Extremist Musos – be afraid!

Back in the days of our parents and grandparents, rock n’ roll was born. With it came many performers who were seen at the time to be controversial – the young Elvis Presley, Little Richard and our own Johnny O’Keefe are examples which come to mind.

Later on came metal and punk, both similarly seen as shocking and “out there”.

So we were hoping for yet another exciting and cutting-edge music trend when we visited this site.

Would this be the next Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Rotten?

Another Jimi Hendrix doing crazy stunts with the guitar?

New hard-core rap/R&B artists perhaps?

Rather extreme eh?

Extreme musos 1

Sadly it’s yet another dreary bigoted hate site aimed at the usual foaming fanatics dribbling their prejudices.

Extreme musos 2

Extremist musos 3

Extremist musos 4

Extremist musos 5

Afraid we at TAB are sadly disappointed. We’ve never heard of any of these people, their lyrics are pretty piss-poor – and why do they have to post them in CAPITAL LETTERS?

And by the tone of those posts, the ABC’s rage would be an appropriately named place for them.

9 thoughts on “Extremist Musos – be afraid!

      • That and when some one brings up a point or argument that they don’t understand say that they’re ‘overeducated’ or some such.

        Anyone else find it hilarious that a group about ‘taking Australia back’ has only 27 followers? None of whom can use English?

      • Lacking an education is not a crime and nor should people be ridiculed for it. However, the real issue is not that they lack an education, what they appear to lack is any motivation to learn. Communicating well is simply showing your listeners respect.

        • True, Abdul. I just fail to see how and why people need to use text speak on facebook etc. The idea behind text speak was to make sending SMS messages easier and cheaper. Some people need to understand that 99% of fora don’t have a word or character restriction.

          It’s just one of my pet hates. (/soapbox)

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