Australian Nazi Collective

Just the tip of the iceberg ladies and gentlemen…

40 thoughts on “Australian Nazi Collective

  1. I… don’t even know where to begin or what to say.

    I’m actually scared. Threats of unprovoked assault/murder; bigotry and mostly a complete lack of understanding. I’m legitimately terrified that there are people like this living among us.

    I can’t even fathom this behavior… How can people be so full of hate for no real reason?

    • beats me Vince. I was looking up a name and stumbled upon this site… reading it with a hint of unbelief. I know my great Aussie friends all work,pay their taxes, benefit the community in other ways and come from all over the world. Generally intelligent people too.
      How bizarre!

  2. Let’s think about this for a minute. How many TV segments and/or interviews have we seen about this? Anyone seen anything about these people, or anyone like them? Today Tonight? ACA? 60 Minutes? Anything? I sure haven’t.

    If these guys were of another background/race/religion/ethnicity and saying all this crap (nutjob Siddiq-Conlon, as an example), how long before it would be all over the media.

    Speaking of Conlon, one of the things he was recently charged with was threatening to bomb Mardi Gras. There are people here talking about having weapons caches, and stabbing people in the neck. One can only hope that if the authorities have seen this, they come down on them like a ton of bricks too.

    • Very astute observation Cara.

      Every second week there’s an ACA special on “Lebbo” gangs from Punchbowl or some variety of “ethnic” hoons, always featuring gratuitously glorifying interviews that make them out to be legitimate organised crime. The interviewers always accept these idiots outlandish claims of having bashed, killed or stabbed innocent people without qualification; when in fact they are all still living under their parent’s roofs and flipping burgers at HJ’s.

      Not to mention SBS Insight seems to rotate it’s panel discussions around 3 main topics nowadays: the Burqa, Islam Vs. Australia and Asylum Seekers pretty much non-stop, Q&A on ABC is closely following suit as well, though they are a more legitimate panel discussion show.
      4 Corners, Foreign Correspondent, SBS Documentaries and 60 Minutes very, very regularly feature an in-depth featurette on either the Middle East, the Arab Spring, Iran, Islam, Afghanistan, Islam in Europe, remembering 9/11 and so forth; in general always adopting a condescending and confrontational view of Islam, Muslims and Arabs with the onus on them to prove themselves otherwise.

      And then of course you factor in Newscorp, privatisation and the slow but steady Americanisation of our news outlets, print media and political journalism and the general trend is: if it’s brown… go to town.

      I think the only mention of anything remotely connected to white supremacism and the general surge in bigotry amongst Australians of all stripes is the recent ADF Facebook group scandal (“RAR Buddies”); in which the universal hatred of Muslims amongst ADF members was prominently highlighted.

      I did however pick up on the fact that a number of “subject matter experts” that were consulted seemed to play up the fact that soldiers can’t be held to civilian standards because they’re performing life-threatening duties in hostile environments and so, essentially, they’re allowed to be a little racist, sexist, or neo-Nazi because it helps dehumanise the enemy and make them into tough, unhesistant alpha-males. “Just like our boy Ben Roberts-Smith what that Asian carnt Yumi took the piss out of coz she’s a farrken slanty-eyed Jap that oughtta be kicked in her buck teeth n shit yea.”

  3. MMU, do you send this shit to any authorities? I really think it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. These guys are like spiteful children but with guns and knives and an imaginary cause.

    Thanks for fighting these pricks. Stay safe!

  4. For all their raving and ranting, and for all their miserable attempts at appearing informed and knowledgeable about the world, the fact is that Neo-Nazis are just kids, screaming for attention, screaming for acceptance of their hate-laced worldview in a world where most people have long rejected these ideologies.
    These people are dangerous, because they have the brute strength of adults, coupled with the mind of a child.

    If it wasn’t so sad, it would have been funny to see them rant about blood, honor and Jews in broken German. Yet for all their ranting, they have no conception of what human blood really costs, what the costs of destruction are, what the costs of hatred are. They have only to look at history for that. From Genghis Khan to Pol Pot, people have spilled rivers of human blood simply because they did not UNDERSTAND the other. They hated the other for being the other.

    These people advocate destruction and misery. They would destroy something they cannot create. They would wreck the thread of human existence. For what?

    I’m actually willing to bet that a lot of these people (who “fucking hate” Indians, Muslims, Sudanese and such) haven’t even met that many minorities. They are the dregs of a past that haunts the developed world to this day.

    I can only hope that these people do not have children. So yes, I am of Indian origin and I am brown. But I was born in this free spirited, sun-kissed nation, given my fair go as everyone in Australia is, regardless of what they look like, what their religion is and what culture they’re from. I love this country to death, and I can do little more than gape in horror as this miserable scum assaults the very idea of what Australia is. Oh, they claim to be patriotic but they haven’t the first idea of what makes Australia great. Scum, they are.

