Jedd Sealey Smith Leads the Homophobia Charge

Have a look at these arse-hats, lining up to put shit on a homosexual 17 year old:

Responding to a public status that suggests that we are all perfect in our own way, these lowlife fucks think that publicly shaming a human being puts them well above in the morality stakes.

This is the brief story of a teenage boy who came out as a homosexual, months after another boy at his school killed himself over the abuse he received after also doing so. Let’s hope that it’s not a story ended by shit heads who don’t realise that the endless cycle of public denigration and hatred is the very thing that leads to a person deciding that they don’t want to live anymore.

27 thoughts on “Jedd Sealey Smith Leads the Homophobia Charge

  1. Has this site contacted the kid? This sort of back-chat ends badly… as a former chaplain and former youth leader, I can tell you that if people in this situation will likely do self-harm and all sorts. Personally, he has my full-support and I have no doubt the support of all those who follow this site, but with the backstabbing like this going on, he/she in a bad situation. My fiance’s now-sister went through the exact same thing and she’s now almost 26 and only now starting to come out of her shell.

  2. So someone is online minding their own business and then these people decided to tear into them? What the hell? Seriously, why?

    • happened to me on a bad photo of me looking downwards, eyes towards the camera and a baby in the foreground… had to end it with a threat of legal action as all those involved were over 18 and it counted as defamation as there was no link towards me and paedophelia apart from one photo that was cropped in such a way.

  3. I’ve been a silent reader so far, but had to de-lurk today, because this is really horrible.

    The internet makes it absurdly easy to gather up a small lynch mob for the smallest of “offenses”. Granted that it wasn’t the best possible way to make the point about perfection, but really, this is quite ridiculous. Criminally ridiculous.

    I can only imagine what this poor kid might be going through.

    Let’s hope that it’s not a story ended by shit heads who don’t realise that the endless cycle of public denigration and hatred is the very thing that leads to a person deciding that they don’t want to live anymore.

    Amen to that!

  4. At least these people will put their name to something that they believe your just as bad and maybe even worse by reposting this on a public forum for more people to see im sure thats what ‘dylan’ would have wanted was for you to put it up here so everyone can see what people are saying about him that googles his name idiot and your hiding behind a keyboard real tough and helpful for bullying good work vigilante hero !!

    • Would you give a slap on the back to people who put their name to the ‘proud to be a rapist’ forum, if such a forum existed?

      Is that the only measure of character – whether a person would put their name to something – regardless of how immoral and fucktarded it may be?

    • I believe in strangling small children and burning their corpses. And I’m proud of it. Thanks for supporting me Sam. I also believe in pedophilia. Hey everyone, Sam supports child murder and pedophilia, what a swell guy.

      If they really do believe in it I’m sure they wont mind having their names on here.

      The site should remove the bullied child’s name, but nobody else’s. If people will spread hate and bile publicly they deserve to be held accountable.

  5. I’m not ashamed, I am one of the people commenting. This is deformation of character. Various comments have not been shown in the pictures which explain every one of the comments. There might be one or 2 mildy homophobic comments, but the rest are related to the pure suggestiveness of the photo. A 17 year old does not have the right to upload pictures in their lingerie on a public forum like facebook. This particular 17 year old, is particularly attention seeking and I guarantee wrote this article. If I was a parent, I would be disgusted at the sight of my 17 year old child posting pictures of their half naked body, regardless of their gender. People have the right to be disgusted at this type of behaviour, regardless of the sex of the offender or orientation. You people shouldn’t make such biased comments without knowing the whole story.

  6. Hi. I think that you’re completley wrong. For starters, over the past 3 years Dylan has been straight, bi-sexual, homosexual, straight, homosexual, bi-sexual, straight, homosexual etc. I hate to say it, but he does it for attention. Now he’s suddenly decided that he wants to be a girl. Secondly, yes what these people are saying can be considered cruel but I know them and they would do the exact same to any other girl who uploaded a photo of herself to facebook wearing only bras and knickers. If Dylan wants to be a girl, he needs to be prepared to be treated like a girl. Thirdly, I think you’re just as immature for making this post. That is all. Have a nice night.

