Anzac Day under threat – from tabloids, shock jocks – and the APP

Remember last year around this time  this Facebook status, cut and pasted from some e mail, was making the rounds? Well here it is again courtesy of the Pathetics.


Ayatollah Dazza then weighs ponderously in to reinforce the rumour, accompanied by ejaculations from his followers.

Darrin Hodges

These fairy tales re-appeared at the same time a report was released regarding the commemoration of the centenary of the Gallipoli landings. And blogger Troy Johnston sets out the real story here

People, people, people … it’s a complete load of BOLLOCKS!

The tabloid media wants you to get your knickers in a twist, because they have decided that, yes indeed, it’s immigrants that are tearing our great nation apart. And these same immigrants are setting there targets on Anzac Day. Those pesky damn immigrants.

What this actually boils down to is that a government commissioned report on the 100 year anniversary of Anzac Day in 2015 – that cost the Australian Taxpayers $370,000 – and it contained the follow statement:

“While the 100th anniversaries are thought to provide some opportunity for creating a greater sense of unity, it is also recognised as a potential area of divisiveness.”

Potential. Not definitely will.

Of course, this statement is absolute nonsense. It is a politically correctly worded statement by bureaucrats for bureaucrats. And anyone with an ounce of commonsense will understand that there is a distinct difference between the real world and bureaucratic paper folding.

And to their credit Ten Network’s The Project sorted the facts from the myths

Anzac Rage

Nothing like a stupid Internet rumour to get the bogots bobbing up and down.


Heathen Scripture demolishes some more myths

And Heathen Scripture’s classic Anzac Day post from last year

ANZAC Day not for faggots and towelheads

23 thoughts on “Anzac Day under threat – from tabloids, shock jocks – and the APP

  1. Far from ANZAK Day being threatened by ‘multiculturals’! It is more likely that it is being over-played by the war-mongering politicians who glorify war to leverage their own careers. We all know they do this at the expense of veterans, who are sick of fighting the US Empire’s wars of aggression and returning home to find most people and their own government don’t give a stuff about their injuries and their PTSD.

    We should not consider ANZAC Day as the ‘founding of our nation’ but as an opportunity to reflect on the pointless barbarity of war. The majority of the now dead veterans of World War I were horrified by war and did not believe they should ever do it again. We should remember what is said on the Cenotaph in Melbourne. They were fighting for the British Empire (not Australia). We should honor those veterans as they would have wanted to be remembered, not as John Howard cunningly arranged it.

    Most historians now believe that Australia should never have engaged in the Vietnam War and it is increasingly apparent that the US wars of choice in Afghanistan and Iraq were never in Australia’s interest to fight and have been a pointless loss of Australian lives. We have nothing to celebrate and everything to be angry about.

    This article creates anxiety about a non-existent threat, not unlike the threat of an attack from Iran. It is bound to get the xenophobes all lathered up about nothing and would sell a lot of hot-air time for the likes of Allan Jones or one or other of Rupert Murdoch’s comics. Good luck, let’s get it over with. Let the “shoot the traitors” mob get over it – it is bollocks!

  2. My grandfather never lived in Australia and whenever he would visit during April we would take him to the ANZAC Day parade and he would cry. Tears in his eyes every time. My grandfather was born in 1917. He lived through both World Wars, the Iranian Revolution and had lived right in the middle of the Iran-Iraq War. War and soldiers are in no way a uniquely Australian (or Kiwi) thing. There is no reason immigrants would want to attack ANZAC Day. This is sensationalist tabloid bullshit. The only thing I worry about every time ANZAC Day comes around is the douchebags who manage to ruin every public holiday or national day with their insane jingoistic crap.

  3. I’m still yet to be convinced how exactly the sacrifice of 9,000 Aussie lives; who were willfully thrown into a meatgrinder by the Brits mind you, helped secure Australia’s future?

    The crumbling Ottoman Turk Empire was a threat to us 12,000km away?

