The Australian Defence Force Continues To Produce Racist Scum of the Earth

This piece of shit Australian Defence Force representative is a national embarrassment. How can we possibly continue to justify our presence in Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East when time after time, hate-filled racist oxygen-thieves bring the entire ADF reputation into question?

In Afghanistan, as I understand it, the majority of the work of the ADF nowadays is in peace-keeping and re-building, with combat with insurgents less of a focus. But this S-bend blockage of a human has no issues posting pictures of Afghan children and publicly calling them ‘little afganie (sic) fuck heads’, and all that and more for the adult Afghan citizens.

Add that to his sickening public Facebook profile with some racist ‘jokes’, references to ‘niggers’, photos of him being drunk from drinking Jim Beam and of course the trademark black suit/black shirt/coloured tie/heavily gelled hair combo that’s synonymous with bogan fucktards, and we’ve got yet another antibogan post that not one media outlet in Australia give two shits about.

Shame, shame, shame Chris Woodson. There are so many good men and women in our defence forces and you put shit on them with your disrespectful, shit-for-brains ways.

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    • We shouldn’t be “representing” ourselves overseas, period.

      The ANZUS treaty is tantamount to national extortion and the fact that a majority of Australians are still fine with Aussie lives being thrown into the meat grinder to help American monopolise energy reserves is far more sickening than any bogan’s lame-ass jabs at Afghans and “Muslamic” people.

      We need to stop thinking in small potatoes; racism is an issue but our sovereignty and sanctity as a nation state is above all else far more important to every single Australian; Anglo or not.

    • All you people abusing this hero of australia are gutless and worthless individuals which need your head kicked in…. You have no guts or glory but sit behind your computer abusing these heros that you will never ever be like like even in your cyber life!!! Grow some balls you little bitches and join the ADF and put your life on the line like this bloody great human which deserves more then little cock munchers like you abusing him… I bet if you said any of this face to face with any ADF person you would have your mouth shut fullstop!!!! You are worthless scum not even at the same level as these terrorist killing our aussie troops you are worse!!!! So on that note I hope that you all shut the fuck up and leave our troops alone, you have no right in any life to put our troops careers on the line by being a lazy fat computer fuck wit with no brains on the situation… And if any of you want the experience of bullets passing by your head of even your close mates dying around you let me know and contact me and I can organize something for ya!!

    • I agree send to Defence, not good enough. I think though the language you are using about him is a bit rough and lowers us to his level.

      • Apologies if the language offends you, but we’ve never said we were above these people when it comes to expressing our hatred – but at least our hatred is justified.

  1. Although I agree that his comments are not what we would want to hear from our ADF members, personally, I would be very hesitant to make any comment or judgement until I fully understood what he has been through while serving in Afghanistan. He could be suffering from a number of different traumas or psychological problems caused by serving in a war zone. We have a very close friend who is on his way to serve his 3rd tour of Afghanistan and he has often said that people who have never experienced that environment can never understand what they fully go through, both physically and emotionally. I agree with Michele about the language but you probably already know that. Doesn’t do much to strengthen your point of view MMU, makes you look quite juvenile actually!

    • That doesn’t look like someone with PTSD to me, that looks like a smartarse.

      We’ve had a few service personnel mouth off in a similar fashion who have never been in a war zone.

    • Lol. This bogot has probably never served in any kind of front-line deployment.

      Then again, even the SAS blokes on the RAR Buddies Facebook group sounded exactly the same as any half-wit reservist would.

      I think it’s high time to come to accept the conclusion that the entire ADF actively fosters and promotes this kind of low-brow, incendiary xenophobia and hatred of women, foreigners, and liberalism because otherwise; if these scumbags actually had a conscience they wouldn’t be serving in the first place.

      • What a stupid and disrespectful statement. Are you implying that no one in the defence force has a conscience? What a joke! Go back to fantasy land if you believe that the ADF has no part to play in the future of our nation.

      • AASM, Afghanistan Medal, NATO medal. He’s served.

        SASR blokes on the buddies page? I’m on the buddies page and I’ve got only the vaguest idea of who was in the Regiment and who wasn’t. How did you managed to work out who was who with the sub 0.0001% of the page that was published?

        Half wit reservists? Nice generalisation.

        Black humour, look it up, if you’ve never been there or done that, you’ll never understand.

      • @spiro i think your no different from Any racist or bigot from the beginning of time if your going to label all ADF members! Every organisation has idiots that will stuff up! This guys behaviour is unacceptable but I have family members in the defence who are good people!

        • I can see either an ASM or an AASM. That means he turned up to active service. It doesn’t indicate which theatre or what he did.

          I’ll be generous and say the middle medal is the Interfet one. The bronze medal with the blue and white ribbon is probably a service medal of some sort.

          Just about every serviceman or woman gets these even if they pilot a desk.

          A relative of mine in the British Army piloted a desk in Cairo during WWII. He was awarded the Africa Star.

        • AASM,
          2nd Medal is Afghanistan Campaign Medal
          3rd – NATO Medal

          So yeah definitely Chris has been in Afghanistan & served or just turned up to active duty,
          I’m happy to think that Chris actually went to the front line, yet his comments & attitude towards kids is inexcusable.

          Because as part of Military training, to be able to kill another human at command it is necessary to dehumanise the enemy & that is part of the training. The same training also emphasise on minimising civilian casualties which includes not shooting kids.

          So unless Chris was absent at that class but passed the “shoot to kill” class???

          Am I the only person that isn’t shocked that a soldier is racist & sexist??? 😐

    • I personally know this soldier. He is brave and courageous. And you don’t have any idea what he has been through bear in mind these posts are from 2010!!! A lot can happen over that time period, sure his choice of words are not smart and do not reflect him the way he is.

      • …his choice of words are not smart


        do not reflect him the way he is.

        All we have are his appalling Facebook comments, including the one where he makes a joke about people using helplines because they are contemplating suicide – but I bet that his comrades will be bearing the brunt of his immaturity and stupidity. Think about it.

        • I think the way he has been portrayed is disgusting and disrespectful. If I didn’t have so much respect for myself I’d surely use other words. May I repeat this stuff is from2010! Grow up!!!! Again you musten know what he has seen or felt or how he has dealed with it, we all make mistakes. It’s called the looking glass self aswel, we portray our selves in ways in which we want others to see us! Maybe in 2010, he thought the people he was surrounded by may like this but maybe now he has become smarter and matured he is a male after all. But no one would know because only old posts have been reposted. Don’t single out one person,

  2. Even so, can you be sure? Also I think the title of the post is very unfair on the ADF. I doubt that they “produce” racists. I think that racists within the Defence Force would be predisposed to that way of thinking and if anything the ADF would do all they can to try an educate their members to be more open minded and understanding of all races. The ADF has a true cross section of people from our society and, yes, there will be “bad apples” amongst them but it is extremely unfair to say it’s the ADF’s fault and that is what the title suggests.

    • The ADF has some responsibility over the training and education of its recruits in many areas – including the social and ethical responsibilities they have when working with people from other cultures. They should also be assisting in the education of people like Chris in regards to the circumstances that have forced people into various worldwide scenarios. The ADF doesn’t appear to do nearly enough of this. It also doesn’t adequately monitor its recruits’ behaviour beyond the base as it damn well should as these are our most high profile national representatives.

      • The title suggests a lot more culpability than, “some responsibility”. It suggests that the ADF is to blame and responsible for all it’s members attitudes and the way they express them on social media. Would it not be more prudent to point out that it’s possible, especially in such a large organisation, for a minority of members to hold views that the ADF does not condone. In fact, rather than instantly condemning would it not be better to suggest that education is still needed within the ADF to end these incidences. Especially for members that have served in the middle east. As I said before, you don’t know what this guy has seen or been through so for all you know he may need help.

        • By that rationale, Gama, we shouldn’t judge anyone we see on here because we have no idea what they may or may not have gone through. But aren’t we all responsible for our actions?

        • Correct Tazz. We are all responsible for our own actions, therefore, with any luck Chris where will have a rude awakening very soon.
          Has anyone sent this to the ADF Chiefs yet?

        • That’s ridiculous. What I have said is that the pressure of serving in a war zone is something that you cannot judge unless you’ve been there and that probably needs to be considered when judging this guy. He has done the wrong thing. I’m sure that senior members of the ADF would be disgusted but it might not be as simple as he’s a racist “piece of shit”! Also the “ADF ‘produces’ racist scum of the earth”, is extremely unfair. That is suggesting that the ADF has promoted or reinforced this guy’s views and that would not be the case at all.

        • And how do you know they did? You’re the one making the assumptions here so the onus is on you to provide some kind of proof to back it up. Come on MMU, you’re the one who’s always after facts so produce some here to show evidence that the ADF “produced” Chris’s racist behaviour.

        • GAMA,

          I find it very hard to believe that PTSD can cause an otherwise normal person to suddenly hold racist views.

          Contrary to popular view, PTSD does not usually cause massive changes in worldview, even if it can cause anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares and other manifestation of psychological stress.

          My own husband has served as a medical corps officer in a war zone (Iraq) and although he suffered a fair amount of trauma as a result of that, and says precisely the same thing about war as your friend (“you can’t know what it’s like unless you’ve been there”), he has never to my knowledge, held racist views.

          There are racist people in the armed forces of every country, as there are racist people in nearly all civilian populations. These people are responsible for their racism and must be held to account for their actions.

          At the end of the day, even being in a war zone is no more than ONE bad experience. Unless you are prepared to contend that there is no experience in the world worse than being deployed in a war zone, and that that experience stands in a class by itself, there is no reason that this soldier should be treated differently from people who claim that their personal experiences somehow justify derogatory statements against entire groups, even against little children who haven’t done anyone any harm whatsoever,

        • You misjudge that I am condoning his comments or behaviour, I’m not, but what I am saying is that the extreme circumstances in which he found himself could be a determining factor in his views. From what I’ve been told it is not hard to imagine that he can think derogatorily about people who he’s seen as a constant threat. That includes children because in Afghanistan they can be just as big a threat as adults. My objection is to the assumptions made by TAB in this post without there being any understanding for what could be a much deeper issue.

