Sergio Redegalli’s Chamber(pot) of Secrets


The new face of Sydney public toilets

Sergio Redegalli used to be a renowned award-winning glass sculptor. For reasons known only to himself he threw in his lot with the dregs of the noisy far right and has thus lost any credibility he may have once had as an artist or anything else for that matter.

And perhaps the lowest point in his Dante-esque descent into the bowels of hate politics has been his revelation on Sydney radio that he dresses up in a burqa and enters women’s public toilets.

TAB itself has no problems with the concept of unisex toilets. We have them in our homes after all. It is the norm at little cafés where we at TAB are popularly supposed to spend our days sipping lattes and/or chardonnays while plotting the downfall of white Straya.

However in public places it is customary that most times women and men will be able to use separate facilities.

And women and small kids should expect not to encounter some bearded male Fascist weirdo dressed up in a black sheet freaking them out in the toilets.

Sergio visits the loo and frightens small girls

Sergio's secrets

You can listen to his dreary justifications for hate where he boasts about his toilet exploits to 2GBs Ben Fordham here

We hope he will soon be assisting the police with their enquiries.

32 thoughts on “Sergio Redegalli’s Chamber(pot) of Secrets

  1. I hope The Police knocks on no knocks down Serigo for dressing up in a burqa and entering women’s public toilets?

    But after this I am wondering how many friends Serigo has left or he well have ANY business coming into his Glass Art Gallery, if he had any friends to start with?

    • He’s got plent of friends. The APP have no fear about toilet loitering cross-dressers. Heck… A few of them have done it themselves at major meetings.

  2. Oh and how I just can’t wait for what will almost certainly be a perspective changing, revelation of an exhibition by this fount of creativity and intelligence. Even the title, ‘Disrespect’, has me quivering in intolerant anticipation. Doiubtless to prevoke countless conversations of such high calibre, balanced argument and merit based reason that this enthralling national issue will have to reach some satisfying conclusion….

    ….on a entirely less sarcastic note, what a fucking delusional fool. In my opinion this man isn’t just the Village Idiot of Newtown, but of the entire Inner West.

    -Say No to Sergio –

    -Resist Intolerance –

    -Ban the Jerqa-

  3. Why is it that anyone who is critical of Islam is immediately labelled ‘far right’? Can you please tell me if there is anything else Sergio says or does that is indicative of his ‘far right’ bent?

    What about the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association who stated that Islam is a “barmy doctrine” and growing “like a canker”. They also must have suffered some kind of mental breakdown and swung ‘far right’ no?

    I would like to quote the words of Andy Armitage, former editor of the GALHA,

    “Islam is demonstrably a threat to women and gay people, who are routinely tortured and murdered in Islamic countries, such as Iran. This is fact, not opinion, and should be of great concern in view of the rise of Islam right across Europe. Indeed, the issue said nothing that had not been said in national newspapers by a variety of writers and politicians – including Tony Blair – and we have provided several examples in our dossier.”

    I take it he has also lost it and just suddenly become ‘far right’?

    • Sergio chooses to hang around with a bunch of cut-rate Fascists and to actively participate in their nonsense.

      I’d say that was pretty “far-right” wouldn’t you?

      Some Muslims are homophobic, the way some Christians and Jews are. We are not responsible for their stupidity.

      Those of us who follow no religion find all religious doctrines barmy. However people have the right to believe in gods as they wish.

      Gays and lesbians have routinely been oppressed and even murdered by homophobic fundamentalist Christians (Matthew Shepard) and by the far right, notably in Nazi Germany. 10,000 GLBTI folk were murdered in Hitler’s death camps.

      We would say to any gay and lesbian person that they are putting themselves at great personal risk if they believe for a minute that the far right has anything to offer them except the possibility of violence and even death.