    Jesus, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah… WMDs, “they hate our freedoms”, wipe Israel off the map, etc…

    History repeats; we fail to notice.

    P.S. “Ayatollah Dazza then weighs ponderously in to reinforce the rumour, accompanied by ejaculations from his followers.”

    Absolute gold TAB.

  4. Xenophobia at its best.

    “THEY are threatening OUR day so WE must fight back”.

    Facebook bogans just love to feel unfairly victimized by some implacable, relentless enemy, because it gives them a sense of belonging, solidarity, a sense of body. They love it so much, that they see signs of victimization everywhere.

    The next step, of course, is trying to “fight” this perceived but non-existent oppression by acting as perpetrators themselves. It’s like an eye for an eye, except that the initial act which supposedly provoked retaliation exists only in the mind of the xenophobe.

    Paranoia and delusional thinking is the hallmark of the xenophobe.

  5. dear anti bogans,

    Yet the $370K Anzac report suggests there are currents of change moving in the Anzac centenary planning.

    Big question: how do we want to celebrate Anzac for the next 100 years?

    “Be a bit more imaginative and inclusive” is what i suggest. Let 2015 be a creative boon to the nation and its future generations.

    Frankly the Dawn Service is solemn and boring. As ceremonies and rituals go, it creaks along like an old vet with bad hips.

    What’s more there is a telling critique in the air. Check out: What’s Wrong with Anzac – the Militarisation of Australian History by Marilyn Lake, Henry Reynolds et al (New South Books 2010)

    In Canberra i am part of a citizen initiative rising to the cultural challenge of re imagining Anzac. See

    Check out the excellent vimeo of the last one here:

    Friends, it would be good to have your feedback.

    Graeme Dunstan

      • Hey nick, have you spoken to the diggers about what they think about your party being filled with former fans of Hitler, and current Holocaust deniers? I think that’s something they’d be interested in, don’t you?

        BTW, here’s some question you failed to answer:

        A) How exactly will the APP help the economy? Because all your policies, so far, seem to be “Shout at a brown person until the problem goes away”.

        B)-You have said publically that a large proportion of the show, particularly comments that were racist and anti-white Australia were cut. In particular you stated Sachin Joab was particularly racist in comments that did not make it to screen. Could you please elaborate on these comments, describing what you saw?

        C)-You describe a howard voter as a mad leftie. Who, in this world today, woudl you actually consider a conservative?

        D)-You say you’re fine with immigration if it involves assimilation. What exactly do you mean by that? How does a migrant, from Russia, China, the Middle East, or anywhere else assimilate tothe degree that satisfies you?

        E)-You also say you’re fine with immigration (Which, on it’s own is quite surprising ans you’ve previously said the country is full), if it’s from a compatible culture. Please tell me what makes a culture compatible with Australia, and what makes them incompatbile. Unless it’s just a matter of “White is compatible, all other colours aren’t”-in which case why don’t you ust be honest and say that on national TV?

        • A) By getting rid of non-whites the APP will completely eliminate the Country’s welfare burden because, as we all know, non-white immigrants are only here to sponge off welfare and hardworking whities.

          B) Joab told me I’m stupid and that my position lacked intellect. Surely a non-white should not be allowed to disrespect a whitie like that. I work hard to pay taxes so he can bludge off welfare after all.

          C) Howard supported multiculturalism so, yes, he is a “mad leftie”. I always felt Pauline Hanson was quite a centrist. While she did speak out about Asian immigration she never participated in any cheap media stunts to prove it. Bob Katter is another who needs to do something about his gay brother if he’s to move right of centre.

          D) Act and look just like white people.

          E) A culture which is incompatible with Australia is one which is predominantly (say, greater than 50%) non-white.

        • a) Not true.
          b) Joab isn’t disrespecting you because you’re white. He’s disrespecting you because you are a braindead twat.
          c) Folkes political opinions value = 0
          d) Why?
          e) Says you.