        • This guy is a racist, and therefore he attracts our scorn. Why have you not questioned the factors contributing to the 629 other posts at our blog? Taken a look at some of the more disgusting Nazi pages at our blog?


        • All stories MMU. Show one piece of ADF policy, one quote from a commander, senior officer or instructor supporting racist views. When I’m at my computer tomorrow I will be able to do the same thing and post links to positive stories about how the ADF is combatting racism so that is hardly proof.

        • It’s not coming from directives from the ADF, it’s the lack of action from the ADF that allows the rot to continue. Some quotes from the articles posted:

          “Smith publicly criticised Commodore Bruce Kafer, the commandant of ADFA, for allowing a separate disciplinary investigation into Kate to continue while her claims of sexual misconduct were investigated.”

          “…as it became known, along with a slew of other reports to do with allegations of abuse within the Australian Defence Force and the ADF’s treatment of women.”

          “…instead of the possibility of a royal commission into the 775 ”plausible allegations of abuse” people have suffered within the ADF over several decades, the story has become…”

          “…Australia did not escape unsullied from that scandal, with accusations of cover ups after Defence personnel denied knowing about the prisoner abuse when it turned out they did.”

          “Within the ADF there have been reports and allegations of torture, of putting Muslims in dog pens, of soldiers dressing as KKK members, of posing for trophy pics and carrying out torture in East Timor. Sex scandals, and cover ups, drug scandals, and more cover ups.”

          “One element of it is about solidarity or bonding. One of the key things about armed force soldiers is a sense of identity as a cohesive unit, and one of the ways that soldiers do that on the ground is to have a very stereotypical and pejorative representation of the people they’re warring against.”

          “It dehumanises the enemy. It desensitises soldiers from the practice of killing and attacking people. It reestablishes a strong sense of ‘we’re a bunch of guys working together to overcome this threat’.”

          “The actual training in the military, the way soldiers are trained primes them for this sort of activity. You don’t have courses on how to take photos of conquests, but it’s explicit in the way they are taught to bond together to create a coherent identity against the ‘other’. That starts from day one in terms of training. It’s constantly reified.”

          “They love the camaraderie, the mateship, but there’s a dark side to that mateship, that’s why you get suicides and bullying, if you don’t conform you get humiliated, ostracised.”

          “…Defence Force chiefs have promised to take action against any current soldiers implicated in the abuse. But victims of past cases of online discrimination don’t take that promise seriously.”

          “The condemnation from Defence Force bosses was swift. But threats of action have achieved little so far.”

          “Last year, more than 30 ADF members were caught up in a vicious page directed at homosexual soldiers.”

          “If the Army had responded appropriately when this Facebook issue emerged 22 months ago then it is unlikely that this subsequent Facebook would have been set up and members who were contributing to it privately may not have continued their homophobic, racist and sexist abuse if the Army had responded adequately.”

          “The Army’s response in that case appears contradictory. It’s told us in a statement that administrative action was taken against those involved through a written warning. But 7.30’s obtained the letter sent to Lieutenant Colonel Morgan by Army investigators which states there was, “… insufficient evidence to take administrative action.””

          “…group, which has more than 1,000 former and serving members of the Royal Australian Regiment, is extremely busy and acts as an online meeting place where racist, sexist and abusive views are shared.”

          “Naomi Brookes spent a year at the Defence Force Academy before deciding it was not the place for her. She says the site’s content does not come as a surprise. “No, I wasn’t shocked at all, because I’ve heard it all before and it’s pretty commonplace,” she said.”

          “…says the behaviour online begs the question as to what kind of men the Australian military is turning out.”

          “I also think there’s probably systemic ignoring of this kind of behaviour – guys will be guys, just ignore it as long as they get the job done,” she said.”

          “The incident is the thin edge of the wedge and reflects a much bigger concern: the relationship between the civil and military worlds.”

          “Of particular interest is the review into sexual and other forms of abuse in the ADF, which includes more than 1000 claims, some going back 40 years.”

          “…the Australia Defence Association recently issued a press release that highlighted the military’s inclination to minimise responsibility for impropriety. The press release presents a key plank of the defence neutralisation strategy: that there is no systemic cultural issue underlying military impropriety. The military, it is argued, is simply representative of broader Australian society, or human nature in general.”

          “In reality, there is no truly independent, non-partisan, community-minded public interest organisation commenting on defence matters.”

          “But we should as a community continue to hold our focus on the obligations of the military command.”

          “There is a long and consistent account of soldier’s behaving badly. Since 1970 we have been exposed to bullying, radical initiation ceremonies, sex, drug and alcohol scandals, and racism.”

          “Sexual adventure, binge drinking, and other bizarre rituals of bonding shaped our daily grind. Scaffold that with the state-sanctioned capacity for violence. One becomes ten foot tall and bullet proof. All at about 19 or 20 years old. In later years, as a military police Corporal I saw the way this infantile behaviour panned out across the Army. Now I research it as an academic.”

          Where are the training initiatives into cultural sensitivity? Where is it written that the ADF invests in counseling for those who have been guilty of sexual abuse, racial and religious discrimination, homophobic bullying and physical aggression towards fellow ADF recruits?

          Does the ADF have a responsibility over the behaviour of its recruits? The answer is a resounding YES, as these are our most important, and observable national representatives. Can it be shown anywhere that the ADF is working to stamp out all of these problems? Can it be seen that ADF hierarchy are taking a zero-tolerance approach to those that offend and re-offend? Finally, can it be said that there is a genuine desire anywhere within the ADF heirarchy to change the social mindset from one of schoolyard ‘pick on anyone different to feel bigger’? Who cares really, if these boys are following their more important orders?

          GAMA, you need to note that within our post we said this:

          “How can we possibly continue to justify our presence in Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East when time after time, hate-filled racist oxygen-thieves bring the entire ADF reputation into question?”

          Are you willing to deny that time after time the ADF has failed to prevent hate crimes from occurring within its ranks? And after reading about the issue, are you prepared to say that the ADF hasn’t on many many occasions either engaged in cover-up and/or lip service tactics?

          We also said this:

          “There are so many good men and women in our defence forces and you put shit on them with your disrespectful, shit-for-brains ways.”

          This is the crux of the issue. The ADF cares little for the reputations of those actually serving. Time after time, scandal after scandal, ADF heirarchy have tried to distance themselves from its soldiers, citing ‘a few bad apples’. Surely the ADF could begin to fix this problem by making example of those bad apples and kicking them out. But how often do you read those stories?

          Saying you’re combating racism without actually funding education programs for soldiers, making examples of those who repeatedly offend, properly investigating allegations of hate-crimes and sexual abuse/physical bullying, passing the buck, making excuses, keeping investigation outcomes private – hardly combating racism.

          You can find examples all you want about ADF hierarchy opposing discrimination and bullying. But find me some evidence that they’re actually doing something, actually giving a rats arse – and then some evidence that such action is achieving an improvement or an end to the bullshit, and then you will have proved a point, GAMA. Because you said “…suggesting that the ADF has promoted or reinforced this guy’s views and that would not be the case at all.”

          Finally, the best piece of evidence you can possibly stumble across to support your point may even come from our website:

        • I didn’t say you were condoning his behavior.

          There are always reasons.

          Racist people aren’t usually just “evil”. There always tends to be some factor or experience which underpins all that hatred. There is always some deep reason which causes them to behave in that way.

          Many rapists and murderers have very trouble pasts, truly horrible experiences. Does this make their act any less reprehensible? Does this mean that we should not be harsh in our condemnation of murderers without knowing all the factors which led them to that path?


          Some acts are reprehensible in themselves. Understanding the deeper issues is the key to long term solutions, but that is not what this website aims to provide.
          And that is perfectly alright.

          As much as we need to understand these issues, we also need to condemn the acts themselves, in the strongest possible terms, and make sure that the full brunt of social censure is directed against them, make sure that no one gets the idea that being racist and holding discriminatory attitudes is somehow acceptable within larger Australian culture. TAB helps to that end and I think that is all to the good.

        • I don’t think I ever suggested that racism and sexism is not a problem within the ADF, in fact it is just as much a problem as it is within society however my point about refuting that the ADF is producing racists is still poignant.

          “It has also led to two widespread but mistaken public assumptions.

          First, that the ADF is somehow much different, or should be morally and culturally perfect, compared to the rest of Australia, despite it being disproportionately full of young Australians.

          Second, that the force’s problems are systemic in nature and the product of a supposedly institutionalised and dysfunctional culture, despite every independent inquiry into incidents of ADF misbehaviour concluding the opposite.

          Bad or criminal behaviour in our defence force cannot be totally avoided, just as it cannot be totally stamped out in Australia generally.
          But it does occur at markedly lower rates in the ADF than in society at large and in most, perhaps all, other professions and industries.

          For example, Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, has noted that rates of sexual harassment (and particularly sexual assault) at ADFA are much lower by orders of magnitude than those occurring in Australia’s civil universities and TAFEs. And that she is unable to quantify the difference in detail only because the civil tertiary institutions keep such inadequate records and are not as transparent and publicly accountable as our defence force.”

        • The ADF, the Army and terrible groups like RAR Buddies are obviously terribly racist, oh wait, the buddies page has dozens of Aboriginal, Islander, Maori and Asian members including one of the admins, with a good percentage of the members living overseas and married to women from dozens of different races.

          But continue looking from the outside in, you’ll get a slanted view and you can believe what you want.

          I’ll temper that with the fact that there are racists in the ADF, as there are also racists working for BHP, Woolworths, Qantas, Orica, Wesfarmers, the Australian Public Service and every other large organisation that employs large numbers of people. But to suggest that it is condoned and promoted at the highest levels is retarded and anyone who thinks that is the case needs to remove their head from their arse and get a bit of oxygen.

