Ben Polis and his vile rants

More Ben Polis rants

Ben Polis vile rants

There’s a lesson here for anyone who writes repulsive racist, bigoted, misogynist, homophobic and defamatory stuff on social media

Even a wealthy and powerful business identity can lose his livelihood, clients and his reputation. No doubt he has brought shame to his family as well. His life has been trashed forever

This is how the Herald-Sun reported his downfall.

Racist’s empire left in ruins

Paul Tatnell and Padraic Murphy
From: Herald Sun
April 06

Ben Polis rants


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Melbourne ditches backer EnergyWatch in racism storm

Energy Watch CEO Ben Polis sacked after Facebook brainmelt

and some tongue-in-cheek from slackbastard.

Craig Thomson, Ben Polis & Freedom of Speech Under Attack! by The Politically Correct Brigade

18 thoughts on “Ben Polis and his vile rants

  1. I’m been quiet for a little while now but this rant is really appalling. I hope this exposure ruins him. Let this be a lesson to all the bogots- Stick your ‘free speech’, if you were in the public eye you’d be written up in the Hun

    What a knobhead..

    • That’s excuse #13 in the racist dipshit’s handbook.

      Aw I was only joking when I said that black people smell like shit and are always stealing things.

      Hardi ha ha.

      • I got seriously offended by something (I can’t call it a joke) a guy I went to school with said a couple of years back at a 5 year reunion.
        He told me I was too PC and his “other black mate” thought it was funny, so why didn’t I? I explained that knowing my name didn’t mean we were mates, then scooted over to said “other…mate” and asked him how he thought a comment like that could be funny and he told me the laugh was an uncomfortable one, followed up by “that’s a bit much isn’t it?”. Apparently this guy felt it absolutely imperative that he speak to two different Indigenous people about it, because he thought we’d find it funny. Because, you know, we know about this stuff…
        That’s why I don’t go to school reunions anymore.

  2. So, a misogynistic, bigoted asshole with a massive chip on his shoulder. Charming.

    What makes him think HE should have the right to vote?

    And just like all people of his ilk who get caught out spouting trash, he’s claiming he was quoted “out of context”. I’d honestly like to know what context he meant “WOMAN (sic) HAVE NO PLACE IN BUSINESS OR POLITICS! THEY SHOULDNT (sic) EVEN BE ALOUD (sic) TO VOTE!” in.

  3. Well done to the Melbourne Football Club, Melbourne Victory and Melbourne Rebels. They have sent a clear message to all Sporting Institutions and supporters in Australia. No amount of money excuses any type of racism or racial vilification.

    • Yeah. I thought the Herald Sun a little hypocritical seeing as Nick Polis’ views were pretty much tame compared with the hysterical nonsense that comes out of its Andrew Bolt page.

  4. What a way to get publicity for your company, be a racist, claim your company well save the community money because of The Carbon Tax and knowing the corporate watchdog is considering laying charges against you?

  5. Look how tiny and ugly he is! You’d have problems with everyone too if you were this ugly and short. Love how he even insults his own customers, where do you think your money came from, you piece of shit? “I’m not racist, my cleaner is Asian so I can’t be”. Fuckwit.

  6. Somebody who says and thinks these types of things MUST have some kind of mental illness. And I’m not being a smartass, I’m not being rude again mentally disable people. I’m honestly thinking that he just has to have an illness in his head. That HAS to be it. Otherwise, what hope is there?

  7. And in Further news:

    “He [Ben Polis] gave evidence that he is currently unemployed, with no income, no assets and less than $250 in the bank.
    He said his name has been “incredibly tarnished” by the media reports of his personal Facebook comments.
    “I think the chances of me bouncing back in the current situation are about the same as Greece bouncing back”.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer racist, ponzi-scheme operator.

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