    • Hi Anthony,
      Sergio is subject to criticism not because he claims to have an issue with the Burqa but because he:

      a. Painted a mural which depicts a human being with a large red cross through her (Prejudice and Sexism).

      b. Has consistently stated that he fears a Muslim takeover of the country despite claiming that the mural has nothing to do with Islam (Hypocrisy).

      c. Pretends to want to have a debate yet ignores the overwhelming local opposition to his mural, such opposition has come from successive Mayors and Neighbours (Bad Neighbour and Bully).

      d. Goes around wearing silly anti-Islam t-shirts, despite apparently not being anti-Islam.. (Forgetful?)

      e.Has pursued media attention with the fame hungry self-interest of a reality TV star (Middle Aged Crisis).

      f. Has formed alliances with hate groups such as the Australian Protectionist Party, these guys were labelled Anti-Islamic not be me but by the Australian Newspaper (Middle Aged Crisis mixed with Prejudice and Sexism)

      g.Has trivialised a debate that may actually be worthwhile (All of the above)

      Anthony, you have reasonable objections to Islam, please then consider this point of view; the net result of Redegalli’s actions is that the Burqa is now a simple of resistance against morons like Sergio, rather than a symbol of intolerance and sexism.
      So Sergio has actually done more to legitimise the Burqa than any Muslim (so inclined) ever could. If you still think that Sergio Redegalli has done something worthwhile, then have a look at the comments that have been left on a petition started in SUPPORT of Redegalli’s mural. Follow the link and you will find comments labelling Muslims as “dogs”, the “root of all evil” and of course “terrorist”; what a classy debate Sergio has started.

      Best regards,

      • Sorry, silly spelling mistake in that last bit, I should learn how to proof read.
        ” the net result of Redegalli’s actions is that the Burqa is now a simple of resistance against morons like Sergio, rather than a symbol of intolerance and sexism”
        I meant to say:
        ” the net result of Redegalli’s actions is that the Burqa is now a symbol of resistance against morons like Sergio, rather than a symbol of intolerance and sexism”

        • I gathered that, but don’t fret I won’t yell ‘sic’ at every opportunity to display my superior spelling and/or grammar like I see in many of the articles at this site. Fully reply to come.

    • OK Anthony, look forward to the reply,

      In regards to the APP though, perhaps I should do more than simply label them as anti-Islamic. The party has also had pretty homophobic policies, for example, “No adoption of children by homosexuals, and no government funding for homosexual groups”. In addition, their policy reads as though they are pretty much calling for the re-establishment of the White Australia Policy. Their rant on immigration goes,
      “Implement a zero-net immigration policy…To have sensible immigration programmes that will be geared towards accepting into our country only those people who will readily fit into our society, primarily from traditional sources such as Europe and Britain”
      They have also released really sad pamphlets entitled “Stop African Crime on our Streets”

      Click to access 3xStopAfricanCrime_national.pdf

      So basically I put forward that unless you are pretty “far right” you would not want to associate with these guys. That is however exactly what Sergio appears to have done and here are some links establishing this connection.


  4. Interesting, Sergio has caved and changed the mural.
    In his typical self-aggrandising peacock fashion he has written this change up as a triumphant blow against the crazed blood thirsty socialist lefties who have refused to join his fan club, follow the link:

    Apparently alerted to the possibility of a protest in front of the mural, Sergio decided to change the mural so that the aforementioned blood thirsty socialist lefties couldn’t accuse him of being racist.

    So in other words; Sergio, knowing that his mural is ethically unjustifiable, changed it to something that is justifiable rather than stand up to valid questions from community members concerning his actions.
    Sadly I don’t expect the change to last. Without the overt sexism, fear and prejudice no one will pay him the attention he so dearly craves. As soon as he realises this he will be back to his old throwback ways and the ‘help me I am a little afraid of Arabs but don’t know why’ show will start up again.
    Boring really.

    • Notwithstanding that change Glenn, Sergio is only against genital mutilation if he can lay blame at the door of Muslims only.

      When Christians in the Middle East and Africa do it he will be silent.

      FGM has been a social custom in Northern Africa for millennia. Many people associate FGM with the religion of Islam. Actually, it is a social custom that is practiced by Animists, Christians, and Muslims in those countries where FGM is common.

      The rite is believed to have originated more than two thousand years ago in Egypt or the Horn of Africa (what is now Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somalia). The World Health Organization estimates that more than 130 million women have undergone the procedure. Although it is most often associated with Islam, it is also practiced by Christians, adherents to traditional African religions, and one Jewish sect.

      Like rape, it originates with male supremacism and exceptionalism, not with a particular religion.