        • The difference between the ADF and the local supermarket is:

          1. Employees of Woolies and the rest represent only themselves and are paid by a company. They may wear corporate colours while at work but members of the ADF wear their country’s uniform and represent us when on deployment. We also pay their salaries and entitlements.

          We do not want to be represented by racists and bigots. We do not want them at our local supermarket either, but the ADF is our front line of defence. The supermarket is not.

          2. Racists and bigots are not good soldiers. They are literally loose cannons, a danger to their comrades and a potentially unstable and disruptive influence in an organisation where cohesion is required.

          3. There is some evidence that some senior officers have either turned a blind eye to a toxic culture or have actively encouraged such a culture.

          We also know that the vast majority of ADF personnel are not racist or bigoted. But you only need a small number to spread the poison.

        • How do you know that racists and bigots are not good soldiers? What evidence do you have to suggest that? Our first and second AIF soldiers were incredibly racist and bigoted, yet they are considered some of the best warriors that were ever assembled.

          You think that A type personalities are easily influenced, that the minority will poison the majority? You’re wrong.

          These people go to other countries, they learn their language, they help them, they play footy with the kids, they put them selves between them and the people that would do them harm. They also have some of the darkest senses of humour you will ever come across and it’s often used to deal with some of the terrible shit that they have seen.

          The young bloke might be a first class bogan, he’s also got a pretty average set of communication skills, but he has been outside the wire and put himself between good and bad. Until you’ve done it, you will never understand him and he won’t care if you judge him. Rant away.

        • How do you know that racists and bigots are not good soldiers?

          Their psychological makeup would preclude that. Read the literature.

          Our first and second AIF soldiers were incredibly racist and bigoted, yet they are considered some of the best warriors that were ever assembled.

          Don’t generalise. Some would have been, the general population was, more so than today, but we all know better now. Any Australian soldier who went into the concentration camps to liberate them would have soon had the blinkers stripped away.

          They also have some of the darkest senses of humour…

          So do we – you have to when you deal with the dregs of civil society. As we do. We expect service people to be better than the dregs.

          And how do you know we haven’t been there and done that? You do make a lot of sweeping generalisations – something which is a mistake if you are a serving soldier on active duty. Or didn’t you listen to that bit in your training?

        • You’re onto it GAMA.
          I’ll make another generalisation, if you’d been there and done that, you’d know. Even if you didn’t agree, you’d be in a very small minority (with the likes of Dr Ben Wadham) who would go as far as to condemn a bloke who had been outside the wire.

      • PC BS from another leftist retard.

        These blokes could be shot dead or grievously injured at any second, do you think they give a flying….. about being culturally sensitive?

  3. Don’t be so hard on the guy – it must be terrible to be in Afghanistan and see all that horrible shit.

    Making jokes about people who are trying to kill you is hardly a cardinal sin.

    • And were those little kids trying to kill him?

      I object to sending immature infantile loose cannons to other countries wearing our uniform and supposedly representing us then trashing it with this sort of behaviour.

      Other soldiers can serve overseas, come home and NOT be racist, bigoted knobs. His behaviour is his responsibility.

      If he has a problem like PTSD, the Army has a duty to assist him.

      • You must obviously know him to have all this information and going back through it. Has he done something I hurt you?
        It’s not right to personally attack someone on this, if you don’t know him than shame on you!!!!!
        You’d find by referring to them as shit heads, may not be your sense of humor nor mine, but I am sure he wouldn’t be horrible to any child.

    • it must be terrible to be in Afghanistan

      Yes, I feel so sorry for conscripts like him who had to go through the…oh wait…he’s not a conscript! Surprise!

      He volunteered for this, right? It’s not like he HAD to go.

      Making jokes about people who are trying to kill you is hardly a cardinal sin

      Except, as MMU has pointed out, these children weren’t exactly trying to kill him. Nor are most Afghans particularly eager to kill random Australian soldiers.

      He can joke about the terrorists all he wants.

      Denigrating entire groups of people and classing them as terrorists is simply unacceptable, coming from anyone. It is doubly unacceptable from someone who directly represents Australia abroad.

      • He is doing what his government has hold him to do. He did not put himself in Afghanistan his government put him there. He is serving his country, putting his life at risk and making a huge commitment to protect us. Whether you believe in the wars or not, you have no right to belittle his choice to serve his country.

        • his government put him there


          How did his government put him there?

          Did they force him to join the army?

          Was it not a choice he made?

          Was he not aware of the risks of joining?

          Whether you believe in the wars or not, you have no right to belittle his choice to serve his country.

          1. I do have that right.

          2. I did not exercise that right.

          Not sure what part you saw as “belittling” his service.

        • They serve where their government tells them to serve and they sacrifice. Our very close friend who is two weeks out from his 3rd tour missed the birth of his son on his 2nd tour and will miss the birth of his daughter on this tour. Have you ever made that kind of sacrifice? Before you go on about how he knew what he was doing when he joined, so what. He is going because he is a specialist and he believes it is the right thing to do, not only to serve his country but to help the Afghan people. This post has tarred the ADF with being a racist producing organisation and when I see the kind of commitment our friend and his fellow service people have then that kind of labelling makes me sick.
          As for the belittling, that crap about conscripts was certainly belittling. You back up MMU like a blind sheep even though it is blatantly obvious that the above post does more than just single out one misguided fool, it degrades an organisation with some of the most outstanding members of our society.

        • And we have…ad hominem! Truly the last resort of the ideologue.

          Is this what you feel compelled to descend to?

          Did I deny that soldiers sacrifice?

          Pray do not feed me sentimental tripe about soldiers and their sacrifices. As I have stated, I am married to one and am well aware of the sacrifices they make. I am also well aware, as you seem not to be, that the motive for this sacrifice is not usually an intense surge of patriotism. The motive is generally economic or otherwise personal. If you do not believe me, please ask this famous friend of yours.

          We all make sacrifices. If not for our country, then for our family, our children, the people who need us the most.

          The war that Australia fights in Afghanistan is not a war of patriotic aggression, nor is it a defense of Australia itself. It is a war of political expediency, and all the tears we shed over the undoubtedly brave men and women who serve in our armed forces do not change that fundamental fact.

          I do not see how fighting a foreign war in a foreign nation, and being part of an invasion that has innocent blood on its hands helps our country. I do not see the patriotism in this.

          Let me reiterate:

          It would be foolish as well as exceedingly unfair to say that soldiers are not brave, or that they do not make sacrifices for the nation.

          It is just as foolish to deny that none of these sacrifices tangibly help Australia in any way.

          When our countrymen and countrywomen die on foreign shores, it is not our job merely to honor what they did and then send more to die after them. It is also our duty to ask – WHY? Why should more Australians die? Why should we have more brave sacrifices, which achieve nothing at all? Why have people make these sacrifices, why have families destroyed, why have all this blood on our hands?

          A soldier cannot question orders, but we are not soldiers. As a citizen of Australia, we have every right to question those orders, and to question whether carrying them out would truly serve Australia.

          In this scenario, a soldier serves the nation only in the most abstract, Athenian sense. And in the same abstract, Athenian sense, everyone who is employed serves our nation by simply carrying out our roles, whatever they may be.

          Your viewpoint is not “blatantly obvious”. It is your OPINION, and not an inch more than that. I find this mis-statement exceedingly arrogant.

          As it happens, I do not agree with your opinion-that-is-not-blatantly-obvious, nor does MMU. This does not make me a “blind sheep”. This makes us three adults, two of whom agree on a particular issue.

          Is this not, dare I say it, blatantly obvious?

          And now, if you please, we have veered far enough off course of the topic to have to dip in the Mississippi river.
          I will agree to disagree and unilaterally end this argument before it further descends to name calling.

        • He had a choice to join the army. He also has a choice to question the orders his Government gives him as he is a citizen of a democratic country that does not push conscription.

          But don’t let that get in the way of your mindless ranting.

          By the look of him, and by the evidence of his bigotry, I’m guessing he didn’t have many other life options. You do realise that you don’t need decent school results to get into the army, right?

          What an opportunity for so many high-school dropouts and unintelligent rednecks.

        • I have discussed with him and other members of the defence force why they serve and yes, there is a certain amount of economic motivation but anyone who has a job has economic motivation. Overwhelmingly though I have found that the main reason they serve is to make a difference and to be a part of something that has such a strong and meaningful history. Never let it be forgotten that not only do our servicemen and women serve in war zones where our government send them but they are the first called upon to help in disaster relief such as we have seen in the QLD floods and Asian tsunami. If your issue is about their participation in the war in Afghanistan then your complaint is against successive governments both Liberal and Labor, not against the service personnel of the ADF. I agree that our troops should not be fighting wars based on lies and US greed but I certainly I do not hold those personnel responsible.

          “There are so many good men and women in our defence forces and you put shit on them with your disrespectful, shit-for-brains ways.”

          If this is what MMU believes why suggest that the ADF “produced” Chris? Why not point out that Chris has his views despite the majority of beliefs held by the “many good men and women in our defence forces”?

  4. The argument in the comments here seems to be aimed at the suggestion that he has PTSD, which I find highly unlikely. Although never having been diagnosed with PTSD myself; I have seen it, and am educated on the psychological aspects of the condition.

    It’s very odd for someone with PTSD to all of a sudden hold such bigoted racist views. His racism goes deep, but he obviously has nary a clue as to why he hates Afghan people. His comments show us that he subscribes to the stereotype of Afghan people being those who wear turbans and blow up things; which is completely illegitimate and just plain stupid. It would seem obvious that his views have not been caused *by* his combat experience, otherwise it would most probably at least be a little more precise, especially the comments towards children (blatant comments about “niggers” doesn’t seem all that Afghan-based, although I could be wrong).