        • MMU-Is this a comment you’ve edited? Or is Nutty Nick upped his crazy to 11?

          A) So, jsut to be clear, you’re saying it is entirely impossible for white people to be on welfare, and impossible for non-whites to have jobs? Wow-all the non-whites I work with, and the white welfare recipients I know of must be using a very good disguise?

          BTW-how will the APP manage our budget when $15bn is taken out of education (You don’t want any international students, because they;re too brown, right? Well, that makes $15bn shortfall you’ll need to make up somewhere)?

          B) You know, if someone insults you, that doesn’t make them racist. You can be an idiot quite irrespective of your skin colour. Or are you honestly telling me that if anyone insults you or disagrees with you for any reason, they’re being racist?
          BTW-he has a job, your taxes are more likely to pay for unemplyoed APP thugs than they are this actor.

          C) What exactly are you suggesting Bob Katter should do with his gay brother? And are you honestly telling me that everyone in the world except for you is either centrist, or left wing?

          D) Okay, so why didn’t you say that when you’ve been on tv or radio. Say “You need to look exactly liek me, and do what I do, or you won’t be allowed to come into Australia”-why didn’t that come out?
          And what, pray tell, are you planning to do to Aborigines? After all, they don’t look or act like you-what’s the APP plan for them?
          BTW-aren’t you married to a Japanese woman? And your brother in law or soemthing is African? What did they have to do to “assimilate” and be accepted by you?

          E) Why? Why are only white peopl compatible, considering we are and have always been a multiracial nation? What is it about a man of chinese descent, whose ancestors have been here for 100+ years that makes them incompatible to Australai, compared to, say, a Russian who has never coem to Australia in his life?
          And, again, if your policy is “White is compatible, all others aren’t”-then why didn’t you say that when you’ve been on tv or radio? Why aren’t you being honest to your voters?

        • Umm, that was me. I did use my own email.

          Funny that I was being as ironic as possible but some people though it was serious…

          Sorry for the confusion.

        • Whoops-sorry Greg.

          I guess, no matter how ironic you get-it’s still possible that Nick could say something as stupid as the above.

      • Nick,

        Maybe Graeme should also ask the diggers what they thought of your cross dressing, media whoring, frat party stunt. I’m sure they’ll be happy to know they have risked their lives so a group of social retards can dress as women in order to gain access to womens toilets.

      • Nicky have you asked the diggers what they think about you and your pissweak group, being connected to Right Wing Nazi’s especially from The UK?

        • Nicky’s question has been on my mind: Have i asked the diggers?

          Which diggers, one has to ask? Which generation of diggers and who amongst them?

          Certainly my Stand Fast digger friends are not objecting.

          Perhaps Nicky means: have i asked the RSL, the controllers of the Anzac liturgy.

          No. T’would be a waste of breath. Even John Howard as PM could not get them to change a word or a note. Besides the RSL does not speak for all diggers. Ask the Viet vets.

          The Australian War Memorial or the Anzac Centenary Committee? Working at it. Not returning calls at this time. Lost in group think. Perseverance furthers.

          But these efforts are done more out of respect and courtesy than need.

          As i understand it, the Anzac Dawn Service begins as a citizen’s initiative not a military one. Mass grief, no bodies and, apart from a bland cold text of a telegram, no support except from the families of the fellow bereaved. In grief mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, children all across this land gathered in shared lament, developed their own liturgies, built their own memorials.

          Then later, for fear that this community grieving might logically turn to condemnation of that war and all wars, the office class seized it, militarised it with marches of veterans, and shifted the emphasis to diggers’ grief for fellow diggers. Their day to remember.

          The trauma of war touches everyone and reaches across generations. Lamenting the human and environmental cost of wars is everyone’s business. We aim to be more inclusive and artful than the RSL in our search for the common ground of lament.

          Understand our efforts as a community service.

          See media statement here:

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