Stoner Jack Rutherford Posts Racist Violence Exploits on Facebook

There are several possible explanations for what’s happening here:

1. Jack Rutherford beat up a ‘useless black cunt’ and posted a picture of it on Facebook;

2. Jack Rutherford pretended that he beat up a ‘useless black cunt’ and posted a picture of the set-up on Facebook to be funny, or something;

3. Jack Rutherford and Kayla Cheree Maxfield are shithead racist muppets who should be prevented from procreating with each other or anyone else in the world;

4. Options 2 & 3

5. Options 1 & 3

Jack you dopey scumbag… Enjoy having your illegal activities immortalised forever.


15 thoughts on “Stoner Jack Rutherford Posts Racist Violence Exploits on Facebook

    • Perhaps you would like to subscribe to option no.2?

      But there is no moving on from the blatant racism that is evident in this post, so it will remain immortalised forever. We should be learning not to choose to ‘move on’ and ignore these fuckers.

  1. It is a shame when bogots like this bring ill-repute on other potheads, but as Arj Barker mentioned, at the very least we have Michael Phelps proving what some stoners can achieve.

  2. From what I can see, Jack Rutherford didn’t say a single racist thing. It’s completely unfair to call him a racist. Kayla Maxfield, yes, she said something racist. But Jack Rutherford seemed to just be making a harmless, yet violent, joke. Nothing racist about it.

    • He had the option of removing her racist post. He did not. So he supports what she said.

      Which even disregarding the stupidity of the post makes him as racist as she is.

  3. If you notice on the screenshot, the racist comment was made “a few seconds ago” so he didn’t have the option to remove it unless he had been refreshing the comments every couple of seconds. Who knows, he may have removed it five minutes later, or told her not to say racist things, the screenshot doesn’t show that.

      • As a couple of commenters here have alluded, Jack Rutherford is not necessarily being racist. A douchebag, perhaps. You could argue that the race of the guy in the picture is irrelevant. Kayla Maxfield is the real villain; sure, he didn’t delete her comment, but I feel like using that as the logic to brand him a violent racist is a bit dicey.
        Maybe Jack fully supports her, I dunno (and I wouldn’t be surprised), but judging him by what someone connected to him says is a bit iffy, IMO. I guess one of my concerns is that by overplaying the label of “racist”, in situations when it perhaps doesn’t apply, the label gradually loses its power.

  4. well excuse me you people that have no life get ur facts right i didnt comment on this photo alright mate as if i would, half of my family is aboriginal so suck it

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