    Soldiers who experience war-time are some of the bravest people I know; I can only imagine how horrible it must be being so far away from the comfort of home, let alone the nation you are serving. I simply find it so stunning that someone who has the ultimate goal of re-establishing peace and order for the Afghan peoples could remain so utterly wrong about how the people he protects behaves. It’s bad enough if he feels that the nation’s people he’s in are inferior to his own race; let alone the shit-for-brains way he talks about them.

    This particular soldier made a rational, adult decision to join the military. This decision has been questioned many a time by the ADF throughout his training, but he has still affirmed. There are also credited psychological programs in place to detect people with PTSD or other disorders that may inhibit their combat performance; which is their ultimate service offered *by them* to their government. Unfortunately we are unable to tell straight up if a recruit an ignorant bastard beforehand. He knew what he was getting himself into; no question. Soldiers must realise that joining the military as a professional soldier will result in combat experience, along with all the horrible things it comes with *before* they are even able to serve. Surely the reality of this can be far too much for many people; but we have systems and structures in place to support people with these problems, which he also made a ‘joke’ about (his comment about Lifeline is one which particularly disgusts me; having needing to use and financially supporting the service the service myself frequently through my mental illnesses which still exist).

    MMU did not, to me anyway, imply that the ADF was full of dick-bags like this particular soldier. In fact MMU even stated otherwise: “There are so many good men and women in our defence forces and you put shit on them with your disrespectful, shit-for-brains ways.” In no way am I also less respectful of the sacrifice of soldiers who have served our nation because of this idiot; but that doesn’t mean I have to like him or his politics.

  5. Despite the somewhat pseudo-intellectual tone of the discussion here it is unfortunate that simple facts are overlooked. War is the perfect breeding ground for racism because it inevitably means the collision of ideas, people and nations, usually diametrically opposed. Veterans hate their enemies because they are conditioned to destroy them. Simple soldiers are not told to love the enemy, they are trained in the methods and beliefs that will enable them to kill people they don’t know without the hesitation that could mean their own death and to support one another in doing so. It is the sick necessity of waging war that creates racism in the ADF, an inevitable bi-product of operations like some kind of environmental pollutant arising from an industrial process. Sad but true.

  6. I have PTSD, I served in Afghanistan as well as other operational deployments. I was a Infantry soldier on the front line.

    I do not consider myself a racist at all, I have no hatred for the Afghan people, or any others for that matter.

    I see Chris’s ridiculous rant and I wonder why he has carried on like this. From his photos I do not see any evidence of him being a combat soldier, he may be a supporting element. From an infantrymans point of view, I look at the ‘supporting soldiers’ as second rate soldiers. Most, if not all, Infantry soldiers hold this view. It’s similar to rivalry seen in sporting teams, infantry soldiers see themselves as ‘better’ than non combatants.

    During treatment of my PTSD I have had interaction with fellow veterans and health professionals. A question that is asked by veterans is ‘why do I have PTSD?’ There is some really strong negative emotions experienced with PTSD, shame and guilt being some of the strongest.

    It was explained to me that the experience of war caused damage to my core beliefs, I feel ‘dirty’ for the experience. It went against many of my deeply ingrained thoughts and beliefs, some that have been formed since childhood.

    Back on topic, does the ADF promote racism? In my experience, no. Before my deployments we had cultural awareness courses, before I went to Afghanistan we had an Imam have a chat to us about differences in Afghanistan. He explained the way to act as to not to cause offence to the Afghan people, it was like a Lonely Planet guide of behaviour as to endear ourselves to the people .

    Do you need to be racist to fight? Once again, in my experience, no. When soldiers are being trained for war the hardest thing to prepare them for is to kill another human. Killing is not something that we as humans like to do, so soldiers need to be trained to do this. The tactic used by all armed forces is to dehumanise the enemy to an extent that the soldier no longer sees the enemy as human.
    An interesting book on this very subject, Kill-ology,explains in depth the very method I mention above.

    I read one poster say that the Defence force should look after its members with PTSD. Now, this is the real disgrace. I have lost several mates to suicide due to PTSD and the poor treatment by both the ADF and the Govt. Ask Penny Wong why it is ‘too expensive’ to index veteran’s pensions fairly. Put in a FOI to DVA asking how many veterans have taken their lives under thier ‘care.’

    Yes, I did sign up for the Army, I did not sign away my basic human emotions though.

    apologies for the long post.


    • @micko71- hearing that the ADF DOES address these issues, make me feel even more repulsed by Chris. However, for all the other men and women who do represent Australia appropriately, i can never say enough to explain the gratitude i feel.

      I too have been diagnosed with PTSD, resulting from a completely different kind of incident and i hope you are on the road to recovery, though i know how just how difficult road that is.

      Kudos also to Samriddhi and Vince, i thought your comments were awesome also.

  7. Thanks for the words guys, I appreciate it.

    On topic with the clown featured, I find his mocking and cruel commoents about the Afghani kids repulsive.

    My fellow mates and myself found the kids to be brilliant, just like most kids everywhere. The Afgani kids have a real desire to learn and interact with everyone. Taking the piss out of them wanting a pen is really not on. The reason they want the pens is so they can do homework, learn to write english and do some ‘kid art.’ The type of stuff a proud parent would put on the fridge.

    It was the little moments that I had with the kids that I remember fondly, the little light in a shit storm. Not wanting to piss in anyones pocket, I have the privlidge to sponsor a young bloke personally. He is an orphan and I hope one day to get him over here. The issues involved are huge, a heap of admin nonsense from both Govt’s. My personal situation does not help either, that is divorced, diagnosed with a mental illness and living alone.

    Glad to hear I am not the only ‘fruitloop’ getting around too!

    Somedays you just gotta thank alprazalam/ kalma, hey guys? LOL.

    Keep smiling,


  8. I fully agree that racist twits like this should be properly dealt with. However, we should always refrain from allowing ourselves to judge thousands upon thousands of people (in the defense forces) based on the actions/comments of one or even a few idiots. A also wish to remind ALL present of the usual way such matters are responded to in most “non-western” and often “tribal” cultures. One American soldier does a bad thing to muslims like burn the Koran, would and has in the past led to mass burnings of bibles and even churchs, assaults and even murders of Christians and also any American or even just any white person available. Remember the Muhammud cartoon madness?

    • Please find the part where we said that everyone in the ADF is like this guy.

      The point is that the social construction, the at-war-with-my-Australian-brothers ideology and the lack of cultural sensitivity and education majorly contributes to many people becoming very racist after serving with the ADF. It does not say that all people become this way after serving with the ADF.

  9. Just remember, that “bogan” went overseas to a war zone, getting shot at and putting his own life on the line so that people like you can sit at home in a comfortable chair, having never left your mothers house, and still have the right to slander and destroy him. Hope all of you disgusting people feel proud.

    • Don’t generalise.

      One of our number is a serving member of the ADF. Others are veterans. Others have family members who are veterans.

      That is why we are so appalled.

      And we are not all kids either.

      Don’t generalise.

        • Well sonny unfortunately you scored me.

          I just did a quick recon around our admins. Most of us are home-owners and tax-payers.

          Don’t generalise. And don’t bother coming back unless you have something intelligent to say.

  10. To who ever wrote this artical how dare you sit there in your room and write this about a soldier who has been overseas and faught in a war for his country. I bet you have never been in the defence force i bet you are some do gooda tree loving mooch on society. That attends uni thinking he is gods gift to the earth because you named some war vet for being a bigot. I bet it never accured to you that he may have had bullets fly pass his head at one stage maybe seen a little afgan boy on a phone calling in information that lead to a AUSTRALIAN soldiers life.I think that man has every right to say what he says. but because of do gooda know it alls like your self this bloke is now branded a racist.Claps all round now that person probably cant even walk in the shopping mall with out being treated like scum. When really the only scum here is you thinking you are above every one on your high horse cause you think some one is a racist you are pathetic and if you ever grow some ball which i doubt you have i challenge you to meet that person and say what you have to say face to face. I put my money on a no show

    • We’ll paste this reply to you from a previous reply.

      Don’t generalise.

      One of our number is a serving member of the ADF. Others are veterans. Others have family members who are veterans.

      That is why we are so appalled.

      And we are not all kids either.

      Don’t generalise.

      • you should listen too Nussbean, not only have you possibly caused damage to this man but to his family and loved ones.. claps claps for you! I am the most un racist person out, and ii hate racism, although surrounded by it everyday, and i can tell you this, this is not the worst racism i have seen, even today!!!!! so pull your head in, i dare you to ind this man and grow balls, say what you like and watch the people who would then put shame on you, youve got no idea obviously

    • Maybe it was this.

      Maybe it was that.

      Maybe an Afghan kid stole his model plane collection.

      Maybe he saved the world with a matchstick.

      Or maybe, he’s just another sad little racist. Stop making excuses for racism and bigotry.

      And what’s with the “balls” thing you racism apologists keep going on about? Why do you need to have male gonads to be against racism, eh?

    • Ah yes the ever popular challenge to “meet face to face” because you can’t speak properly.

      Serving in the armed forces or in anything else does not excuse someone from obeying the law.

  11. Serving where, veterans of what? As Infantryman at the pointy end? There is a vast distance between the tip of the spear and the other end.

  12. I’m going to say something i’ve said many times in my life- no matter who a person is and what they’ve done, whether or not they could be considered a hero, NO-ONE is above taking responsibility for their actions. No-one should be above reproach. There should be no debate as to whether this guy is entitled to make these comments as he is a soldier, and may have suffered. Nothing excuses racism. Ever.

    • Not even mental illness? Schizophrenia? Turrets? ASD? Bipolar? Or even PTSD? Just to name a few. Is this your qualified medical opinion? If so, you seem to be going against the science provided by most other psychiatrists.

      • So, in your opinion Gama, people should get away with things simply because they have a diagnosable mental illness? And my opinion is formed from actually having suffered from several of the issues mentioned in your checklist, and having come out the other side NOT a racist asshole. Does that answer your patronising question?