  5. You forgot these blokes

    “The Jews’ struggle with humanity is as old as history itself; the present continuing struggle with the Islam nation is a natural continuation of the Jews’ enmity towards the human race as a whole. Judaism controls the world by…secret movements as the destructive doctrines and groups, such as communism, libertarianism, Free Masons, Baha’ism, the Rotary clubs, the nationalistic and racist doctrines. The Jews try to control the world through sex, then sexual perversion, then the promotion of espionage, treason, and economic hoarding.”[19][20]

    In July 2006 Hilaly was sacked from Prime Minister of Australia John Howard’s Muslim Community Reference Group following comments he made in which he denied the Holocaust, calling it a “Zionist lie”. He also referred to Israel as a “cancer”. This prompted calls for legal action to be pursued against him, in a country which has the highest per-capita number of Holocaust survivors in the world outside Israel.[24]

    • So are all Muslims anti-Semitic?

      No certainly not

      Are all Nazis anti-Semitic?

      Yes – unless they are pretending to be pro-Jewish like certain far right groups are doing.

      • I wonder if you can point out where I said all Muslims are anti-Semitic? There is no nazi club in Australia, in fact if you put all of the people in the list above in a room together they would probably start killing each other.

        What you have here is a list of racist comments made by individuals and given the fact that they all appear ‘white’ , one has to ask ‘So are you saying that all white people are Nazies?’ Given your response above, one can’t but think the answer is ‘yes’

        • TAB have often said that they’re willing to run any evidence of bigotry from other ethnicities as well, but since this blog runs on contributions, maybe it’s just that no-one is submitting those? We all know discrimination isn’t confined to any skin colour or religion etc. But TAB works off evidence.

        • So let’s get this straight….an anti-racism blog find comments listed by white people supporting hitler, from this you get “All white people (Including presumably the admin of this blog, and many posters including myself) are Nazis/racist”? Is that really what you’re saying to us?

          If you want to have an argument about TAB, argue about the comments, Toffee, not on your desire to feel persecuted, which extends to the ridiculous.

          Do you approve of any of the above comments? Do you think any of them are justified? Or are you just trying to diminish TAB so any racist beliefs may remain outchecked?

        • The post is about Australians who follow Neo-Nazi ideology, not about Australians who are anti-Semitic. While Neo-Nazis are generally anti-semitic, the converse is not true.

          One of the main pillars of the Nazi worldview is the idea that non-Aryans are scum. Since any non-White would almost certainly qualify as a non-Aryan and therefore be rejected by the followers of the said ideology, it really should not be a hugely surprising that the overwhelming majority of Neo-Nazis are, um, White.

          What you have here is a list of racist comments made by individuals and given the fact that they all appear ‘white’ , one has to ask ‘So are you saying that all white people are Nazies?’


          You really didn’t think that one out, did you?

    • You raise an interesting question Toffee.

      When TAB is showing some examples of Neo-Nazism in Australia then should they not be obliged to give examples of every piece of anti-Semitism ever uttered in this country? And does failure to list every possible example then imply, by extension, that all white people are Nazis?

      Seems logical enough.

  6. I stumbled across this during english h/w for an oral debunking the myths around asylum seekers, but this caps all the hatred I’ve seen before. These people, I refuse to use the word human’s as anyone who treats another human like that is undeserving of the word, sicken me and I feel sick…this os just sad

  7. As an aside, did anyone see Louis Theroux’s documentary, “Behind Bars”? Louis interviews two men, in a loving relationship in prison. One is an openly effeminate Jewish gay man; the other, a caucasian ex-neo Nazi (who is married with kids on ‘the outside’). Fascinating! Shows that sometimes, even these angry, racist c*nts can sometimes see the light.

  8. These people are everything they think non-whites are. Inhuman, wastes of space, scum of the Earth. It makes me feel dirty to think of them as a member of the human species.

  9. I’ve got a solution, lets deport these so called “Nazi’s” to Germany and see how long they can survive, I guarantee the German people wouldn’t look too kindly on them.

  10. I just sent this email to their “media section” as they don’t have a complaints contact on their website other then website issues… I doubt they’ll do anything about it tho…

    Please forward this to the correct person as there is no link on the web site for one to be able to notify the Navy in regards to inappropriate behaviours of those representing their branch of the military.

    This “young” Seaman that is shown in this article ( has also been featured on

    I’m sorry but as an Australian I do not feel safe with the thought of military personnel such as this “protecting me” when they openly document on social media (under false names that is) that they would “kill” people like me.

    I honestly thought that as a part of the recruitment process that the mental state of potential military personnel is examined. The Australian military does not need any racists, xenophobes, sexists, bigots or bogans as their job is to protect our borders and our people and Australia is a multi-cultural and diverse country, where the population of non-Anglos outweighs that of the Anglos.

    The descriptive term of Anglo-Saxon or non Anglo-Saxon has been removed from the written term in Australia but has not been removed from those that believe that “white power” is the way to be.

    Name withheld as I do not want any racist, xenophobe, sexist or bigoted comments directed as me.

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