15 thoughts on “Jimmy Mitchell Spits On Women: Credits Self With Hero-Status

  1. Times like this I wish that the police still ‘phone-booked’ suspects. I mean really, he’s spat on and abused a woman simply because he doesn’t like how she dresses.

  2. He’s covering his face in the second screenshot yet is against the ‘burqa’? It seems to me the ones that will probably be most affected by a ‘burqa’ ban are the ones calling for it to be banned, as their profile pictures consist of them hiding their identities by wearing face masks…

  3. absolutely disgusted to think such people still thought like this how rude are where are you morals and ethics and manner an absolute disgrace to the human race regardless of your background you do not treat people like that reading this article made me sick to my stomach ho the hell are you to believe u have to act in such low pathetic cowardly way

  4. Us normal aussies walk into a bank or servo covering out faces and we wont even get served. Leb walks in with a burqa covering its face, Gets served. I think this is not only fucking halarious but also understandable, especially with a good portion of lebs being racist to australians, Does anyone really blame most of us hating them?

    • 1. “normal Aussies” – define
      2. “won’t get served” – no, because you’re covering your face
      3. “leb” – not all lebanese are Muslims just as most Muslims aren’t Lebanese.
      4. “covering its” – religious garments are excepted although staff have the right I request it be lifted for ID purposes. Also it should be ‘their’ not ‘it’s’ because they’re people not inanimate objects.

    • It speaks shit.
      It is a pathetic, racist wanker.
      It does not speak for “most of us”!

      Sorry Zulu, I should say Jack instead of “it”!

  5. Obviously he has very little brain left, must have done some grade a drugs and how is spitting on people ‘torture’ unless they contract brainless bogan fuckhead syndrome, old m8 has been watching too many straight to dvd foxtel movies about terrorism.

  6. I’m really embarrassed to be an Australian. I was telling the locals in Bali that I’m from New Zealand.. Its really sad that this stupidity reflects on us all internationally.

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