Mark Cunnington: Thinks Asylum Seekers Are Terrorists

Mark Cunnington (restraint needed from innuendo) is a person who is required to deal with people from all backgrounds in situations that can often mean life or death. Yes, he is a member of the Northern Territory Emergency Service. You can now be the judge of whether or not this man is mentally stable enough to treat all people in need equally.

Choice quotes from Mark Cunnington, NTES:

“…how do we know these aren’t the people we’ve been fighting?”

“People… attacking innocents with explosives strapped to their bodies.”

“…shouting god is great while punching a red button in his hand.”

“They come here because they know the current policy is a soft touch and they’ve got the money to do it…”

We should put them into third world camps with only the bare necessities hey Mark? Perhaps we should ship YOUR fat arse off to one of those camps and give a genuine refugee your place in this country.

Thanks for your comments Mark. You’ve proved yourself to be as fear-driven and misguided as these people:

123 thoughts on “Mark Cunnington: Thinks Asylum Seekers Are Terrorists

  1. Don’t you just love when they throw in the “but our homeless people, old people and those with disabilities are doing it tough!” line?

    You’ll never see so many people suddenly care about the most vulnerable of our society until the dreaded boats arrive. They all suddenly turn into Jesus’, that’s til the boats issue dies down and people forget about it for a while.

    Their homeless are then thrown back to the streets, stepped over by them, told to get a job and have a wash when they put out their hand for a $1, while their old and disabled are thrown back to the care homes to be abused by their carers.

    Nothing like propping up a boogeyman to get people to care about shit they normally wouldn’t give a damn about.

  2. I have to say, and this is a first for me, but I think most of Mark’s points are perfectly valid. Yes, ‘putting them in a 3rd world camp’ does seem quite extreme, but his general stance (that immigrants, whether they be refuges, illegal OR legal, should be accountable for due process when entering Australia. He isn’t saying that all asylum seekers are terrorists at all, but he’s saying they COULD be. As could anyone. Finally, I don’t understand the tacked on ‘Toad Man’ post at the end… is ‘Toad Man’ Mark? The connection isn’t clear and it seems to be added just to incite….

    • His position in the community requires more of an understanding of the situation. He makes several generalisations/assumptions that are misguided and inciteful:

      1. That asylum seekers are ‘the ones we’ve been fighting’;
      2. That asylum seekers are terrorists;
      3. That asylum seekers are ‘economic refugees’;
      4. That there is a ‘queue’ when there is not.

      Mark is not Toad Man, to the best of our knowledge.

      • He doesn’t make such generalisations, he merely infers that they COULD BE, and therefore should be subject to the same application process as anyone entering this country. Yes, he uses a few extreme examples, but he is responding to an extreme situation (protesters) and he never claims that it is the case of all refugees or asylum seekers.

        • I was unaware that this page was about vilifying the uneducated.. i thought it was about exposing people with malicious intent to incite bigotry and racial hatred.. i usually agree with everything else on this site but i feel that this post is merely a case of someone expressing an interest in a topic with their limited understanding and looking for answers to a problem that many ppl think exists.. and i think your mockery of this post is counterproductive

        • Of course our posts vary in terms of intensity – this man is no neo-Nazi. But he is in a position of community trust, and his opinion of asylum seekers may jeopardise how he intends on responding to calls of help from those who are to his knowledge seeking asylum, or even those who ‘look like terrorists’.

          His ignorance needs to be exposed because of the position he holds within the community.


        • I don’t know if you noticed, but most of his post was presented in question form.. seems like someone aching for education rather than someone propagating a bigoted agenda

        • So my response is why name and shame someone who you could simply educate? It may work for neo-nazis or EDL members or ppl who have serious agendas towards inciting violence or hate against specific groups, but this is just a guy who doesn’t have the answers and who seems to be open to them…

        • Our point of view is that those who choose public social media platforms to express their ignorance which in turn validates others’ ignorance and even intolerance should end up here, end of story.

          This guy draws special attention because his line of work directly links him to those whom he has misguided beliefs for.

          Whether his quest for knowledge vs perpetuated bullshit stereotype is 50-50 or 90-10 or 10-90 is irrelevant. He gets the TAB treatment until he can prove that he has grown from the experience.

