Lurve messages from the Bates Motel

Stalky Bogot gets ready for some anonymous lurvin'

No doubt about it, there is bogot lovin’ aplenty to be shared around. The bogot has certainly mastered the basics of the Web underbelly, while still lacking old-fashioned basic spelling and grammatical skills.

The hard-core bogot is a shy and sensitive creature who does not want to reveal himself too early to the object of his obsession desire. This is designed to excite the target and to engage their curiosity.

Take these recent text messages sent to one of our friends whom we shall call Ripley (in an obvious movie reference).

Getting ready to meet the bogots

So coy is the bogot that he has gone to the trouble of signing up to an anonymous call forwarding service which replaces the bogot’s own number with an anonymised one, similar to using a proxy server.

Phone phony 2

Note the fervent Shakespearean intensity of  the “fuckin’ Socialist bitch”  line. And Stalky being the rampant polyperverse little stud he is, has been actually known to refer to other men in the same terms.

And we figure Ripley is quaking in delicious anticipation at the thought of being “hinted” (sic) down by her amorous admirer. Nothing like a good stalk to get the feralnomes firing.

Phone phoney 1

Ain’t the bogots’ “free speech” wonderful??

Stalky Bogot's real dream date

One thought on “Lurve messages from the Bates Motel

  1. lol! “drinking in the daytime again, are you bogan?” = WIN!

    This guy is a serious psychopath. I really admire the work you guys do here – but I really worry that psycho’s like this will target you physically and cause you harm.. 😦 We’d be lost without you guys at the anti-bogan. I admire your fearlessness – but I do hope you’ve got the police involved. This is totally not normal.

    I also did laugh at the irony of him telling you that you’re hiding on Facebook – when he’s so brave, he’s using a proxy number to text you with! *facepalm* What a loser.

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