14 thoughts on “Fight Me Ya Fukn Poof

  1. um, how can you be both a faggot and a cunt? Isn’t a faggot a bundle of kindling and a man who likes men, whilst a cunt is something only women possess? How can you be both? oh wait…yup…BOGAN…

    • Hahaha @ Natalie Ann.
      Are you serious ?!?
      A ‘cunt’, when used as a derogatory noun, can be used in reference to both male & female.
      In fact, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, cunt is clearly described as “an unpleasant or stupid person”.

  2. Come on MMU, this post is a joke, right? The only thing this guy is fighting is the English language. His verbal diarrhoea defies logic!

  3. Is “poofyer” and “fukn price I shit redneck fucks” part of some newfangled Bogan slang language that I’m not aware of? Is there a translator in the house?

    And it’s kind of good to know he doesn’t run after Jesus’ vagina, considering that Jesus of Nazareth, was, uhm, male.

    Talk about weird sexual fixations.

  4. Started to read,
    Stopped after the first line
    Felt like my eyes and brain were being pummelled with stupidity…
    Will now go read something uplifting, well written and educating…
    Don’t know if my brain will recover from this nonsense…

  5. Oh wow.

    I would have to diagnose Zach as having as a serious brain injury resulting in a chronic paranoid delusional psychosis with severely aggressive tendencies..

    There’s no other explanation…

  6. I’ll fight him. If only to prove to evolution that humans are not a dead end species unlike Zach and his redneck ilk seem to be a fine examples of.

  7. They should come out with a “CSI: Racist Bogans” version of the TV show. We could give leading roles to all the bogans featured on here…

    It would be pretty much the same thing as the original, except each episode would be about finding (and punishing) those who murder the English language.

    • Standing golf clap, sir – I think Shaun Micallef could do it, in his “Secret Agent” persona. Actually, he could play both sides of the table if he brought back the brain-damaged boxer… Or, OR! we could persuade Eric Bana to recreate Poida!

  8. I am a fifth degree black belt in Aikido, I have trained in judo, kendo,boxing and small arms for years. I am bi-sexual. Name the place little bogan.

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