        • Not really. I mentioned nothing about “getting away with” anything. I simply pointed out that there are sometimes underlying circumstances that can affect a persons behaviours and that perhaps an outright judgement of right and wrong can be a bit unrealistic. That was the message I was trying to get across anyway. You see I too deal with mental illness everyday and do not see things in such a simple light.

        • Well, my point was that you are responsible for your actions, regardless of mental illness, and i really don’t care if the person in question is a national hero or not. I would hazard a guess that many thousands of people out there who have “underlying circumstances that can affect a persons behaviours” in fact do NOT go ranting about as this young man did. It may or may not be a simple world view, but i will always stick to my belief that NOTHING excuses racism.

        • You also yelled “NO ONE” is above taking responsibility for their actions. This is not true. There are plenty of circumstances where, in fact, through no fault of their own, people cannot be completely responsible for their own actions.
          A question, do you think that it’s reasonable for a sexual assault victim to have racist views against the race of the person who committed the assault?

        • A sexual assault victim may be hostile towards the ethnic group of the assailant, but since the majority of sexual assaults on women are perpetrated by someone the victim knows, it is more likely that the victim would be hostile towards males generally.

          Sexual assault is a problem with certain inadequate and violent men, it knows no ethnic or religious boundaries and is part of all cultures.

        • So you agree that based on the trauma of the event a victim may hold animosity or racists views towards the ethnic group of the assailant. That is hardly compatible with “no excuse for racism”. Based on this how is it reasonable for you to make assumptions on Chris without doing any research into what he may experienced in Afghanistan. In this post MMU you have not done the things you expect from everyone else who posts here. No research, just generalising assumptions based on a small snap shot if Chris’s life. It’s very difficulty to take the high ground when, to use a military term, do not follow your own rules of engagement.

        • Does the trauma of watching Muslims simply walk down the street to sinsiter background music count?

          What is the threshhold level of trauma above which racism is justified?

        • I don’t think that is necessarily the case as upbringing and morals have just as big an influence.
          However to completely disregard the effect of severe trauma on a person’s psyche is very niave and goes against everything that health practisioners are trying to teach society about mental health. I do think that before you condemn someone who, perhaps has experienced extreme psycological trauma, to being a racist that you should take time to examine the cause of their beliefs.

        • 1. You’re assuming this bloke has faced trauma. My grandfather was involved in WWII and never engaged in battle. He was in communications.

          2. How do you know that the thousands of other racists on this website haven’t also faced trauma? Are you ready to excuse them?

          Care factor for racism? Zero.

        • No Greg it does not. However the trauma and threat of being shot at, being blown up or having the same done to your mates probably does count. Is that a good enough answer at your feeble attempt at a joke?

        • The question I was asking, GAMA, is how do you propose we quantify the level of trauma which justifies racism. Do we say that if you get shot at four times then it’s okay to be racist, but if it’s only three times then it’s not?

          Once you start to accept racism, even within certain parameters, then you’ve already lost the battle against it.

        • The only way to quantify it is to examine the mental state of the individual then assess the possible need for support and therapy.
          In no way am i excusing racism, which is what you all seem to be assuming. All I am saying is in relation to this post there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that there are much deeper issues than him simply being “racist scum of the earth”.

        • Also, @Gama, no, i do not think it’s reasonable for the survivor of a sexual assault to discriminate against the entire ethnic group of a person who assaulted them. I don’t think it’s reasonable at all.

      • And you’re assuming he hasn’t.
        If you have no regard for people who may suffer mental health issues then really you are no better than those you condemn. The hypocrisy comes out again.
        Keep those blinkers on sonny!

        • Fuck you GAMA you piece of lowlife shit.

          1. If he has a mental illness, I fully support any assistance he is entitled to receive. It does not excuse him of the racist comments he has had the presence of mind of posting over the past several years.

          2. I’m not assuming he has no mental illness but you are assuming he does.

          3. Are you going to respond to my comment regarding the thousands of other racists on this website. Are you prepared to excuse them now, knowing there is a possibility they have experienced trauma?

          Fuck you just argue a point for the sake of it. This is an anti-racism website. If there’s racism about, we are going to criticise it. Want to start an ‘it’s ok to be a racist fuckwit if you’ve ever worn khaki’ website? Go for your life.

        • The foul mouth comes out again. When you can’t argue a reasonable point you just head straight to the verbal abuse as usual.
          As for most of the people you show on this website, they blatantly and proudly display their racism so they deserve to be called out. Also they usually haven’t been in a war zone in their lives. For once can’t you just say, maybe we over reacted, perhaps we should of thought this one through a little better and considered the circumstances. That would mean that you would have to say that you have made a mistake, now that would be a miracle and it is something I have never seen you do!

        • It’s a combination a foul mouth AND an ability to argue rationally. Apparently the two cant co-exist, but I’m proof mofo.

          How do you know the thousands of other racists here have NOT experienced trauma that has driven them to ‘excusable’ racism? A car accident with an Arab at fault? A home invasion with an Indian at fault? A physical assault with an Asian at fault?

          Answer the question fuckkkkkkkhead.

        • In most cases there has been no obviuos evidence to suggest that may be the case. In this case it is obvious that there may be a very real possibility.
          Question for you, In this case did you even consider it or did you just jump up on that high horse and charge?

        • 1. Not obvious but possible. What drove the other thousands of people on our website to racism? Trauma? Maybe. Got proof that trauma drove Chris Woodson to racism? Nope.

          2. If trauma has driven him to racism WE DON’T CARE. As soon as you start making excuse for it where do you stop?

          Considered that? Probably not.

        • Shut the frick up you don’t know shiy about the trauma he has had so how about you leave him alone stop trying to argue your case you low life, give us a name too who wrote this article then we can shame shame shame you.

        • Seems you didn’t like my response to your question so you removed it. I’ll try again. There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that his remarks have been influenced by his experiences in Afghanistan. That is a completely different situation to what you see by most of the people you put on here.
          I may not have proof to support that, just assumptions based on the assessment of his situation. You also have no proof to suggest otherwise. Where as I would not condemn or judge him, you on the other hand show no such trepidation.
          And as you said “WE DON’T CARE”!

        • We have no proof he was ever in Afghanistan, and even if he was, as a couple of soldiers posting here have pointed out, he may not necessarily have been in a combat role.

          If anyone can identify the medals he is wearing it might help.

  13. as being a previous serving member i understand how some people my react to military and even infantry mens scence of humour and even immaturity. even though everyone can easly point the finger to a racial comment, doesnt mean they are a racist. all for we know is he could be the nicest person and just doesnt think before he speaks. look at his posts, they were made months even years ago besides the obvious picture which he was TAGGEGED in. my opinion is he just has a bad way of wording and needs to grow up and be more of a role model to everyone. everyone makes mistakes.

    • @ AKG i believe you are exacly right and i cannot agree with you more!!!!

      and to the author of this, take it down!! i Dont care who you are what you do, you do not have the right to portray bad things about this man, and reveal his information to your stupid followers, cut out your rubbish

      • many people in our society weather they are Well educated or not have come around to greetings with Australian slang or swear words. I understand How it is bad to call them that but maybe in his own terms he has a different way of saying things with out realising it my offend. I know alot of people who do it with out realising.

        • @mindmadeup
          Fuck off with your freedom
          Of speech rant if you don’t want to listen to others. A bunch of people have read what in my opinion is absolute filth! But we have read it, we have agreed that the wording is wrong and that it could be taken to be racist. However we are trying toget you to understand. The intentions behind this soldier is not that he is racist, don’t think you know the mind of a soldier, until you are one.

        • We don’t see much going on about the mind of a soldier.

          We don’t see much here which would be a good advertisement for our ADF.

          We see an immature little racist telling lame jokes peppered with racist words and phrases on social media where he can be seen by millions of people in other countries.

        • @mindmadeup.

          FROM TWO FREAKING YEARS AGo!!! Let it go. Get rid of this bullshit article you’ve written And find something usefull too do with your lives. Whose with me on that one.

  14. RE the insinuation that the ADF is producing racists….

    I do not condone his facebook comments that were made however the ADF is made up of 60,000 odd people. The fact that a handful of these people make comments like this is hardly surprising.

    Expecting the entire defence force to be 100% model citizens 24/7 is completely unrealistic, there will always be some people that screw up or have racist views just by virtue of the sheer number of ADF members. Whether you choose to believe it or not the ADF is actively trying to stop racism.

    The fact that the media jumps at every chance they can to highlight every indiscretion blows the problem out of proportion and allows arm chair critics to point their fingers.

    • We know the ADF are actively trying to stop racism.

      That is why we feature idiots like the one in our post. It helps them to identify the person and to take steps to remediate the situation.

      It is no good remaining silent and just hoping something will happen.

      After all I doubt very much if you would want to serve in combat alongside someone as immature and unpredictable as this individual.

      • Then why say it is the ADF that is producing racists when you admit they are actively combatting the problem?

        The people I want to serve with are people that are good at their job. That is the priority when your arse is on the line.

        • So you would be quite happy to have been in the Wehrmacht or one of the SS combat units? After all they were efficient and deadly fighters.

          A national army is more than a bunch of blokes with weapons.

        • So you think this bloke is on par with the SS?

          I suggest you look up what a “Straw Man” argument is, specifically the “Extreme Man”.

          To summarise it is a logical fallacy in which you take the most extreme example of someone argument and challenge them to defend it. It shows extreme weakness on your part usually because you find it difficult to argue their point unless you shift the goal posts.

          Have a look around…. the world is shades of grey. Not the black and white you seem to see.

          People that experience combat/deal with death and suffering can express dark/inappropriate humour. Surely even you can recognise this.

