Col Hinton to KFC: “If you want to mnake(sic) things gooder (sic), you can sack your bloody halal bullshit”

Meet Col Hinton, food critic, wannabe entertainer and social commentator. Not satisfied with mumbling, moaning and muttering in a huddle with his Facebook mates, Col chests up to the big boys themselves – in this case the KFC Facebook page and its unfortunate unnamed admin.

Col Hinton KFC

Col is very angry and like angry bogots everywhere likes to find scapegoats. In Col’s world teachers are not allowed to strike for better pay and conditions (presumably unlike the bogots themselves), and he has a possible solution which he decided to share with the Ten News Facebook page.

Col Hinton Ten News

We know Col has a balanced diet – his favourite food group features on his Facebook profile pic. In fact it could go a long way to explaining his anger. But Col also likes chicken as long as it is not halal.

Col Hinton KFC2

We don’t know about banning halal blankets, but Col also likes to hang out with hags wearing dirty bedsheets.

Col Hinton B & B

As we will see, Col has diverse xenophobic interests, as shown by his decision  to tell  Network Ten what they should do about representation of minorities in local productions.

Col Hinton The Project

Col’s not shy about posting his pic online so we thought we’d give talent scouts a chance to see whether they wanted to sign him up for their next series of Australia’s Got Bigots.

Col Hinton

Oh and if you want to book Col for your next Klan rally teacher’s strike party he’s available. He lives around Coutts Crossing, and presumably plays the banjo as well.

Col Hinton bio

25 thoughts on “Col Hinton to KFC: “If you want to mnake(sic) things gooder (sic), you can sack your bloody halal bullshit”

  1. Jeezus!!! That guy is the same age as me – it saddens me that someone MY AGE thinks like this……I thought all 42 year olds thought the same way I do(!) Sad and sickening – Col has way too much time on his hands.

  2. Many teachers I know risk serious assault every day they go to work. Can Col say that?
    I had students in my class last year who are considered to be the most dangerous children outside the juvenile justice prison system, some of them are potential murderers. I got paid an extra $45/week for that privilege.We don’t do it for the money Col, we do it because we believe in what we are doing, I could easily earn twice as much in the private sector designing useless crap and ways to sell it to you.

  3. His wife left him a few months ago, which might explain why he is such a lowly piece of shit.

    That seems to be a common theme with these parasites. Partner leaves racist piece of shit. Racist piece of shit moans and bitches for months about being depressed, lonely and unloved. Racist piece of shit stumbles across a group of racist pieces of shit that blame “teh_immergints & Muzzies” for all the failings in their miserable lives. Racist piece of shit can now direct all its pent up rage over its multiple failed relationships and small dick towards already vilified minorities.

    • …and there you are stereotyping and labelling your time away on the internet because your life is most likely, exactly the same. Contribute something to the discussion or shut up.

      • Actually – Mick, it’s not so much of a stereotype, but a sad reality. At least, this seems to be a growing trend in any case. In france, for example, a large number of those who were recently arrested for having participated in the same terrorist ring as Merad Merah (the shooter of Toulouse who recently killed soldiers and children) were all middle aged men who had been recently divorced and who were very bitter about both the divorce, and not having full access to their children. While the venom with which the opinion was voiced might not suit you – I still think that this is pertinent to the argument. Why do we have citizens in the world who, after losing their stability, feel they have no other choice but to lash their anger out in the name of “God” or “Islam” or any other reason? How come these members of society feel so ostracised and angry – that they commit such terrible acts?

        In any case, it did make me think a little. They’ve just today arrested another terrorist suspect in France. His mother dobbed him in to police – because she was worried. Following his messy and bitter divorce, things went down hill, he all of a sudden became extremely radicalised and started to see everyone as the enemy. I think we need to pay more attention to this in fact, it’s starting to become a real modern day issue.

  4. I can do anything I put my mind to, and have done alot (sic)

    Obviously, he didn’t put his mind to critical thinking, nor writing skills.

    Remember, everything you buy provides money for the Muslims

    Is it just me or does it sound like he copy pasted a sentence from a far-right website, simply replacing [international Jewish bankers] with [Muslims] ? That would certainly stretch the limits of his intelligence, but it’s possible if he put his mind to it.

      • lol – I have to laugh at the irony of critising the critic here… 🙂

        I spose calling people names like “muppet” though is just as pertinent to the discussion.

        It’s just that I can’t help thinking of this comment left by someone else earlier on here… hmm… what was it again?

        “because your life is most likely, exactly the same. Contribute something to the discussion or shut up.”

        Thats the one.

        • lol, no – actually, I’m not the hypocrit; hypocrisy is when you pretend to have virtues, morals, principles, etc., that one does not actually have. I didn’t make that claim – you did and then failed to practice those same virtues that you did preach just above.

          I simply pointed out the irony in what you said. IRONY. Look that word up, Mick.

  5. Hoorah! Shorter lines at KFC for me!

    I wish some dumbass would start a false/racist rumour about how the Taliban is sponsoring Subway too…. The queue for a foot long sub is way too long.

  6. We need to import more blacks and asians to breed out the locals. How dare Australians think they deserve to keep their own culture. We need to make sure the bogans can’t afford to breed and displace them with compliant and cheap brown people. We need more ethnic tribalism and less Australian unity. You can just feel the love between all the ethnic tribes.

  7. KFC Australia
    Hi there,
    I have checked with the team and for the stores I already stated – (Punchbowl (NSW), Bankstown South (NSW) and Fawkner (VIC) – they have clearly marked stickers on their menu panels.
    So Col, you can rest easy, these are the only Halal stores in the whole of Australia, and even then the choice is labelled for you to have or not have.

  8. Why do these “people” think it’s ALL about Muslim’s, and that this money is actually going into the pockets of Muslim extremists??

    It’s actually a smart business decision. Attracting new customers to buy products, and increase their profits. Muslims in Australia is an “untapped” market, go to any fast food restaurant in an Asian country and they actaully tell you what is halaal and what isn’t. The Western market is only now catching up to what the eastern market has been catering too for atleast the past 10 years

    Seriously, a lot of business’ at the moment serve Gluten Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian Meals, Kosher… where’s the hate for those groups of people?

    • I know! It’s pure capitalism, that’s all, the thing the far right is meant to praise, and defend from us filthy socialists. Yet they can’t see it as “Major corporation trying to get new customers” -it has to be “Vast international conspiracy trying to turn our children Muslim!”

      And let’s not even get started on how kosher conspiracy theories are virtually identical to sharia conspiracy ones (Particularly when it comes to money being spent to fund a religious agenda-yes, this is also stated about the kosher symbol) . Yet anyone told this will react with a denial of any similarity.

      Mabe we need to start a conspiracy about Nut Free food being a trap to weaken our children and turn them gay or something-funny thing is, we’d probably have some of these idiots believing it.

  9. I love how Col spells ‘Australian’ pretty much the same way I’d expect him to pronounce it. He’d be wise to avoid KFC for a while, the fat prick could do with losing some kilos.

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