi, they’re South Africans, they’re Romanians – every one of the 10 people at this table are foreigners who have jobs, so what ARE you on about?

    Bigotry is not a rational beast.

    • I have no sense of humour, let my posts go up, I want to feel worthy and have some attention in my otherwise meaningless existence, every time you change my posts I die a little bit inside *sob*

      [Nothing of interest, relevance or intelligence]

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