  15. I am an anti-racism individual, however what you are arguing here is, in my OPINION, which I’m entitled to, an absolute joke. The best thing about Facebook is that it allows us to exercise our right to free speech. You condemn these jokes and comments, but let me ask you, would they be that appalling if you had stumbled across them on your own Facebook friends pages?

    This young man has fulfilled his duty as an Australian solider on multiple trips to Afghanistan and has every right to express his feelings and opinions. Before giving your pretentious “OPINION” place yourself in this soldiers boots, envision the horrific things he has seen and dealt with first hand, these sights and experiences are sometimes life changing.

    You publicly humiliate this individual but let me ask you, what have you done for the good of your country?

    • The best thing about Facebook is that it allows us to exercise our right to free speech.

      But not hate speech. Not in this country.

      would they be that appalling if you had stumbled across them on your own Facebook friends pages?

      We choose our friends carefully – online and in real life.

      Making foul racist jokes is not an “opinion”.

      We’ve seen plenty of horrendous sights. We are not children.

      • il ask again What good have you done for your country?

        No but what your telling me is we don’t have a right to share a foul joke with our friends or family.. Are you even friends with this guy on Facebook?

        What are you doing right now with your freedom of speech you don’t think your any better with your hate speech of this solider thats hypocritical don’t you think!

        But seen horrific things while serving your country? NO

    • Janae, i have lost friends when i challenged their online racism. And i do personally believe that TAB does a great thing for society.

      • This so called hate speech is not acceptable accorrding to the author of this blog yet he’s a hypocrit seeing he’s voicing his HATE SPEECH about a solider an it’s ok. Absolute joke!

        • Hate speech = vilifying and defaming ethnic and religious minorities. Against the law in Australia.

          Taking a person to task for hate speech, especially someone who is supposed to be representing this country = legitimate.

          And what’s a “solider”?

    • No one is denying that it is entirely likely that this guy has seen some pretty nasty shit while deployed. But this does not excuse him from behaving like a human being. If he is suffering from PTSD then there are people whose job it is to help him.

      What have you done janae?

    • Easy way out of potential humiliation: don’t be a racist jerk.

      If this guy is suffering PTSD then here are people whose job it is to help him.

      What have you done janae?

      • I’ve done plenty an continue to everyday making small difference in hope people around me will start to be the change I wish to see in the world!

        You never answered were or are you friends with this individual or have you just spent hours upon hours search army guys on fb waiting for a public profile to appear. Everything you have posted is 2 – 3 years old bring up some more recent post and then slander the solider I wait you can’t coz he hasn’t posted anything like this for quite some time.

        Pathetic the bunch of you’s.

  16. You’re all a pack of fucking cowards!

    You filthy excuse for human beings could not even be 1/100000’s a man, a person and a proud Australian that Chris Woodson is.

    He has come through for this country in ways you will never know and understand! You say he abused Freedom of speech? Nah He defended it! It”s blokes like him that allow the pricks like you to have the freedom of speech you have today!

    Duty First mate! your brothers both serving and ex serving have got your back!

    • So you’re on the North Shore, he’s in Adelaide and you profess to know this bloke somehow?

      That rant of yours has a familiar tone. Are you yet another armchair general who arises from his armchair spitting and swearing if anyone dares to be seen to criticise “arr troops”?

    • We have a lot in common as I have an irritating brother too.

      I have nothing but respect for our boys and girls serving in conflict areas overseas so I pose you the following question;

      If public comments like Chris’ make their way back to the insurgency, will this:
      a) help them realise that their children are, in fact, “little fuck heads” and convince them to put down their weapons, or
      b) serve as a recruiting tool for, steel the resolve of and embolden their forces?

      I await your response.

  17. The young fella might not be swinging from the highest branches of the evolutionary tree but he does use his own name. Maybe a slip up on the authors part? I suppose if you are going to make possible slanderous and defamatory comments about people it’s best to leave your name out. Just remember where you obtained this alleged right to free speech ( not in our constitution). From soldiers stretching back over 100 years who did the same bloody thing only they had no Facebook. Yet another would be over educated fuckwit telling the world how to think. Go into politics, they could do with another cunt like you.

    • We’ve found that racists and bigots are so impaired that they think hate speech is legitimate opinion so they splash their names all over the Internet and wonder then why their employers take them to task.

      More fool them.

        • And who fought off that, not insignificant, threat?

          We all know the history of the ADF so let’s not argue the point that at some stage in our history service men and women laid down their lives so that we could enjoy the freedoms of the wonderful country that we have today.

        • From 1943 onwards the Japanese army supply lines were so overstretched that some captured Japanese soldiers were literally starving.

          There are a lot of elements which contribute to victory or to defeat. Most of them are environmental and measurable. For instance, the bitter Russian winter was a big factor in the German retreat from Russia, as it had been with Napoleon. Singapore was captured partly because its guns were facing the sea and not the encroaching enemy.

          Some depend on the quality of leadership, which cannot be anticipated or relied upon.

        • So are you disregarding the sacrifices and actions our service personel performed in the Pacific conflict? The ultimate victory, you so easily dismiss was simply caused by the Japanese being overstretched?
          I think those that fought, were held as POW’s or died in places like Kakoda, Singapore and Burma would find that exetremely offensive.
          If this is not what you are implying then explain the sigificance of the remark.

        • So obviously Australian soldiers were able to defeat the Japanese in various theatres. However war history is not as simplistic as perhaps you would like it to be.

          There were failures of leadership at times, and squabbles between senior officers. Sometimes the Australians were able to take advantage of the progressively weakening Japanese offensive. There is no doubt that the Australians were better able to engage with local populations and to work with them to defeat the enemy.

          Kokoda Track Australian casualties were 625 killed. About three times that number died of disease.

          Burma Railway Australian casualties were between 2646 and 2815. It is not immediately obvious how many were victims of Japanese brutality and how many died of disease and malnutrition.

          And if by “Singapore” you are talking about Changi, the death rate and the conditions, though harsh, has been shown to not be as people have imagined it.

        • Although you threw up technical matters of that war you still didn’t answer the question, are you disregarding the sacrifices and actions of our service personnel? You did make make it fairly obvious that you don’t hold them or their achievements in particularly high esteem.

        • If you mean we don’t crap on emotively the answer is yes.

          We still support the ADF. We just don’t think that racist knobs are either fit to serve in it or entitled to serve in it.

        • MMU refers to the only time Australia was in danger of being invaded was from 1941 to 1943 so is this the only significant conflict where the ADF and it’s Allies were fighting to protect our freedom. As the son of an Italian immigrant I hold the liberation of Italy by the Allies as a very significant moment in the protection of my familie’s lives and their freedom. I know that Australians were predominantly fighting in the Pacific and that the US and UK were the main forces fighting to liberate Europe but this does not diminish the importance of the sacrifices made on my behalf.
          I would suggest that this would be the case and belief for many of the decendants of immigrants living within multicultural Australia. Not only those from Greece, Italy, Poland, The Balkans, France, Belgium, Holland and Gemany but also those who came here after wars in Korea and Vietnam.

        • Actually the Italian people themselves were instrumental in the liberation of their country from the Fascists and assisted in the defeat of the German invaders after Italy had surrendered to the Allies.

    • John, if you think Free Speech came from soldiers, I honestly pity you.

      Maybe you should get yourself that education you hate so much after all.


      Who has fought wars so that we can remain free people?

      The last war Australia fought to “remain free” was fought more than 70 years ago, by soldiers, many of whom are long dead.

      Comparing that war to something like the Afghan invasion is a travesty to the memory of those soldiers.

      Wars are not what keep you a free person today. The legislative, economic, executive and judicial systems of Australia are what ensure that. Maybe it’s not as glamorous as fighting in trenches to protect our country, but those systems are the only difference between us and countries that are not as free.

      The ADF hasn’t been a defensive force since World War II. They have NEVER, since that time, fought in the defense of Australia itself.

      If you want to live today by a reality seventy years out of date, that’s your call, but do spare us the BS about protecting freedoms. In this day and age, the Army doesn’t protect my freedoms as an Australian any more than a civil engineer, or a doctor. All of them perform important roles, but protecting freedoms isn’t one of them.

      • Spoken like a person who has no appreciation or respect for those who have gone before you. You may scoff at what was done a mere 70 years ago but without those decent and courageous people you wouldn’t have the freedom to criticise. Those people created that freedom we in the west now take for granted. As we go forward we see each generation full of their own entitlement and as each Digger passes away their sacrifices are forgotten by the likes of you. I for one will never allow my children to ever forget.

        They shall not grow old, As we that are left grow old.
        Age shall not weary them, Nor the years condemn.
        At the going down of the sun, And in the morning,
        We will remember them. Lest we forget.

        • Jesus, it’s a bit pointless to try and have a debate with someone who does not even read what you have to say.

          Did you actually read my comment or are you just in the mood to get on a moral high horse and fling silly insults my way?

          Grow up, GAMA.

      • Just to clarify one thing, I never compared Afghanistan to WW2. Please show me once in this entire discussion where i have compared these wars. My comments were in reference to Zulu’s about freedom of speech and freedom in general.

        • Yes I read your comments and they contain disrespectful “BS”!

          …and I will never condescend to tell anyone why this is so because I just like screaming “disrespectful!” at everybody like a Victorian Catholic nun, as though it was some kind of valid argument.

          Just to clarify one thing, I never compared Afghanistan to WW2. Please show me once in this entire discussion where i have compared these wars. My comments were in reference to Zulu’s about freedom of speech and freedom in general.

          Of course you did. You’ve done it throughout the thread.

          When you claim that we should show the same respect to the ADF of today as the force of World War II, you are implicitly comparing them.

          You did not say “who FOUGHT a war…”. You said “who FIGHTS wars…”. Which makes it rather plain that you hold all wars that Australian soldiers have fought in pretty much the same regard. Which includes this ridiculous invasion.

          When you wax eloquent about the glories of the past in a thread about the present, there are only two possibilities:

          a) you are comparing the two events

          b) you enjoy writing irrelevant stuff.

