The (f)art of the bogot

Political cartoons are a ubiquitous form of satire which assists the public to interpret political life (Townsend,McDonald and Edsers)

Each year the National Museum in Canberra holds a cartooning competition for senior primary and junior and senior secondary students from all over Australia entitled Drawing the Lines

You can take a look at the 2010 winners here

You can see from the cartoons that the students, despite their youth, are intelligent enough to have managed to grasp the use of irony and satire behind political cartoons. Even the younger entrants, it seems, can perceive, understand and utilise exaggeration and hyperbole, the tools of political satire, for comic effect.

It’s a shame the bogots cannot

Take a look at how a group of asylum-seeker haters “interprets” the cartoons, blinkers firmly jammed on their  heads.

Dumb bogot1

As well as trying to twist the cartoon’s message to suit their own agenda, they manage to get in digs at the PM and “teh_lefties”.

Take a look in the mirror Ass-seekers (as one of our own wags named this miserable collection of paranoids) and see your real enemy.

Dumb bogot2

Margaret Richards has totally missed the irony in the title of the cartoon while her crony the admin babbles on bizarrely about “socialist indoctrination”.


Dumb bogot3

And we are pretty sure the creator of the cartoon, who’d be 14 or 15, would not be too flattered to be described as a “babe” by some mentally challenged old racist – in either sense of the word.

A pity the haters can’t even leave a worthy site like the NMA educational displays alone.

5 thoughts on “The (f)art of the bogot

    • It’s the ones from New Zealand I’m worried about, Davoe.

      I was in a shop the other day and I saw “jandles” on display. WTF, this is Australia and we call them thongs and I won’t have any foreigner telling me what to cal what I wear on my feet.

      But that’s just the start. The next thing you know we’ll be getting ice for the “chilly bin” and the Australia our fathers fought and died to protect will be lost forever.

      To add insult to injury, they’re also trying to claim ANZAC, don’t they know what the “A” stands for?

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