Paul Keating: “Racism is a form of sickness…”

“Racism is a form of sickness and when a country starts building policies on race, or racial undertones, then you know you don’t have much of a future…”

The Australian

Paul Keating in The Australian

Rethink Refugees

Rethink refugees

And we will continue to regularly feature the vectors of the racism disease

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Asylum seekers turned off “toxic” Australia

12 thoughts on “Paul Keating: “Racism is a form of sickness…”

  1. “Pathological Altruist Cultural Relativism is a sickness and when a country starts building policies on ignoring the reality cultures in their midst who define Other as less and women subject to Mans determination will spread Terror, as they have clearly in the past and are currently, internal and external, and these countries continue to stick like limpids to Societal self-destruct ‘norms’ which under new circumstances will destroy the country, as they have others in the past, then you know you don’t have much of a future…”

    • Your comments are incoherent.

      Unless you follow basic rules of English expression we will no longer publish your comments.

      TAB is multilingual but no one here understands your posts.

    • “Pathological Altruist Cultural Relativism”

      A phrase invented by extremists to justify their hatred, and infantilise thier opponents. Go ahead-do a google search. Every single comment that will turn up is a far right, anti-immigration, definatley islamaphobic, usually racist blog or web comment. No book, no encyclopedia entry, no figure of note has ever used this term.

      so in that way, it’s like the racist’s version of “bogot” or “Muslamic ray guns” but with added undeserved pretension, and far less likely to roll off your tongue.

    • Evidence or you will be written off as a gibbering moron. I keep hearing all these claims about “it’s happened in the past” but then when I go look it up I see nothing of the sort. Go get yourself that university education you seem to hate so much.

  2. Ah, the dead have risen.

    Paul ‘Banana Republic’ Keating comments on race or anything for that matter are worthless. Keating almost destroyed this nation economically. His mismanagement sent interest rates to over 20% for business loans and mortgage rates went up to 19.5%.

    Keating’s comments aren’t worth a bedpan of piss.

    • Good point Nick. Now, how exactly will the APP help the economy? Because all your policies, so far, seem to be “Shout at a brown person until the problem goes away”.

      BTW, since you’ve been on Insight you’ve raised some points I’d like to ask about:

      A)-You have said publically that a large proportion of the show, particularly comments that were racist and anti-white Australia were cut. In particular you stated Sachin Joab was particularly racist in comments that did not make it to screen. Could you please elaborate on these comments, describing what you saw?

      B)-You describe a howard voter as a mad leftie. Who, in this world today, woudl you actually consider a conservative?

      C)-You say you’re fine with immigration if it involves assimilation. What exactly do you mean by that? How does a migrant, from Russia, China, the Middle East, or anywhere else assimilate tothe degree that satisfies you?

      D)-You also say you’re fine with immigration (Which, on it’s own is quite surprising ans you’ve previously said the country is full), if it’s from a compatible culture. Please tell me what makes a culture compatible with Australia, and what makes them incompatbile. Unless it’s just a matter of “White is compatible, all other colours aren’t”-in which case why don’t you ust be honest and say that on national TV?

      • As one of the TAB admins who attended the recording, I’d also be very interested to hear the answer to JM’s question A. I certainly have no recollection of any such unaired comments by Sachin.

        I do recall a few times when Nick Folkes had to be asked to be quiet, and to stop going off topic. And how he shook his vacant little head throughout the entire show.

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