          Let me tell you something that you don’t seem to know. NO ONE is above reproach. No organization, no person, no hero, no nothing.

          Just because, in your subjective personal opinion, you believe that a statement is ‘disrespectful’, just because you are exquisitely sensitive to perceived disrespect towards organizations you hero-worship, does not make any criticism of them invalid.

          “That’s disrespectful!” is not a valid response to an argument.

          You have not yet shown me exactly how the army supposedly defends our freedom TODAY. We both know they did it seven decades ago. That does not mean they still do it.

          Instead of responding to what was said, you have gone on to write a ridiculous response, condescension, ad hominem and unsubstantiated assertions dripping from every sentence. Responding to a rational argument with ad hominem is an act of intellectual cowardice that does nothing for your viewpoint whatsoever, but does make you look like you are twelve years old.

          Maybe if you’d get some sense of perspective, you wouldn’t be so incredibly obnoxious.

  18. keyboard heroes thats all it is, gutless and faceless. Easy to act like a big man and a hard cunt hidden behind your desk. As an ex serviceman shit like thies just runs off my back because we who serve and have served know we are better than you. yeah we may be dumb for joining and Yeah you may have a degree in anal mircobiology and can count numbers so that makes you a fucking genius and gives you the right to slag off, im sure all your knowledge would do fuck all in a life a death sitution, where u need to manouvre a group of men, call in reports, call in firesupport that wont kill your own, read a map, give orders, all in the middle of the night. where you can hardly see or hear with your eyes hanging out of your head because you havent slept in days all in a split second knowing that your decisions can effect the outcome of mates losing lives. What this guy has said most of us have thought, thats what happens day in and day out in warzones, you become numb to all the shit going on around you, i dont agree with him publishing it and i think that was bloody stupid on his behalf becasue it does bring down the ADF. But i know that if push come to shove id stand in a hole with that man than any of you jerk offs who have nothing better to do than whinge about insigificant shit, because as i said you are below me and always will be.

      • The MMU’s should have nicknames so at least you can attribute comments to them. Nothing that would identify them personally, of course. Yours could be “Pitbull”, sitting, foaming and frothing at the mouth behind your computer.

        • I prefer to see myself as a Beagle, I make a bit of noise and once I start on something I follow it through to the end. Not like a Pitbull that viciously attacks when it feels threatened!

        • Congratulations on your self appraisal. Now back to the point.

          Please address:

          You note that there is ‘anecdotal evidence’ that Chris Woodson, or at least members of the ADF have experienced trauma that would justify racism or at the very least explain it and exempt them/him from scrutiny.

          Please search our website for ‘ADF’ or ‘Australian Defence Force’. Now when you gather the search results ask yourself whether all of the people featured should now have their racism ignores because of the possibility that they have experienced some kind of trauma.

          Next, respond to the one main point you’ve been avoiding all this time, choosing rather to focus on my attitude and scary swear words:

          Without fully knowing the background of a racist or a discriminator, or how they became to be that way inclined, do we ignore and validate their hatred?

          There are around 60,000 members in the ADF. It is a giant boys club where if you don’t fit in you’re quite often ostracized. It is a place where you are taught to hate people according to what country/side they’re on. They work in dangerous conditions and often witness atrocities.

          There are around 23 million people in Australia, including police officers, paramedics, firefighters, SES volunteers etc. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have experienced trauma either on a personal level or within their employment capacity. People have their family members killed, people have car accidents, people are raped and abused, people are assaulted verbally and physically and then there are the people who witness death on a daily basis such as paramedics and hospital workers. There are people who witness crime and cop abuse on a daily basis such as police officers.

          Can we now excuse every single member of the entire Australian population of racism because of the overwhelming possibility that at some point during their lifetime they may have experienced trauma, been threatened, been abused, nearly died, lost a love one, been in danger, feared for their life etc etc etc???

          Now, while you fumble around and avoid this argument again, consider the fact that while the authors of this website endorse maximum support for people with mental health issues, we NEVER EVER EVER accept or justify racism or discrimination and there is NEVER EVER EVER a reasonable reason for it.

          There is MORE chance that racism embeds itself in SOME ADF members more than regular Australian citizens as it is the only job in Australia where employees are trained to attack and kill people based on their country of origin.

          Can I add as a final point that if you don’t like my swearing, you can fuck right off? You won’t be missed. Nothing worse than a person who criticizes the style of argument rather than the argument itself, avoiding all relevant content-based discussion.

        • I have answered the question and used plenty of content in my argument but I will do it again. No I do not think you should ignore or excuse racism if someone has experienced trauma. Racism needs to be highlighted in our society at all levels and you do a good job most of the time. I do believe that in circumstances where there could be underlying mental health issues that could be affecting and causing a persons racism that we need to have understanding that the individual needs profffessional help. I don’t think that getting all self righteous and calling them “scum of the earth” is acceptable. You’ve tried to broaden my argument to include every single racist on this site while I’ve tried to keep it to the individual featured in this post, other than making a general comparison of circumstances where severe trauma may be involved so it seems you have problems sticking to the point.
          You also say you endorse maximum support for peolple with mental health issues so you answer my question, did you ever consider that for Chris? Did you think that perhaps a serviceman who has been to the war in Afghanistan may have seen some pretty disturbing things and that instead of stating that the ADF “produced” him, a better point would be that they have a responsibility to assess the cause of his racist comments and to then provide the necessary support to rectify any issues that cause racism in him and any other service personnel returning from Afghanistan.
          I was very impressed that you almost got through a whole statement without attacking me with your foul language but alas you couldn’t make it to the end. It was a good try though. Also I don’t know if I should be hurt that you wouldn’t miss me or happy that I annoy you because I don’t just go along with everything that you say, like some others who post on here. Think I’ll choose the latter!

        • The entire discussion you’ve assumed that Chris either has mental health issues, or is more likely to have mental issues as a result of being a soldier.

          What an assumption to make!

          In that assumption you ignore several things:

          1. His language and manner that is identical to the plethora of racists already featured here;
          2. The hundreds of thousands of people who are just as likely suffering from personal experience/employment related trauma living in Australia;
          3. The fact that simply being in an organisation that engages in war and killing based on race or affiliation could make a person become racist.

          You then use your assumptions to suggest that perhaps a racist person should not be called scum, when in fact they are. A rapist is often a person who sadly has been abused at a younger age. And while that is incredibly saddening, and while I am filled with empathy regarding the circumstances that have created that aspect of a person’s character, I have absolutely NO sympathy for the decisions they make and the actions that they carry out while being in presence of mind.

          Racism itself is a mental illness but how many racists do you know receiving counseling or support for it? Fuck racism. Who cares how a person became that way? They are now no better than scum. They seek to make the lives of others dark and dreary. They seek to assume a form of superiority when in fact they are inferior.

          Chris Woodson deserves no special treatment. The ADF should investigate this lowlife and deal with him as he represents not only them, but all Australians.

      • Yes, you did use plenty of content and no foul language so it’s reasonably safe for me to assume that this is a different, more mature, MMU.

        I agree that the language and manner is fairly consistant with most racist but what is different is that it is specifically directed at Afghani’s and what appears to be a terrorist fighter. Missing is the usual rant about Muslim’s, The Koran, Burqa’s, Asylum Seekers or Sand Coons! This makes me believe that his views are a direct result of his is experiences in Afghanistan.

        The reference to Lifeline could indicate a defensive approach to his own issues and in a sense that you need to “man up” and deal with it. That kind of pressure would more than likely come from the culture within the ADF.

        The fact that being in an organisation that teaches the de-humanisation of the enemy to ensure soldiers better perform their duties probably does have the residual effect of creating racist beliefs with some. Support and therapy is no doubt essential in these cases.

        You say Chris Woodson deserves no special treatment so I ask this, do you think that you achieve more by isolating one individual and holding him up to extreme ridicule or would you be better served highlighting a serious issue within the ADF concerning some personnel that have served in Afghanistan?
        Perhaps using Chris Woodson as an example that there is still much work to be done by the ADF in combating racism. I would also point out that the post accuses the ADF of producing racist scum but later in the discussion there is much reference to and acknowledgement of the ADF putting in place programs to combat racism. So which is it, racist scum producers or racism fighters?

        • Both.

          The top brass has been tasked to eliminate racism, misogyny,homophobia and bigotry from its ranks and to actively work at recruiting a more diverse group into the ADF. We believe their commitment to this is sincere. Defence forces need to reflect the population as a whole, and the composition of modern Australia.

          National security is not just the job of straight white men.

          However you will get pockets of resistance further down the chain. The same problem existed in the police, and still does in some areas.

  19. ha ha ha. like i give a flying fuck what one little insignifacant piece of gutter trash thinks, go back home suck on your mummys titty and leave the big boy stuff to men….

  20. Oh and i do look at myself, and what i see is someone with pride and honour. Im proud of my service even if it was for gutless, mouthy shitbags like you. I pity you, i honestly do.

  21. ha ha ha, is that all you have to say, ” i bet you got booted out” wow guess that shows your intelligence. So like the past messages suggest you are a group who speak with one voice. So like all weak gutted people you hide in your little group hi fiving each other on childish crap which makes you feel like big people. Its weak champ, weak and gutless. Like i said the verbal diahorrea that comes out of your mouth means very little if nothing to me, I cant believe i wasted my time arguing with a pitiful little person like you. Your a waste of space, a waste of oxygen just like all your other little sheep. Thank you for your comments, thats all they are comments on a website made by more little people. Im sure you will have some stupid childish remark to reply with but like everything else you have written it will be ignored and laughed at. At least i can look at myself in the mirror and be proud of what i did, i can tell my kids and their kids, i can march with my medals with my head held high. You on the other hand? hmmm? yeah probably not. Have a good one champ.

    • So like all weak gutted people you hide in your little group hi fiving each other on childish crap which makes you feel like big people.

