Frankie Goes To Prison: The Rumjacks

Posted on April 8, 2012 by @ndy


A few days ago (April 5) Frankie McLaughlin, vocalist in Sydney band The Rumjacks, was apparently found guilty at Penrith Court House of assault and was sentenced to 16 months prison. Given that it concerns domestic/family violence, details regarding the case are not publicly accessible.

Last month, The Rumjacks were the first band to be signed to the ABC Music’s new imprint FOUR | FOUR.

ABC Music has always strived to be a very diverse label, with FOUR | FOUR being yet another step in that direction. As Head of ABC Music Robert Patterson says, “In essence, FOUR | FOUR represents music that, at its core, is as simple as a 4/4 time signature… It’s music that moves people in a fundamental way. The imprint’s first signing, The Rumjacks, typifies what FOUR | FOUR is all about – honest music making with a no-nonsense directness and immediacy that connects with the listener from the first moment.”

So yeah. Men assault. Even men who play in punk rock bands. (Previously, a frustrated and “hungry” local punk rocker broke the nose of a 7-Eleven staffer because the victim struggled to understand which pie he wanted.)

Weirdly, word on the virtual street is that a neo-Nazi organiser based in Sydney — himself convicted, in late 2010, of assault and robbery, also at Penrith — celebrated the conviction on a blog titled ‘The Rumjacks Uncovered’. At some point in the last 24 hours, however, the blog has been removed from blogspot (tho’ his other blog, ‘antiantifaaustralia’, remains).

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