        • But he is in a position of community trust, and his opinion of asylum seekers may jeopardise how he intends on responding to calls of help from those who are to his knowledge seeking asylum, or even those who ‘look like terrorists’.
          Operative word here being MAY….but no TAB jumps on the fuck anyone whose opinion isn’t in line with theirs bandwagon.

        • Fuck you Dave Cunt.

          If this bloke is receiving a call from an Arab, and he has previously expressed public concerns about them thinking that they ‘might’ be the ones we’re ‘fighting’, ANY chance he could jeopardise that life is fucking serious.

          No benefit of the doubt here fuckface.

        • I just fear that it reactions like this that will have people with limited education too scared to express their opinions in public forums in hope of learning and broadening their understanding of given topics out of fear they’ll be public vilified.. which brings me to the counter-productinve point i made earlier.. and trust me, it pains me to be saying this to you as i’m a big fan of the work you’ve been doing and think it is important that people be held accountable for what they post online.. I just think this may not have been the right case to present…

        • “…limited education too scared to express their opinions in public forums…”


          Do the research, talk to people, ask questions in real life before you go online into a public forum where those who are similarly misguided and are looking for validation will find you and take solace in the mythology you fumble about with.

        • So it’s ok to ask questions, as long as it’s in real life and not online? and validation can come from any angle on any ‘public forum’.. I think people should be allowed to question ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE without fear of being persecuted, as long as they are not intentionally inciting hate or violence.. and i think if someone chooses to express their thoughts in a public forum hoping to broaden their understanding, and to then be shamed for seeking education.. i think there is then a problem in the way you’re handling these postings

        • “So it’s ok to ask questions, as long as it’s in real life and not online?”

          This guy perpetuates the myth that asylum seekers are terrorists, and that they may be the ones we are fighting. He suggests that third world camps are the place for these people and demands to know why they should be helped when for all he knows they might turn around and scream ‘God is great’ and detonate themselves.

          Excuse me but that is NOT fit for online mass consumption when there are so many other misguided fuckwits that will feel VALIDATED reading these kind of comments from someone with such community standing.

          Are you following?

        • There’s no problem.

          We see racism and bigotry on a public forum we expose it and the perpetrators.

          Simple. And they are both against the law.

          What you think is irrelevant to what the law says.

        • He doesn’t seem to have any problem at all with processed Asylum seekers. I doubt he would treat any emergency situation differently because they are Arab. He doesn’t even mention Arab. I also don’t think he’s likely to get an emergency call from someone within a detention centre so that’s a pretty piss weak argument MMU. If he was called to a detention centre by the authorities he would perform his job as required. You make some lame assumptions in this post, in my opinion.

        • He is in Darwin and it is entirely possible that asylum seekers may need assistance.


          He doesn’t mention Muslims either but it’s blindingly obvious that’s who he’s talking about.

        • It’s not ok for him to assume, in a public forum, that there may be unacceptable people coming into Australia via boats and that they should be held until to processed?

          It is ok for you to assume, in a public forum, that he may be derelect in his duties because he believes this, even though there is no mention or indication anywhere that this is the case?

        • If he was an 8 year old child, such misguided musings might be understandable.

          He refers to an immigration line, that doesn’t exist. He refers to a people who blow themselves up and makes subtle implications that those coming here by boat are those same people.

          His position in the community begs him to show more understanding as he will more likely come into contact with refugees AND Muslims in life and death situations.

          Just as a teacher shouldn’t make public comments suggesting that students in their class are stupid because of their stupid parents, and just as a police officer shouldn’t make public comments about certain races of people having intrinsically evil desires, this guy shouldn’t be making inferences when his opinions have been formed through fear and headlines.

          His forum of questioning coupled with implications was the Channel 9 social networking platform that is viewed by tens of thousand each day.

      • But my point is that they MAY be or MIGHT be… you seem fixated on the fact that he is outright saying that all asylum seekers are terrorists, but he hasn’t. He’s posited that they may or might be, and they very well may or might be, we do not know. And that is why we have due process, which is all he was validating. The 3rd world comment was an extreme example taken out of context in relation to the extreme idea by the protesting party that all asylum seekers should be given free entry with no due process (or at least that’s what i got from it). That’s the only issue I have with this posting.

