A tale of two sex offenders

TAB is repulsed by sex offenders. All sex offenders are loathesome individuals who probably should in many cases have longer sentences than are currently given.

Particularly offensive are those who offend against children. And most victims are girls, though boys account for a significant and under-reported number of victims.

Most victims know their assailants and are often in relationships of trust with them. Predators rely on this trust to commit their appalling crimes.

These matters are relevant to what TAB tries to do because they deal with justice for victims. Prosecution of sex crimes often lead to injustices because of the difficulties involved in proving non-consent as well as the intricacies of forensic evidence.

Two stories today about sex offenders. Both committed offences against girls who were 12 and 11 respectively at the time of the offences. Both girls knew their attacker. Both accused were found guilty of the offences which is why we can discuss the matters.

One appealed against  the sentence and won a reduction in the sentence, the other has indicated through his barrister that he might appeal against the sentence.

Named offender

Sex offender

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But – can you spot the difference?

5 thoughts on “A tale of two sex offenders

  1. Isn’t it disgusting that these animals get away with ruining someone’s life, and yet they get such low sentences. (statement, thus no question mark)
    The victims face a life sentence.
    Everyone seems to forget that.
    It’s not just one act. It echoes down the victim’s life from that point forward; affecting everything that person is and does from that point on.
    Every relationship, every nightmare; they are ALL tainted by the incident.
    And don’t get me started on name-suppression. The arseholes choose to commit the act, so why should anyone take into account their ‘reputation’ from that point forward?
    They should be outed, so everyone knows who to protect their family from.
    They should face the full judgement of society once found guilty.
    It’s name suppression like this that makes the damn rock-spiders think it’s okay to do the things they do, safe in the knowledge that even if they are caught, they will get fuck-all gaol-time, and then their name will be suppressed for their own benefit.
    Fuck them. Put their names out there for all to see.
    Just fuck them!

  2. No sex offender should win name suppression rights, who cares about their business, it prevents parents from protecting their children from them. And it denies the victim the basic right to have their perpetrator exposed for their crimes. Social condemnation is true justice. Their life should be ruined by their own deeds, as they have ruined their victim’s life. Perhaps if he is appealing it should not be released until the case is decided in order, after all he must be proved guilty first. But sex offenders should definitely not be protected from public scrutiny simply because they are rich and powerful.

  3. As one with an inkling of how the process works, I must (and it pains me to do this) question this posting.
    Would we prefer to see the vigilante bullshit that has followed after recent sex offenders were released and then hounded from house to house?
    Please don’t mistake my interest in due process as tacit approval for the vile acts committed.
    My point is what hope as a society do we have if we do not give rehabilitation an opportunity ?
    Yes, a large percentage of convicted child sex offenders are recidivists but what do we do?
    If I’ve missed the point ( I do that occasionally ) if like that to be pointed out.

  4. As you stated, Pete, a large percentage of convicted rock-spiders are recidivists, and there are psychological studies that tend to show that paedophilia can’t be treated, or their attraction to children changed to something more wholesome and right.
    We need to draw the line somewhere and decide who is more important, and whose rights we need to protect–the offender or the innocent children.

  5. For some reason this remind me of the Southpark Episode “Cartman Joins NAMBLA”

    The leader of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) says that he learned that America is “about the freedom to be whatever you want to be, be it black, gay, or a pedophile, and that pedophiles cannot choose to be attracted to boys, they’re born that way.”

    Kyle, thoroughly disgusted, retorts, “Dude. You have sex with children!” and Stan adds, “Yeah, you know, we believe in equality for everybody, and tolerance, and all that gay stuff, but dude, fuck you!”

    So I have to say I have very similar feelings with Kyle and Stan on this subject.

    Okay we can suppress your name so you may “get a fair hearing in court”… but hiding this information after you have been found and proven guilty???

    You may go to prison and be considered to be “reformed”, but this doesn’t mean you will be “forgiven”.
    And isn’t “Naming and Shaming” a price these people need to pay, to ensure the community/society knows where these people are? A small price to pay to keep our children safe?

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