Racism = Sidesplitting Humour – According to Local Inbred Adrian Harris

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34 thoughts on “Racism = Sidesplitting Humour – According to Local Inbred Adrian Harris

  1. He looks and acts like an inbred steroid-muncher with no dick and even less of a brain. If scum like him were to fall off the edge of the world, we’d all be better off. I’d rather have 1000 real people from anywhere on the globe than one redneck knob-jockey like this git.

  2. I’d love to comment on the abhorrent and disgusting things that Adrian has written – but I just cannot take my eyes off that nose – it looks like a small brain embolism protruding from his face…

  3. WOW this guy is the total package… totally ugly on the inside and the outside… ok i gotta know is Witchy-Poo his mum coz i’ve never seen a nose like tht outside of Living Island (the island where HR Puffinstuff was based)

  4. One more attention-seeking Facebook bogan that thinks it’s oh-so-funny.

    And I see it’s managed to get engaged too.

    The average Bogan Yahoo has no idea how to use a condom, so it’s sure to have far too many kids.

    And then…


  5. I have to agree with you on this one mind made up, this is just the sort of thing that makes any rational debate over peoples concerns null and void, he sets back Aussie Pride a hundred years. That is embarrassing, disturbing and totally out of order. Hijacking the term Aussie Pride has turned something that people could be proud of, like achievements in science, arts, education, sport, being willing to give others a hand etc…and turned it into a call from the fuckwits to be assholes. *sigh* what a mong.

    • Aussie Pride has NEVER meant being proud of achievements. Let’s get that straight.

      By definition, Aussie pride means proud to be an Aussie – a self congratulatory superiority complex that does little more than move towards ignoring the issues in our society that we should be humble about.

      I’m proud of our sportsmen and women, our artists and scientists and our entertainers. That’s not ‘Aussie pride’, that’s pride for being who, like me, are Australian.

      Aussie pride is a fucking sham and the minute any Asian or Indian or Arab in Australia utters those words they are immediately shouted down and told that they are not Australian and not able to feel Aussie pride – regardless of whether they were born here or not.

      • Being a proud Australian is one thing, but “Aussie Pride” is a moronic racist catch cry. Usually seen on a bumper sticker or, in this case, tattooed on an offensive, ignorant bogan’s arm!

      • Someone’s pride is an individual thing, so don’t preach to me what is or isn’t Aussie Pride in my eyes, I am proud to be Australian, as well as proud of Australians who have achieved things. Your outlook on it is somewhat different, but not any more or less valid than mine. As for being humble why do people have to be humble, patriotism is ok, why tone it down? As for the type of pride shown by this individual yes you can see he has taken the term and applied it to his own narrow views, kind of like you and your kind on here yes!

        • “Aussie Pride” does not entitle you to be racist and believe that you deserve to be considered more Australian than someone else because of the colour of your skin or where your ancestors immigrated here from.
          So Mick, are you proud of all Australians that have achieved amazing things or just those that fit into your definition of who has a right to call themselves Australian?

  6. Just reading through a few of the comments that people have been making about this made me frustrated because people are stooping to Adrian’s level in their horrible remarks about his nose and looks etc. I do not for one second condone anything he has written, his comments made me feel ill with disgust and disbelief. We cannot, however, fight views like his with hateful ‘nose’ and ‘rocky’ comments. We have every right to be angry, but we should attack his racist, sexist, woman-hating beliefs, rather than his appearance.
    Adrian, if you are reading these comments about yourself, please listen to this: you are evidently very angry at the world and are taking it out on people whom you don’t believe have the right to be living in Australia. But just remember that Australia has had white, English speaking people in it since 1788. Your own family can’t have been here for more than about 8 generations. In 1788, they were the newcomers, the foreigners, the people who were ‘moving in’ next door. Your new neighbours have just as much right to live here as you do, your family just happened to arrive earlier than they did. You obviously have no idea about Muslim culture, nor have you ever tried to really get to know someone who is ethnically different to you. If you gave it chance, you would find that your Pakistani neighbours are just like you in so many ways – they have hopes and dreams, they have families they care about for whom they are trying to provide. As for your comments about women, well mate you’ve got a hell of a lot to learn on that front. What if you have a daughter one day and teach her that she’s worthless and good for nothing but baby and sandwich making? Won’t you want her to do well in life, to be respected by others and end up with a man who is gentle rather than someone, like yourself, who reckons its ok to give his girlfriend a black eye if she upsets you? Think about it Adrian. And think about the hatred and anger in your heart.