      …as opposed to posting opposing comments on the same website under a pseudonymous name and claiming that you’re a bigger man yourself?

      Talk about fake self-righteousness.

  22. exactly champ. And you know what your insignifacant little rants mean fuck all to me too, once again another little pathetic excuse beneath me, and sory mindmadeup ” suck your tits”, im sure your pimp wouldnt be too happy with that. Catch ya weaklings

  23. Why does Boo’fn’hoo later become Hayden?
    I thought Boo’fn’hoo would be Chris Woodson who no longer is in the Army.
    Just a bit confusing 😐

  24. you are all so precious… stop taking yourselves so seriously, nobody else does.

    guys profile isn’t even that bad.. sounds like somebody wants a ride on the bandwagon.

    • He’s an immature nonentity who is probably a great danger to his unit mates.

      If he were in your country’s army Charlie Upham and Clive Hulme would be spinning in their graves.

      • Please tell me which units you have served in on which operations? Obviously you have served if you can make such a judgement?

  25. This soldier may have an underlying mental illness but it doesn’t excuse him from doing/ saying the wrong thing which, if i’m correct, many think he should be; quote GAMA: “…there are sometimes underlying circumstances that can affect a persons behaviours and that perhaps an outright judgement of right and wrong can be a bit unrealistic.” For example, according to Criminal Law here in Australia, mental illnesses such as PTSD are not accepted as an excuse to breaking the law. I think this is where the main argument stems from; assuming this soldier has a mental illness as a result of War, should we be ‘judging’ him?

    “If the offender has suffered symptoms of PTSD subsequent to his or her offending, this may in some circumstances contribute to the perception by the sentencing court that his or her claim to contrition is bona fide and may act as a mitigating factor” A soldier with PTSD can use Insanity or Automatism as a defence of a crime but doing so will only affect the verdict -not as to whether or not he is guilty of that crime.

    Basically, this means that although a judge is permitted to take into account the condition of the defendant with PTSD, this should not have any significant influence on the verdict, only the sentencing. A bit like, ‘You are guilty of the crime. But because you have such and such, I will reduce your sentence…’

    If a woman has suffered from battered woman syndrome (a form of PTSD) kills her husband, she will still be held accountable in a court of Law for her criminal actions but she will also be entitled to a sentencing discount because of her evaluative impairment. This doesn’t mean to say that she didn’t commit the crime and shouldn’t be held accountable for it. The sentencing could also be in the form of psychiatric help/ therapy or institutional care, not necessarily jail time.

    To the people that are defending Chris, it is hard to divorce the behaviour from the person when hateful comments like his are made because what we say and do are a direct reflection of ouselves. If it’s the behaviour you need to remedy, it’s the person you have to address regardless of whether or not they have a mental illness. I know this is not a court of Law, but Woodson’s public behaviour needs to be addressed and our complaint of him is the same as any of the others – if he leaves his opinions on a public forum for all to see, we have a right to critisise him and those responsible for his welfare, especially because he is meant to be ‘our’ representative overseas.

      • Why dont you quote wiki as well why your at it? Until you have walked a day in the shoes of a soldier on deployment i would never expect you to understand. In the real world everything is not roses. You will see the same hatred from ANZACs from every single conflict we have served in. People expect people to pick up a rifle and kill fellow humans. How do you think the military achieve this? Its by demonizing an enemy. You can argue that the whole population of Afghan are not Taliban which in its entirety is true. But when the Taliban mix with the general population and also include women and children and every other day soldiers and getting IEDed and ambushed from the same villagers that the day before were shaking their hands you expect them to have love for everyone? Why do you think that soldiers suffer from PTSD? Alot of it comes from being told that killing is ok and that their job is to go out and search for people to kill and that its ok. Then when they return home to a society that has been taught since birth that killing is a cardinal sin and everyone pointing fingers at you the guilt is overwhelming. The only way to justify it in your head is to again demonize the people you were sent to kill.

        • @Jason

          I get it – I totally get where you are coming from but the reason why I came from that angle was because from a LEGAL perspective, Woodson wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in a court of Law with emotive justifications such as “Until you have walked a day in the shoes of a soldier on deployment i would never expect you to understand”. Refer to the links (the reason why I didn’t refer to Wiki, even though it spells it out there too, is because it didn’t highlight any case studies here in Australia). Woodson has been called out for being openly racist and inciting hatred, both against the Law here in Australia and as such that is what people are judging. As a representative of the ADF, his views unfortunately reflect upon them too, even though they have stated that they are against this sort of behaviour.

          You said: “You will see the same hatred from ANZACs from every single conflict we have served in…Alot of it comes from being told that killing is ok and that their job is to go out and search for people to kill and that its ok. Then when they return home to a society that has been taught since birth that killing is a cardinal sin and everyone pointing fingers at you the guilt is overwhelming”

          Exactly! So where is the support? Why have our servicemen and women undergone such a ruthless process only to be left alone to deal with the aftermath of these events in their lives? Why is there a ‘cap’ on how many treatments they are entitled to and the duration? Why aren’t the ADF doing something about it if there are ANZACS from every single conflict undergoing the effects of PTSD? Where is the ‘life’ support for these soldiers? Our police force has some great support programmes for officers that suffer from PTSD as do our firemen and women – why aren’t the ADF following suit?

          Chris Woodson has been called out being a racist – why are you defending that?

          Your argument: It’s not his fault because he has PTSD
          My argument: It IS his fault BUT he may have PTSD

          There is a difference.

  26. This isn’t first first “Soldier” I have spoken to, or know of with racist views. Isn’t it a shame that they are called soldiers, that word once meant bravery but there is nothing brave about invading a land and having a whine when the locals try to fight for themselves. How many civilians, women and children need to be raped, burned, shot, pissed on and insulted? Why do these young Australians feel so entitled to Afghanistan?

    • Alex, you obviously have not had any exposure to Afghanistan (the invaded land). I would suggest that if you did, you would wish the people of Afghanistan had freedom – something they have not had….ever….I have experienced protecting one’s freedoms first hand, and on those days, I was proud to be called a “soldier”.

  27. He has done the wrong thing. It was immature.

    He may be suffering PTSD, and there is a natural urge from a lot of PTSD sufferers to observe life in a racist view, especially if their traumatic event was caused by a member of another race.

    He may of been targeted by a child suicide bomber – unfortunately this is a daily occurrence in Afghanistan. His views of these issues are warped further from the general citizen who has not been exposed or confronted with these issues – I would suggest that this is a reason for his attitude (but by no means excuseable).

    This is not the view of all ADF personnel.

    The ADF does not foster nor encourage this view

    Every day people join the ADF, we aren’t born into it.

    I must admit, after being targeted by suicide bombers myself, it is hard not to point fingers.

    For all personnel – PTSD, unfortunately is a mental issue/illness, things aren’t logical and actions or responses aren’t rational. Its hard to comprehend that PTSD may of been a factor for those people that have not been exposed to it – everyone reacts differently.

    Please ease up on the negative and emotive comments. Life is different outside of this beautiful country – I am happy to fight along side anyone of any race in order to keep the people of this forum sheltered from life in a war zone.

    I would suggest that this bloke has been put straight – unfortunately posting on the internet is like setting something in concrete. He stuffed up, its time to move on.

    Public humiliation has succeeded and the point has been made. Please do not paint us in this light – I would of expected more from a spouse of a military member, and it disappoints me to see that after my service in a couple of theatres, Im viewed as the scum of the earth.


    An Afghanistan Veteran

    • 1. You are very wrong about PTSD. It does not turn you into a racist. People decide to be racist or not.

      2. We know that most ADF personnel are not racist knobs. But we know that some are. So do their commanding officers. So does the Minister.

      A racist/bigot makes a lousy soldier. They are unreliable in combat and a danger to their comrades. They are psychologically unstable. They cannot form relationships with the civilian population, so essential in capacity building and in intelligence work.

      If you are indeed a veteran, then you and your mates need to weed these people out yourselves before they are deployed.

      We want to help the Government clean out the rubbish from the ADF. They are not fit to wear our country’s uniform.

  28. The reason Aussies do not want muslims & gooks fuck heads here is beacuse they fucked their own country and now they want to fuck ours. We made this country of course great, and now you scum come here and fight and kill and do drugs just the same as you do in your turd hole with allah! Now go fuck a goat and piss off

    • Evidence that Australians as a whole do not want Muslims or Asians, please.

      Or admit you speak out of your arse. These are your only two choices.

      “they fucked their own country and now they want to fuck ours. ”

      Really? How many migrants have you actually met, Rdd Dog? Did you attend a lecute on “How we can fuck up Australia?” or did you just hear one idiot skin head say something and you’re just acting as a dummy puppet, repeating it word for word?

      “We made this country of course great, ”

      How exactly did you, you personally Red Dog, make Australia great? I await your answer on how you are making or have made Australia better, and how the country as a whole would be worse off without you.

  29. Hmmmmmm there are idiots in the civilian world, just as there are in the military. My experience is that these racist idiots in the ADF are very, very much in the minority. I have served as an Infantry Soldier for over 30 years and have trusted my life to many people from a diverse background both due to race and religion, just as they have trusted me with theirs. It suits the purpose of he left to brand all soldiers as racists, just as much as it suits the purpose of the right to brand anyone who does not subscribe to their views as being a tree hugging hippy, (or Communist), who is out of touch with reality. Who is right? You may be surprised to hear that neither of them are.

    My Platoon in Afghanistan had soldiers from a vast array of ethnic backgrounds. We worked with, and indeed had our lives saved by Muslims. I bet that is not something that the extreme right wish to acknowledge, especially while they talk about the Islamic invasion. By the same token, my men were respectful of the Afghan National Army guys we worked with, and we accepted as brothers our Hazara interpreters who shared the daily dangers with us outside the wire.

    I would suggest that both sides need to exercise some objectivity.

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