Sympathy for the Devil

Why all the hating on Breivik? He only shot Socialists after all

– fake Facebook APP profile “Matt Mutation”

You really have to feel sorry for some of the bogots who become enmeshed with the APP. All that strident patriotism, hunts for scapegoats and hairy-chested Strayan pride has a certain appeal to a certain small group of aimless and disaffected individuals for a time. Then they wake up and realise what they have really got themselves into.

Take Tommy Connors, formerly known as Tommy Cor. He was actually horrified as we all were at the deaths of eight people in the Oslo bombing and the subsequent murders of 69 young people attending a Norwegian Labour Party youth wing camp at the hands of ultra-nationalist Anders Breivik.

Tommy recently shared his feelings with the desperates who frequent dying Facebook group ADL2009.

Tommy Connors 1

You can see Tommy still has vestiges of normal human empathy. Not so resident Pathetic Party goons loyal followers, pom-pom girls Niqi Folkes and Marg “Horse Whisperer” Lennon who perform the Facebook equivalent of a rousing cheer for Mutation’s burblings.

Sympathy 01

Now the Cheap Leader, irritated by the sudden appearance of (gasp) dissent wades in with some observations redolent with perverted sexual imagery – but after all this is the Pathetic Party.

Sympathy 2Sympathy 3

Then as another dissenter suddenly pipes up, Hodges falls about like a springless jack-in-the-box, churning out one straw man argument after another.

This is quickly followed by Australia’s worst never Prime Minister and burqa queen Niqi Folkes with a bit of home-grown political science, Pathetic style.

Sympathy 4

Then Brian Hendrickson puts in a plea for isolated socially malajusted Norwegian males.

Well Brian there is sometimes a reason why certain males are maladjusted and socially isolated. It is often because they are narcissistic obsessed xenophobic sociopaths totally lacking in empathy.

Speaking of which, let’s return to the rest of the Pathetics.

Sympathy 5

But despite the dissenters, the Breivik fan club ploughs onwards

Hodges rubbish

Note the last comment from Folkes himself. A prospect no doubt relished by him.

Just to refresh your memory we journey back to a previous TAB post on the same topic where Hodges lays down the law to anyone who might be wavering from the True Path. In this case it was Melanie Jackson.

Hodges loves Breivik

And unable to confine his fervour to Facebook, Hodges now directs his followers to one of his own collection of extremist websites, complete with a spurious headline linking the Norwegian Labour Party youth group to HAMAS, the “evidence” for this being that some members of the youth group were carrying pro-Palestinian banners.


Let’s recall what Tommy says earlier on

“Is this the policy of the Protectionist party; kill those who do not agree with you?”

Seems that way. And just so even the Breivik fan-boys in the Pathetics get what it’s all about

Understanding terrorism


Norwegian Outrage: More than 90 dead, dozens injured.

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A History of Violence: The APP and Anders Breivik

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5 thoughts on “Sympathy for the Devil

  1. “People are awake, they are talking about it now”

    Yeah, just like they talked about Islamic hardliners after 9/11.

    Because that was such a good thing for the terrorists.

    A total overload of stupid here.

  2. Fun fact-you mention Darrin’s support of a child murderer on the APP webpage, or provide a link to his love page for Breivik (’s deleted, probably by Nick Folkes. I say it’s probably him, not only because he moderates the pages, but because if you look, Folkes never supports Hodges’ beliefs. He just says vague statements that shows he agrees with a part, but doesn’t agree whole-heartedly. Like a guy on a first date, trying to avoid an argument, but at the same time, keeping a level of distance from the craziness.

    I doubt Folkes actually wants to kill children, or thinks it’s justified, but he just is scared of telling Hodges publically or privately to shut up. Nick knows this sort of talk is toxic for any political party, but he doesn’t have the balls to challenge Hodges on it (Probably because Hodge,s being the spoilt child he is, would take his bat and ball, and start his own party, just like he did with the AFP).

    It’s funny though, what Folkes will be willing to complain about. When an APP member tried to get his Hindu Indian friends, or Aboriginal friends, both of whom did not like Muslims one bit, involved in APP members, Folkes reportedly told this guy his friends were not welcome, as the APP was just being focues on Muslims to get elected, then they’d start on all other minorities. Support any brown person, Nick thinks you don’t belong. Say you want to kill kids, and Nick is all for your beliefs.

    And yet, for some reason, he wants a public debate. Does he want this sort of stuff to be revealed to the public?

    • You would’ve thought that consensus on not killing children would be rather easy to achieve.

      Most political parties have factions which want to run the economy in a different way, or maybe formulate different legislation.

      APP is a bit different.

      The burning issues in APP are not related to economic policies or any such tedium. Instead, we have:

      1. Whether or not it’s okay to kill children.

      2. Whether or not it’s okay to include brown people in the “party”.

      It would be so tragicomic if there was an actual split for reasons as shitty as these.

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