The Bogot Cut-and-Paste Show

The bogots’ Straya is a place of cutting-edge politico-historical scholarship, a veritable Athens for the modern world.

Day after day bogots who can barely spell their own names get together in their little hate groups and are suddenly filled with the wonderful gift of knowledge imparted from the pages of the Herald-Sun, the deathless words of the likes of Alan Jones or the many bogot-friendly hate websites. They then take this knowledge and impart it to others like them, or sometimes they even invade groups opposed to them in order to spam it and shove it down people’s throats enlighten the ignorant.

Just look at these profound words shared generously by Belinda Elisaia-Thomas with members of her hate group . Such fatuous rubbish surging patriotism would bring a lump to the throat of the hardest cynic.


In fact so enthused are her fellow bogots that they excitedly queue up to “like” her post.

Cut and paste likes

and social anthropologist Donna Collins, replete with the knowledge and experience gained from living on that great centre of venerable Strayan culture the Gold Coast and regular jaunts to to the local shopping mall breathlessly informs her fellow bogots that luxury hotels (where a local wouldn’t be staying anyway) are now full of “dumpsters”.

We hope she has informed the local Council.

Social researcher Donna Collins investigates a dumpster as it attempts to enter the Palazzo Versace at Main Beach

Now what about this heart-warming fragment of verse? Turns out that far from being an upsurge of fervent local bogot patriotism it actually originated in Britain.

Broken Britain

And of course it had previously turned up in a slightly different form at American-based neo-Nazi sewer Scumfront.

Original cut and paste 2

Now we go over to this hate group who, when they are not busy crafting final solutions for asylum seekers that would make Eichmann proud are reverently invoking their ancestors.

Another cut and paste

Or more accurately some boiler-plate American ancestors

Great grandfather cut and paste

Not content with ripping off some American guff,  the spam-meisters who originally circulated this stuff then concocted an e mail and pretended it came from the independent MP for Kennedy Bob Katter. Of course it did not, but bogot spammers have no qualms about slandering a Member of Parliament in their desperate attempts to get credibility.

Australian site Hoax-Slayer exposed it this way:

Hoax Slayer

Read more

We’ll let the satirical site Failbook have the last say

Cut and paste

11 thoughts on “The Bogot Cut-and-Paste Show

  1. Thank you – I spend far too much of my time trying to edumicate the obliviots to at least CHECK or before reposting or forwarding this sort of tripe. Good to know I’m not not the only one!

  2. My grandfather was an Australian born man descended from the family line of an English Lord and served on the Western Front in WW1 as did his brothers, one of whom died in Belgium and has no known grave. My grandfather’s cousin was a sniper spotter at Gallipoli who went on to become a well known Australian author. My father fought the Japanese in PNG and was thrown into that conflict as an 18 year old recruit. None of these men fought for a flag, but how do I know that? Because they told me so, these REAL veterans from my family scoffed at the idea that they were fighting for a symbol, it was far more real for them. The perversions of the right increase manifold in stupidity and pretension if one considers that soldiers, also including men like my uncles who served in the middle east and the Pacific, were confronting fascism, not attempting to force one way of thinking on anyone else, quite the opposite, they were defending their families and their homes from invasion and destruction. These were not Christian wars, they were not wars of philosophy, nor were they wars of nationalism. These were conflicts about the worth of human life and the equality of human beings despite their creed, colour, religion or politics. The bogan is a creature of many colours and many nations, it does not exist exclusively in Australia and is NOT exclusively white, but the claim that only the white Christian defends anything righteous is laughable. By the way, our family is also descended from an Afghan trader who married into the family several generations ago. The idea that blood carries standing is at the core of nazism and all of the far right gibberish, as the member of a family that wielded royal authority in a long disappeared world, who fought in the wars that bogans like to reference in support of their knuckle-dragging agenda and as a person from both Muslim and Christian background I know this to be true. The quality of a person cannot be defined simply through their appearance or some other aspect taken in isolation. I tell you, their lies and deceit lead only to a repeat of disaster because killing is their only desire and their only panacea to the deep, abiding desire they carry to project the cause of their inner conflict onto others. Horst Wessel WAS a nazi, but one famed primarily for his death and the only good nazi….

  3. Nice work MMU. Their pathetic copy/paste exemplifies what we already know – bogots are unable to think for themselves. It’s probably a hangover from school when they needed to copy/paste their arses off to avoid being held back another year.

    As for the dumpsters… lol. Silly Donna. She should’ve done a copy/paste.

  4. I unfriended half my facebook list for this exact reason, idiots who just copy and paste crap that has no intellectual merit, (the ones about christmas and Australia being the dumbest, in my opinion). I can never understand how these racists conveniently forget that Australians have fought in wars against nazis, fascists and those nations who would oppress free people. They have absolutely no respect for the ultimate sacrifices that have been made by the men and women who have fallen serving our country so that we can live free.

  5. Ugh I’m so tired of hearing that my generation is a waste of space. Maybe if a certain other group of older people hadn’t screwed everything up so much we wouldn’t be living with our parents longer because rent and housing is too expensive when you can only work part-time while studying and Centrelink doesn’t consider you an adult until you’re 24.

    I just have a lot of feelings.

    • Exactly. Maybe I won’t have to face living in an apartment while I’m in uni after my gap year next year and having to face a life time in debt paying back my HEKS fees after uni. It’s sad but it’s my future life.

  6. Heh, I’m not surprised that a lot of this claptrap originated in America.

    The US has a large number of ultra-conservative people who, while a lot more articulate than your average Facebook Bogan, are just as bigoted.

    Also, for all the right-wing glorification of war, the fact is that war is a nasty, messy business which often results in a level of human misery that these guys can’t even begin to imagine. My husband served as an officer in the US Army for a while (before we were married), and far from waxing eloquent about fighting for the flag, he doesn’t even like talking about his experiences – too traumatic.

    Facebook bogans think its a disaster if they can’t get non-halal meat at the local butcher’s. I wonder what they’d think if they had to watch their wives, husbands, kids, parents and friends getting ripped to shreds right in front of them. If they had to see their country, their home, being ravaged and bombed by some foreign power whose motives they didn’t even understand. If they had to deal with all of this and then be detained for years when they put everything they had at risk in order to flee, in order to secure a better future for their own kids.

    I think I’ll just quote George Carlin here.

    “I dunno. Guess they’re just fucking stupid.”

    • Oh but they do. It’s the feeling they get when another asylum seeker boat lands and they don’t get the opportunity to do something dreadful to its passengers.

      As far as an economic downturn goes, in their universe the problem would be solved by giving billionaires more money. Boganomics 101.

  7. One image on this post is broken, the bottom one. I’ve seen this posted a few times, it’s the same old thing, and is the equivelant of old people forgetting what it’s like to be young and pontificating on ‘kids nowadays’. Thus will it always be, for a section of the community. Clearly, the main issue is that there’s people who want to find things to complain about, and look back to the past with rose coloured glasses, little realising that in that time, people like them were saying the same things.

    • We fixed the broken link.

      No matter how bizarre these cut-and-pastes are, no matter how many reputable sources including the government refute them, the bogots cling to them.

      When asked why she persisted in posting one of these furphies, one of the bogots replied that it “felt right”

      Words fail us… 😕

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