    • I totally understand your frustration, AVH – however, I think you’ve missed the irony of picking on Adrian’s nose. (Excuse the pun). While I would never condone picking on someone for no reason – when its someone who is totally unapologetic for his disgusting views, who continues to do so (spreading them in a public domain), and who mocks others online constantly – well, I don’t feel bad; my conscience is clear.

      It’s not a case of stooping to his level; it’s a question of “pin-pricking” the guys ego a little. He seems to think he’s the next Jimmy Carr or something; when in fact, he’s just a nasty little bogan with a hatred towards women & immigrants and a chip on his shoulder.

      I think this blog (and the commentators) have already addressed, on soooo many occasions, these sorts of views and beliefs, with long comments and debate. I don’t think either these comments, (or those about his nose), will in any way change his views either way.

    • You cannot tar everyone with the same brush, same as this page points out that a few blacks fighting does not mean they are all fighting all the time or that all muslims are terrorists because some are…being proud of being Australian is not racist, but the crux of the matter is that those who choose to be racist and proud Aussies, smear all people who identify with that phrase. One thing you are correct in, the person here in the spotlight chose to be racist.

      • You cannot deny that the term “Aussie Pride” is more often than not used by people who have racist views towards those they deem are unworthy to be considered Australian. There is a huge difference between being a proud Australian and the way people like Adrian use the term “Aussie Pride” as some racist call to arms.

        • It’s true, Gama, that “Aussie pride” has been linked as a term to terrible acts, and belief, but then again, so has the flag. Neither are inherently evil, only the way they are used. Being proud of being Australian, proud of Australians, or proud of Australia as a whole doesn’t make you racist, and can even work against racism (It’s very hard to be proud of Australia in its entirety, and be racist-those who use the term “Aussie pride” to attack usually are describing a very specific definition of Australia which never existed).

          Being proud of one thing doesn’t mean you have to hate another. I am very proud of my house, but that doesn’t mean I think your is shit.

          I absolutely agree that there is a difference between how dickheads like Adrian use “Aussie pride” and how being proud to be Australian actually feels-but that doesn’t mean that all people who state pride in being Australian should be seen as racist.

          In fact, tarring all those who state pride in being an Australian as racist is only likely to lend evidence to dick heads like Adrian, or the entirety of the APP who like to say “I’m not even allowed to say I’m proud to be Australian-it’s sharia I tells ya!”

        • JM, I have no problem in being proud of Australia. I consider myself to be a very proud Australian and think that I am very lucky to live, in what I believe, is the greatest country on the planet. What I have a problem with is the actual term “Aussie Pride” and how it is used by the APP and other racist like Adrian. To me it is used like a mantra for those who believe that they have an enherent right to be more Australian the others because of their skin colour. Like I said, Proud Australian has a completely different meaning than Aussie Pride, in my opinion.

        • I have to agree in saying that we shouldn’t ashamed to be “proud” of Australia, it’s people or accomplishments – just because the bogots use it in a warped manner.

          Personally – it was only when I MOVED overseas that I started to feel pride in Australia, and to recognise how lucky we are and how many great citizens/models we have. And I really think that changed my perspective on what it is to be “proud to be Aussie”.

      • Australian is not racist

        I don’t agree.

        While I love Australia, and while I’m very glad to be a part of this nation, the fact remains that we DO have a racism problem here.

        Denying it does not help; working against it, and robustly opposing it, does.

        • Samriddhi-you misquoted that line. The full sentence is:
          “being proud of being Australian is not racist, but the crux of the matter is that those who choose to be racist and proud Aussies, smear all people who identify with that phrase. ”

          Australia does have a racism problem, and we shouldn’t be denying it. However, stating that feeling pride for your country, while undeniably common with racists, is itself racist, will help no one.

          All B’s maybe A’s, but that does not mean all A’s are B’s, so in this case all racists may state a pride of country, but this does not mean all those who are proud of their country are racists.

        • Sheesh, what a klutz I can be!

          Misread the sentence completely. Apologies.

          I agree that being proud of being Australian is not racist in itself.

          Even so, certain specific phrases, like “Aussie Pride”, have decidedly racist connotations in this day and age.

          Also, jingoistic nationalism is never a good thing. Without some amount of nationalism, we wouldn’t be a country. But take nationalism too far, and you have a recipe for the most vile forms of hatred, and exclusivist mentalities.

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