        • Well then this is news to me as well, as I also imagined that while there may not be a literal ‘line or queue’, that there was a process and that people were processed as they arrived, and this process takes time and that’s why we have detention centres etc… But then again, i in no way consider myself completely educated on the subject, which is why i come to this site, and news sites, and other public forums to learn.

        • How can you enter a refugee camp and wait in a ‘line’ if there is no refugee camp that looks after the fleeing persecuted and places them out of harms way at a later date in your country?

        • and my concern is that in reading, any ‘falsities’ which he my have ‘perpetuated without warrant’ seem to be out of ignorance rather than malice.. and i don’t think that naming and shaming someone like this is the most productive means of educating.. were it out of malice then i’d be all aboard trust me 😛

        • We are not here to “educate” though if it happens it’s a bonus. It usually doesn’t.

          We are here to challenge racism and bigotry. Anyone who craps on about “queues” (they don’t exist) or perpetrates myths about asylum seekers being “terrorists” are at best idiots.

      • Hi MMU,

        A genuine question, asked mostly from my own ignorance. An answer would be greatly appreicated… Not sure whether or not this will get answered, as there are already so many replies to this post.

        I am sort of under the same impression in terms of the ‘queue jumper’ argument. I thought it was the case that Australia takes on a certain number of refugees in a given time period, and that accepting a ‘boat person’ effectively means one less person that can be accepted from a refugee camp who may have been waiting for years, hence the queue jumping claim. Is this the case? I honestly don’t know, and I’d be keen to find out.

      • Looks like you just like the negative of anything. Nowhere did he mention Muslim and as you know and frequently spout, Arab countries don’t equal Muslims. Seriously, in Darwin it’s different to anything you could have experienced becaue we do have a higher market of disadvantaged. I work in Employment services & the numbers are huge; white, black & brindle. One size doesn’t fit all. I support what you do but victimising Refugees isn’t going to cut it because it’s human nature to have an opinion.

        • “People whose favoured weapon usually consists of attacking innocents (sic) with explosives strapped to their bodies.”

          “…starts shouting god is great while punching a red button in his hand.”

          Pretty solid intimations there I’d say…

        • Looks like Bella, assume they know things about others even those the truth is as close as comments here.

          And just because Mark didn’t mentioned Muslims does not mean he not against them or just because he didn’t mentioned Muslims does not mean he is not for victimising Refugees from other backgrounds?

  3. Mark being a member of the Northern Territory Emergency Service, I guess with his views I guess he won’t be rescuing Boat People of the NT Coast?

  4. Fantastic – a friend put me onto this. I’ll clear up a couple of things for you – my work is not affected by any opinion I may have – which I am free express, as you have here. I do my job with out fear, prejudice or favour.
    I am not Toad Man – don’t know him, and don’t agree with the sentiment expressed in his string – you probably don’t care about that.
    Reality – rescue in the waters off the NT is not my job anyway – that belongs to AMSA, the Navy or NT Police if they’re in NT coastal waters – if it was my job – see above.

    Thanks and regards

    • my work is not affected by any opinion I may have

      If you choose to express intolerance and bigotry then don’t be too upset then if someone chooses to complain to AHRC.

      The Commissioner has already indicated she is keen to take on the bigots, and the Attorney General is crafting legislation to give the Racial Discrimination Act teeth.

      Maybe the crocs up there would be a kinder option for you?

    • Mark free express does not include racist rants.

      So are you saying racist rants should not effect your work, work that you and others working with you brings into the community arena?

      And from the other rants, I guess you wouldn’t rescue someone ok on land who come from another country?

      So I feel with your hatred, you should resign before you are sacked.

    • Mark – quite simply you are too ill-informed on this issue to make the definite comments you have made.

      Please watch out about stating opinion if it is based on rhetoric and not on fact.

      If you are happy to state opinion based on naive misinformation and tacit bigotry then be prepared to be corrected…. now where do you want to start?

    • So, suppose as part of your activities with the NTES, you need to help a person who is an asylum seeker.

      Your judgement won’t be clouded at all, thinking about whether the person in need is just going to try to blow you up?

      And if you’ll never be in that position, the NTES now have to consider whether your outlandish comments are going to bring its reputation into disrepute.

      Thanks and regards.

