Donna Pollock: “Australia is getting lost by imigrants (sic) !!”

Seven Network’s Weekend Sunrise recently put up the following topic on their Facebook page for viewers to comment on.

Along came teaching assistant Donna Pollock to give her thoughtful and well-researched opinion.

Donna Pollock Facebook

Guess what Donna, unless something dramatic has happened in the last 24 hours and Indigenous people have been appointed to positions of power and influence Australia is run by immigrants and their descendants! Including you yourself.

26 thoughts on “Donna Pollock: “Australia is getting lost by imigrants (sic) !!”

  1. Yep, that’s exactly the sort of person who belongs in schools, teaching kids, both for her ignorant views and her atrocious spelling. *shudder*

  2. She worked in the education sector… She can’t even spell and makes such uneducated and ill-informed statements……… on the Bogan scale…. I’ll rate her at 7, where 1 is the least and 10 the most.

  3. ok i have watched the TT and ACA special about the WAR ON CHRISTMAS every single yea. can someone out there in the entire internet point to one bloody occasion where someone has tried to ban Christmas for Australian kids?

  4. Sigh. Oh, Perth. Once I entered the wonderful adult world of work, I pretty much always had colleagues who’d happily express this sort of opinion. Didn’t matter which company or organisation.

    How can someone compassionate in one direction (caring about understanding people with autism) be so heartless in another?

  5. There were worse comments left. Take a look at this appauling comment (that got 31 ‘likes’) I continually despair at the right wing rhetoric that is displayed in our society….
    From Debbie McGlinn……” What causes me to be racist is when we keep letting boat people and rag heads in here and giving them the world on a platter, whilst we have honest Australian people who are living in the street or if they are lucky there cars and these others get everything handed to them as soon as there feet hit our shores, STOP letting the boats un load here and STOP the rag heads and then maybe I wouldnt be so racist”

    • These people don’t realise how blinded by bullshit mythology they are. And when they are provided with evidence to the contrary they fold their arms and choose to ignore it.

    • “stop the rag heads and then maybe I wouldn’t be so racist”?

      Just… wow. What the fuck kind of morons are we producing in this country?

  6. ROFL … Have I got news for all the primaDonnas out there. I am an immigrant from a non English-speaking background (NESB for the uninitiated). Yes, we are here and we are here to STAY! Suck it up and, while you are doing so, reflect on the following: when did you or your forebears come to this country? XD

  7. what is wrong with you lot, none of you appear to be true aussie’s, you all have your heads buried in the sand. jessica qld

    • Look, do you really… I mean… No, I don’t have the time or patience to put together a coherent response.

      Let me just say this: I am an Australian, grew up overseas and have been treated like scum by people who didn’t think I “sounded” Australian enough. I wasn’t thrilled about being called a fake when I was 11, and fucked if I’m going to stand for it now.

      Take your “unAustralian” bullshit and go home, the adults are talking.

  8. To jessica qld, can I ask you how being compassionate, accepting, caring, welcoming, sharing ect not Australian? I would think being selfish, rude, racist, arrogant, alarmist, uneducated, illinformed ect much more distant from the qualities I see as Australian.

  9. I remember last year when Christmas was cancelled, it was such an upsetting time.. and then last week when i went to a dawn service for ANZAC day that didn’t happen… oh wait….

    • oh, and interesting side-note.. in an online poll on ninemsn (not super reliable, but more reliable than Donna here).. only about 1/3 of the readers actually attended an ANZAC day service.. I wonder if Donna did or not?

  10. Let’s clarify one thing, Indigenous people did not evolve here, they came here also but have the undoubted precedence of historical occupation on their side and can be recognized as having traditional rights without the necessity of this sycophantic ‘we are all immigrants but them’ garbage. Any person born here in Australia is born here, simple. A person born here is NOT an immigrant, a person who comes here from elsewhere is, very simple. The political expedience of the concept of ‘immigrant blood’ is racist and denies native born people’s the right of occupation in their own nation, an idea that can only create conflict. So no I am not Indigenous and neither am I an immigrant. Like the Indigenous people my ancestors did come here from elsewhere, the only difference is the passage of time between arrivals, a concept that was unfamiliar to traditional Indigenous people and so is used as a divisive notion via a cute political construct that is all about the of denying right of occupation to a specific racial group, the political expedience of the racists.

  11. So would she consider Jimmy Barnes, Johnny Farnham, Billy Thorpe, Jon English, AC/DC, Colin Hay (Men at Work), or John Paul Young who have all added to the Ostraya culcha as being imigrants? Or is Donna one of those that considers Australians only real Australians when they become famous, then denounce them again once they do something wrong?

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