Germanic Australian Pushing Nazi Agenda? Not In My Haas!

Remember this arse-hat?

Zeb Haas

If not, lucky you. He won’t be forgotten around here…


What’s a ‘fagna’? Poor old Nazi homophobe!

Haas is a German name. I’m sure most German Australians would appreciate it if Zeb stopped perpetuating the Nazi regime, and I’m sure that most Australians in general would appreciate it if Zeb fell off the edge of the earth, taking his shit-bomb car with him.

31 thoughts on “Germanic Australian Pushing Nazi Agenda? Not In My Haas!

  1. I wish he were stupid enough to pull that Nazi shit in Germany. He’d be arrested faster than he could say “Sieg Heil, Ausländer raus!”

  2. I’m pretty sure his ‘Pops” would have fought against the nazi’s, not the muslims. Unless his “Pops” is in his 40’s and was involved in the 1990 Iraq war?
    Bogots do tend to pop out kids pretty early so it’s entirely possible I suppose that’s there’s less than 20 years between generations.

    • His “Pops” would have been in the Wehrmacht. That doesn’t necessarily make his grandfather a Nazi unless he was in an SS unit.

      And the Wehrmacht didn’t go to war against any Muslims unless they count the Palestinian units of the British Army.

      • His “Pops” was Australian and fought in WW2. Seriously just ignore him, he is sick. Please don’t tag Angela Kello either. She’s not in a relationship with him anymore. His family aren’t bogans either!

        • I think you have too which is sad 😦 We have a great deal of sympathy for you.

          The way he is going, he either listens to you and gets help or he eventually has it imposed on him by an armed TRG unit.

  3. I’m flattered that you mongrel dogs have taken the time to screenshot and stalk me but this personal vendetta you have against me is getting rather old. But that’s ok I’m not easily offended cheers

    • Zeb, you are a lowlife scumball. You dirty the name of all true Aussies, and you deserve every bad thing that ever happens to you. Judging by your attitude, you will never be happy, and I hope you are strong and smart enough to make some positive changes in your life. Grow up, little boy!

    • Zeb, is that really you in those photos? Dark hair, thick eyebrows, hook nose. Don’t go hating on everyone who looks like “sand nigger cunts” becasue if I didn’t know any better I’d say your mum wears a burqa.

      Maybe you’d better take your own advice and “get back on your camel and fuck off to where ever it is you came from.”

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