    • So what you’re saying is that a person must make up their mind before a certain age as to their sexuality?

      And that women must expect to be treated like shit?

      What a shining beacon of intelligence and charisma you’ve turned out to be.

  7. Mindmadeup, you are terribly incoherent, ignorant and just plain fucking stupid. Take that as an insult if you will, but you are being biased. This particular person is known to do illegal drugs and pick on people regularly. He thinks that because he is gay, he can get away with anything. Anything anyone says to him about all of the shit he causes, he goes around saying they said it because they are homophobic. You need to open your mind and stop being such an arrogant prick. You don’t know the whole story or what any of these people are like.

    • Please quote any sentences where I/we have been incoherent. You will be hard pressed finding spelling or grammatical errors in anything written by admin.

      If he is into illegal drugs (like a massive chunk of our population), then have a go at him for being into illegal drugs.

    • To be fair, You don’t know the whole story behind this person, do you, Damian Little? Every action has a reason behind it, that reason has a belief. In any case it doesn’t matter, you don’t attack anyone under any circumstances, else you’re actually breaking the law in Australia. What this screenshot shows is a defamatory attack on a person trying to figure out who they are. If that’s led him to the wrong places is irrelivant, the attack in this fashion, regardless of intention breaches several laws of discrimination and at least one whole section of the privacy act to just talk about Australian laws. If Dylen(? Can’t tell if e or a in screenshot) wishes to express himself publicly, that is his legal right, you’re in the wrong to attack him, particularly without him being able to see the post.

  8. He obviously saw the post, because he wrote this article. Please tell me where one of my comments has attacked him? The vomit comment is in regards to the age of the offender, the sounds like someone’s having a baby comment is in regards to a comment not shown here which was worded incorrectly, the apple comment is in regards to the miscommunicated caption for the photo and the other comment was in regards to the inappropriate and suggestive clothing warn in the particular photo.

    • You wrote your comments in a public forum. Now they’ve been republished. People can read your comments and come to their own conclusions.

      Take care now.

    • dylan wasn’t the one that wrote the article. it was written by the admins of the anti bogan. dylan wasn’t the one that sent them the screenshot either, that was sent in by somebody that doesn’t know you or dylan. it was found with a facebook search and all the other info was found with google that’s jedd sealey smith’s fault for having his facebook on public.

  9. I hate to get involved but this isn’t homophobia. I know personally each and every one of those tagged, and one is an open lesbian. Say what you will about this, I can tell even though it may be an “attack”, it is not sexuality-based. Maybe they should not have gone about things in the way they did, but to post the screenshots of an every day facebook fight on a public forum, giving extended sympathy because the victim is a homosexual (which is exactly what is happening), is disgusting. Both parties should feel immense guilt, but ESPECIALLY whoever posted it here.

    • It’s definitely homophobia. You can’t hide behind the fact one of the nasty commenters is a lesbian either – there’s such a thing as internalised homophobia. There are many gays and lesbians who, having been treated like dirt by a heterosexist society, internalise the hatred and project it onto easy targets within their own communities. I know you are ignorant and will not understand what I’ve just written, but I have written it for your bigoted uneducated benefit, I’ve written if for the benefit of others who might be reading this and wondering why a ‘known lesbian’ could write such abhorrent statements.

  10. This is just ridiculous. Did anyone ever, for one second, consider the negative comments came about because the ‘victim’ put a photo of them in their underwear up? Yes, several of the comments are just stupid and homophobic, but that’s only a small amount of them. I wonder how many comment there were on the original photo saying how good he looked. I bet they would be outweighing the negative ones. Just like if a straight girl were to upload a photo of herself in her underwear, there would be some people disgusted and letting her know.
    Also, I don’t understand why anyone who doesn’t personally know him assume that he’s a nice person. If you go around treating people poorly and then upload stuff like this, well that’s just giving all of Facebook ammunition.

  11. Slut shaming a person, whether a female or male, for the clothes they choose to wear, is simply not on. Australia really is a country of fucktarded bogans. Unfortunately they are breeding instead of being marched down to the clinic for sterilisation.

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