Matt’s Mutated Mind…

* Condones the actions of Anders Breivik;

* Believes in religious identification…;

* Homophobic/sexist/racist in one breath;

* Despite Muslims not having blown up any buildings in Australia – ever – this is his ‘harmless opinion’;

* Believes killing children is ‘justified’, ‘required’, ‘effective’ and ‘desirable;

* Thinks all Muslims are Lebanese, run kebab shops and meth labs, and that the only way to ‘deal with them’ is to use violence;

* Thinks that the only people killed by tsunamis are Muslims and that there needs to be several more;

* Believes that the Muslim population needs to be culled using an industrial wood chipper;

* Agrees with stupid ‘eye for an eye’ tactics and incites burning Muslims to death;

* Found the recent flood disaster joke-worthy and an opportunity to express a desire to drown Muslims.

And guess who has been liking all of his posts and comments?

Darrin Hodges, of the Australian Protectionist Party and owner of the APP Facebook page where the majority of Matt’s comments were taken from.

13 thoughts on “Matt’s Mutated Mind…

  1. Terror & subjugation of Other rises to Terror to Terror and subjugation of Other.

    Really you are all of the same making one of excusing and enabling Terror and Subjugation of Other. Derived from exactly the same construct of Other with the same result terror of Other.

    Racism has nothing to do with it under such paradigms each in turn are determined as Other.

    Foundation text is externalized genetic code which informs variance of behaviour Conservative, moderate/liberal, terrorist are all joined at the hip pretending it is Otherwise is not rational – what’s new – Druids thought they could determine the future by perusing human innards in sacred groves.

    Both think you are ‘right’ for exactly the same reason.

    The absurdity of the so called ‘good’ left believing they are any less dangerous to humanity than the ‘evil’ right.

    The Nazi Panzer lieutenant on the Polish Russian border WWII was appalled at the treatment of the Jews – left or right – good or bad – it did not matter – foundation text regards Other defines outcome – relative to population how many so called conservatives terrorists does it take to control populous, to create ‘permanent terror’ – it isn’t 50 +1 %

    Bogans plural.

    You believe the right rises for no good reason – is rising everywhere – think you small singing birds. It is what happens – the important thing is to realise the usual bull**** of arguing who is left or right of what solves nothing. In fact it builds to the usual genocide crescendo.

    • I find this fake left/right dichotomy terribly tiresome. Although your statement isn’t very coherent, I could make out the gist of it, and it seems to be fixated on that dichotomy.

      What you do not realize is that humans cannot be clubbed into groups labelled “left” and “right”. Left and Right aren’t even that well defined. They are just labels with unspoken, imprecise definitions, and can cover a staggering array of different political opinions.

      The APP is often associated with the Right, but many of their arguments about “community” actually have a socialist flavor to them. An exclusivist form of socialism that would make most liberals gag, no doubt, but socialism. Neo-Nazis are considered to be far-right in mainstream media, yet the National Socialist movement incorporated many traditionally left-wing elements and very few right-wing ones. The Nazis themselves were only selectively conservative – their arguments against the Prussian aristocracy were strikingly similar to the ones made against kulaks by the Bolsheviks.

      Left vs. Right is a pointless debate, because personal political opinion tends to be a rather complex mix of various ideas.

      You do human diversity a disservice if you believe that most people can be categorized that easily.

  2. I think the “Due for another tsuname” comment was about the Japanese, specifcally some posters saying they were nice, and him saying due to WWII he wants them to die in a tsunami.
    Unless he’s been making those comments a lot to a lot of different groups in society. Which I fully admit is more than possible.

    And there’s plenty more where that came from. Matt has told me in a long discussion we had the following:
    When I asked him if he would kill his children if they were left wing, he said that weas highly likely, but if the situation occurred he would take the appropriate action. Isn’t it great when a parent can’t just say no to a question of “Would you kill your children?”

    I’ve asked him about what he would approve to get rid of Muslims. He has told me he wouldn’t shoot women and children, but he is prepared to kill people. He’s also okay with supporting a Minister of Immigration who does shoot women and children.

    He’s said that whether or not a person is Muslim, or non-muslim, Taliban or not a Talibn, terrorist or not a terrorist does not matter-if you’re not white he states you don’t belong in the country.

    And the one redeeming feature, or at least lighter note when it comes to him, is that he and Nick Folkes HATE each other. Because, as we all know, there is no element of difference, no matter how miniscule, that two neo-nazis can’t hate each other about.

  3. Although I’m inclined to believe that Matt is nothing but a pussy cat, just another keyboard soldier dreaming of a civil war against non-whites while playing ‘Modern Warfare’ and would be the first to hide under his mothers skirt when a fire cracker goes off, the authorities should still investigate or charge scum who make comments like these, the same as they would charge or investigate if Matts name was Mohammad or Ali.

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