And along come the racists to spoil the fun…

The oppressive Kim regime of North Korea is a standing joke in the international community.

This failed state which cannot even adequately feed its own people and whose ruling family seems to have impairments of Appalachian proportions tried to launch a missile, ostensibly to propel a satellite into space but in reality to dick-slap to its Asian neighbours.

And failed.

North Korea header

TAB is quite happy to join with the rest of the world and laugh at the fatuous and childishly dangerous clowns who rule North Korea, whilst feeling sorrow for its oppressed people.

And there was quite a lot of laughter on the Nine Network Facebook page – but of course some people just couldn’t stop themselves and just had to make gratuitous racist comments

North Korea 3

North Korea 2

North Korea 1

No humour there. Just racism.

Oh and here’s Sasha

Sasha Bell

30 thoughts on “And along come the racists to spoil the fun…

  1. The Jane Griffiths comment may just be a phonetic imitation of “Team America” Kim Jong Il character and whilst you could accuse her of having bad taste, you shouldn’t just label her a racist. The rest of them are disgusting.

      • I’ve lived in Korea for ten years, still do. Her phonetic imitation is way off. ‘rill’ should be will and ‘rerry’ should be bery. Koreans themselves make fun of their phonetic entanglements with English, in the classroom and on television every other night. They are however very sensitive to outsiders seeing them in any implied negative light…probably as we all are. The ironic and maddening flip side of course being the rampant racism in their own country, particularly directed at people the 1. come from economically under-developed countries (of which there are many, compared to S.Korea) and people that have any shade of skin darker than theirs. The country while making a rapid and directed push to become multicultural and “globalized” are gripped by either implicit or explicit xenophobia. To be able to laugh at ones self and feel comfortable with the joke is easy, to know thyself and have others join in on the joke is more difficult. We will never achieve multiculturalism if we segregate language and humor. I don’t think Jane deserves the racist tag, perhaps ignorant because she is imitating the wrong language group.

  2. Most public forums on the internet are inundated with extremists, bigots and hate mongers. I’m not sure why this is so, but I suppose it has something to do with the fact that their views are (rightly) marginalized in larger society and the internet is about the only place they can spit their venom and find a supportive audience.

    This is not to say that one cannot find good people on the ‘net. But for whatever reasons, the majority seem to be assholes. About the only time I ever posted a comment on a news piece was on yahoo, when a transsexual woman was excluded from the Miss Universe pageant no account of “not meeting the criteria”. I posted in favor of LGBTQ rights, and within hours, received 28 downvotes for my trouble.

    The internet is one place where people don’t feel accountable for their actions, and feel they can hide behind anonymity. What they don’t realize is that the paradigm has changed with the coming of sites like Facebook, where there is little anonymity unless you create a fake account. The web makes it easy to publish one’s opinion on anything and everything. People take advantage of this, and by the time the consequences become apparent in the form of lost jobs, money, business and reputation, it is usually too late.

    Good on TAB for calling people out on their bigotry and teaching them the concept of accountability the hard way.

    • If you get a chance, you might want to look at this article:

      The fact is, trolls are costing big internet businesses money. People who play online games quit quickly due to the hatred, racist and bigoted comments they receive. Adn according to the above article, only 10% of FB users go to group pages, or clubs, or anything like that, due to these sort of comments. As lesser participation means less ad revenues.

      The Internet of the current times is all for anonymity-but it won’t stay that way for long. And it won’t be the dreaded “leftie’s” that cause the change, it’ll be the capitalists.

      • Can’t help thinking about what would happen to sites like stormfront if internet anonymity was truly removed.

        I sincerely doubt that people would be nearly as willing to spout those charming neo-nazi views if they had to do it with their real names.

    • While TAB and its posters and contributors when heaping bile and hatred and vitriol on those same people they despise are models of tolerance and understanding, and I see no one from TAB admins or contributors posting in their real names. Why the Nazi reference, I have watched a lot of WW2 documentaries and never once heard a Nazi say the things you claim they have a mortgage on.

      • We don’t pretend to be nice.

        We know you lot are not nice. So we don’t use our names.

        Nazism is the gold standard for a hate regime. So of course it is going to raise its ugly head.

        • You lot? you presume to think I hold the same ideals as a Nazi such as Josef Goebbels, or a Dr. Mengele? Give it up.

      • Mick, in case you are a dullard, let me state the obvious for you. The peeps on this forum don’t post their real names because of continuing threats of violence against themselves and family. The same lack of grey matter that makes some bogots post racist remarks is also responsible for them resorting to violence as their only means of conflict resolution.

  3. racist remarks

    Two weeks to make a habit.

    Neo-nazi, etc WOW the supporters of this site support exactly the same construct of extremists, bigots and hate mongers and demand ‘real’ names.

    There is a real name for such behavior, but there is hope – only Two weeks to make a habit.

  4. Wow, slopehead? Haven’t heard that one in a while.

    As mentioned by Matt above, dunno if we can equate Jane Griffiths’ comment with the others. Not saying it’s a very nice comment, but it’s on a different level.

    • oooooh scary music, an IP address, maybe an ISP, or an offshore host, or even a mobile data device that has a new IP address each time you log in. So when you do find the IP, all you get is a location you muppets. As for delving deeper, get a warrant or subpoena, as is required by law. D’oh

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