  5. As an aside – James Bishop needs to go to Bondi in Sydney where he will be surrounded by illegal immigrants.

    They are the Irish, English, Swedes, Americans, Italians, Spanish, French and Germans who have overstayed there tourist or working holiday visas and are now illegally here.

    To the best of my knowledge there is nothing illegal in seeking asylum in any country signatory to the UN 1951 Refugee Convention and 1967 Protocol – – and guess who’s name appears at the top of the list of participant countries (page 8 of 56)… Oh wait… That would be Australia…

    Now let’s all take a chill pill about the ‘dangerous’ asylum seekers – especially the muslamic ones – and get back to worrying about the global Communist take-over… the Jewish world conspiracy… the Yellow Peril… the Prussian and Ottoman Expansion… Napolean Bonaparte…Tsarist Russia… the loss of the American Colonies… the Spanish Armarda… the Normans… the Mongol invasion… the Visigoths… the Ostrogoths…the Huns… the Angles… the Saxons… Christians… Persians… Caananites… Philistines… Egyptians… Nubians… Neanderthals… anyone… (history repeats a little here – my apologies if I missed out anyones favourite bogeyman in this list).

    Seriously though – the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself (Roosevelt); or the sky falling on our heads (Asterix).

    Also Mark – judging by your frame – you should be more fearful about heart disease and Type 2 diabetes than anything else as these are more likely to kill you than just about anything else.

  6. And if Police called on The Northern Territory Emergency Service for help like search and rescue, would Mark well just sit back and do nothing especially when it involves search and rescue of boat people?

  7. And James need to be sit and hit across the head with much information that proves immigrants are not illegals, The Media is not be believe and on the correct spelling of words.

    Like what is “disabilitys”?

    And Mark claims he is not Toad Man, what ever he want to claim.

    • We do actually but bigots keep intruding on the peaceful and tolerant society which we in this country all should be able to enjoy.

      So we have to take time out to drive them back into their noisome dens.

      • There you go with the assumptions again, what makes you think all the people you expose for want of a better word, live in noisome dens? I know people in places of authority and living in affluent suburbs with the same views!

    • 641 posts. Each one takes a few minutes to write.

      Sorry – what do you do for work again? Oh that’s right, you sit in a toll booth and toss over softcore porn.

      *Clap clap*

        • So I hate Abos. And I support the EDL and ADL despite them being racist organisations.

          Who cares?

        • Defamation action may be brought, not only against the original publisher (writer/speaker), but also against anyone who takes part in the publication or re-publication of the material. Furthermore, re-publication by someone other than the original writer may result in an action against the original writer as well as the re-publisher.
          In relation to defamatory material published on the Internet:
          Internet users may be sued in relation to material they write/publish themselves, or if they re-publish/distribute material written by someone else. They may also be sued if another person publishes something they wrote, for example, an email published without the writer’s permission on a web site.

        • Go for gold. We’ll be waiting to see if anyone contacted your employer over the long weekend.

          Oh and if you’re NOT Dave Hunt – then what defamation has occurred?

          Catch 22… Read it?

        • Good luck with that one. And we don’t pay for our legal advice. We have lawyers keen to work for us for nothing.

          There’s no defamation involved. Just a blustering bigoted fool trying to bluff his way out of the corner his own stupidity has placed him in.

        • Now if only Davey provided REAL evidence not just his rants regarding Defamation action?

          But hey if he had any balls, he would practice what preaches and take action?

          Unless what he claims, is FALSE?

        • He is pursuing legal action because a pseudonym has been ‘defamed’, despite the fact that the pseudonym has not only brought a reputable company’s name into DISrepute, but also expressed racist opinions while representing a pseudonym.

          All the Dave Hunts in the country are therefore able to join with the employer he (falsely?) stated that he worked for in filing for defamation against him.

          Boy, his brain must be hurting.

        • Yeah, I have read catch 22, surprised you have though. Anyway, we are going around in circles here, and if you are enjoying your little bit of titillation then knock yourselves out. Your closed minds, stereotypical views and categorising of others is all set in concrete with you lot, I am prepared to agree to disagree, but you lot, well I have said all I have to say about you all, especially the fools who think it is funny to post as another person. I will sit on this little lot, as for the EDI aspect, again i say it, I do not exist there and do not work for them, but please if your people feel the need to phone or email then go for it. My boss, i=at the company I work for will be advised that you have taken up arms over a few very mild Facebook comments by a person using a pseudonym, and that they believe he should be roasted for it. I will of course show him the screen shots, as well as these comment pages, as for any action I would not be placing any bets on you getting the outcome you so cravenly want.

