Cameron Gray – Going On A Racist Killing Spree


Of course, this blog has nothing to do with re-publishing the public comments of fapfests like this, or questioning the legal and ethical ramifications of saying things like “…cronulla [sic] all over again” and “I actually feel like going on a killing spree and turning the boats around myself”.

No. The point of our blog must only be that we want to feel superior and that we must ‘pick on’ poor, harmless, good Samaritans like Cameron Gray.

*smacks forehead*

Without racism, there would be no anti-racists.

4 thoughts on “Cameron Gray – Going On A Racist Killing Spree

  1. I don’t think you even need to explain or justify the existence of this site as a means to fighting against serial racists like “Camoron” here. They give you plenty of fodder to expose their stupidity. Who gives a shit if they hate you displaying their pathetic attitudes for all the world to see, it’s not like they try to hide. Some of them even dress in women’s clothing and appear on national television just to get attention!

  2. /Epic facepalm

    How can he not see the stupendous hypocrisy of saying that he’s better than ‘them’ because ‘we’ don’t “blow up our neighbours for having different opinions” and then threatening to kill them!

  3. I’m actually becoming more and more passionate about fighting racism the more these fuckwits come out and say shit like this.

    I actually feel like going out on a contraceptive awareness campaign, to encourage these bogans to just simply stop breeding.

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