          “employer he (falsely?) stated that he worked for”, not true, I checked in at that location on Facebook, never stated I worked for them, I stated I was AT the location.

          Anyway, this has got no more legs so have fun with your campaign, and if one day someone crazy enough to track you down does turn up, then reap what you have sown ok.

          I wish you no harm, but I can’t vouch for all the crazies out there who would, and you know that they are out there, your home page states so. Me, I will take the lessons from this sordid exchange (mostly on your behalf, I haven’t once resorted to any over the top insults, false posts, deleting posts, or general immaturity the admins and other posters have displayed), and work towards exposing you all for what you really are. I am sure it will be a long process but time is plentiful, and i will enjoy the challenge, be assured i will not pursue any vendetta, or tracking down physically, but will utilise resources available to anyone in the public domain, resources including the internet, if I am not successful then so be it.

    • Davey claiming people here including your kind the racists, have nothing better to do is based on facts or “assumptions again”?

      And regarding the “penis” rant have you considered wearing a large condom your head?

      Well if you are going to act like a dickhead, you might as well look like one.

  8. Oh and thanks for blocking me from responding to your outrageous comments on the Dave Hunt thread, good work, don’t like what you hear or read, block them. Lastly Downer EDI will not be interested because I don’t work for them, funny shit you lot smoke lol have a great panties in a knot life.

    • If you do or don’t work for them – who cares?

      See, if you DO work for them, they have a right to know about the shit you post on the public forum.
      And if you DON’T work for them, then your CURRENT employers do not need to worry as you HAVEN’T used their name in the context of your online BS.

      Does this compute? Are you following? Would you like a diagram?

      P.S – you’re not blocked. Some of your comments fell into our spam bin, but were quickly retrieved.

  9. I give a damn because your misguided good deeds are targeting the wrong people in the wrong way, like the war on drugs you go after the low level users and dealers, not the big guns, because you do not have the backbone or resources to do so. If making a mockery of peoples opinions is your forte then bravo, you do a great job, if it is to truly stamp out the things you despise then you are failing, miserably. All there is on all of these “exposes” is insults, innuendo and belittling peoples age, build, work, etc etc, you have become that which you despise, and you can’t see it.

  10. And Davey should remember his own rants would be used as evidence in his own legal action.

    I like the sound of that, Davey own rants being used against him.

      • Calling me a tool, maybe I should take action Davey, but I won’t as unlike I can take it.

        Now stick your head up your own arse and see how full of shit you are.

      • That is the trouble with people like Davey when they lost the plot, they come out with complete nonsense that no one else has written.

      • You’re implying that they are dregs of society. You insert inverted commas to refer to them as custodians of the land. You provide four YouTube clips showing drunken Aborigines and imply that it represents Aboriginal people in general.

        Secondly, you support the EDL and the ADL, both of which are racist organisations. That makes you either racist, or a racism enabler.

        Are you following?

        Dave Hunt

    • Do you have any idea on how to construct a sentence? Why is he my mate all of a sudden, haven’t got a clue who he is.
      As for running away I think he wisely chose not to respond further, make up your own little fantasy as to why.

      • Hey Davey or other names you want to use, I must have an idea on how to construct a sentence, as you replied to me.


        It is you who has trouble understand.


        And that is the trouble with those who know they cannot win the debate, abuse, write false claims, run away and hide and in Davey case come up with the old and boring spelling, grammar and sentence claim.


      • Come don’t lie, Dave he is your friend.

        And he ran away, because he is scare of the truth being pointed out to him.

        Don’t bother replying, as you have proven you got nothing useful to write especially your rants has not been proof read by a child.

  11. “Do you have any idea on how to construct a sentence?” I must know as Davey replied to my sentences many times.

    It is him, he has no idea.

  12. Now back to Mark rants and let Davey or what ever name he wants to call himself, work out where he went wrong, especially not getting a child to proof read his rants, before replying.

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