    • Woah…. Thanks for the link Glenn, but…. fuck… I don’t even know…

      Yeah, he doesn’t have much of an issue with muslims at all does he?

      What a fucking bigot, gotta love that he ignores local displeasure because there was “Not one Muslim was in sight!”…

      (Even though Niqi/Grant has mentioned some “black muslims” being arrested for defacing the mural in the “Six Bogans..” thread.)

      Sergio You Fucking Hypocrite – YOU ARE NOT MUSLIM – so why the fuck does the lack of muslims at a demonstration about an intolerant moron and his shit paintings mean a fucking thing? Good job on getting someone who can actually paint to do the image though, guess you’ve reached the same conclusion everyone else in Newtown has, that of you being a talentless fucking bigot.

    • I love how his new mural is ‘say no to female genital mutilation’.

      When do you ever have an opportunity to say ‘yes’ to it? How prevalent are female genital mutilation surgeons and burqa-wearing terrorists and bank robbers in Australia?

      Prevalent enough to devote your life’s work to it and deface the front of your building with an embarrassing, cringe-inducing ‘mural’?

      I guess so..

      • It’s all part of the on-going ‘Muslamic PorkChicken Raygun” conspiracy I’d assume, must be working on a new batch of secret weapons so they can get the great Australian invasion underway and finally take over the country and install sharia law…

        Or maybe these fools just don’t have the time, between repainting shitty “murals” and raging on blogs about “freedom of speech”/”white, anti-white racists”, to think through their actions in regards to any relevancy in Australia.

        I have noted however that none of the people defacing the “mural” have bothered covering their faces. I’d have figured they’d be worried and might consider doning a burqa to protect their indentities, you know, criminal master minds generally don’t want to get caught for simple offences, that’d just be embrassing, wouldn’t it?

      • Yeah, I agree, given the people he associates with and his paranoid ramblings in interviews, he has an entirely irrational fixation with Islam.

        I just think it is interesting that the reason he changed the mural was because people were coming to protest it. It’s as though he knows that intellectually he can’t defend the mural and is instead just doing it for emotional reasons and for pride.

        I remember walking past the mural when he first put it up and there were some supporters to whom he was giving some kind of speech. He was ranting about forced marriages and all this crap and I butted in and asked “why don’t you paint a picture about forced marriage then instead of telling women what to wear?“

        He answered “because I trying to start a debate”

        To which I replied “no you’re not, your trivialising an already existing debate” (that debate being the issue of women’s rights within Islam)

        He ignored me and then when back to ranting.

        And that has been his modus operandi, to give people these apparently reasonable answers and then when they question the sincerity of the answers, he ignores them (or gets aggressive). So there’s really no “debate” at all. In fact if there were a real debate his association with the APP, homophobic and proudly racist, would be more widely known.

        • Serigo and his idiot friends has proven, when he ignore others people pointing out reality to them that they are scare to accept, look out here comes more stream coming out of their ears and much more ranting.

  5. If you support Serigo and his Paranoid personality disorder, then you have proven you support his illegal and perv action of walking into a women toilet wearing a Burqa.

    • WRONG!

      It will be impotent Fascist morons like your favourite Geert Wilders (“I’m too sexy for my hair”) and silly old Sergio who will bury Western society.


      …women and small kids should expect not to encounter some bearded male Fascist weirdo dressed up in a black sheet freaking them out in the toilets.

      Do you get it now??

      Your mythologies are as destructive as any religious cults.

      And please do not misuse the capital A Atheist symbol for your right wing rants. We real atheists who do not hate Muslims or any other individual believers for that matter find that insulting.

  6. @Geoffrey Falk. Ghandi said it best when asked what he thought of “Western Civilization”

    Responding that “It would be a wonderful idea”.

    Regressive, insouciant, small minded fools, like yourself, will be the defining reason of why “Western Civilization” never got half a foot in the door of a globalised society. So in the future keep your troglodytic and violently parasitic “opinions” trapped, forever echoing, in that vacant space you call a skull.

  7. Yeah right, I suppose the only credible artists are the ones with ideas closer to your own, right? Typical, leftist loony liberals really are a good laugh once in a while. Definition of “politically incorrect”: Anything that liberals don’t want to hear.

    The greatest amusement here is seeing atheists defending Islam. At this rate of hypocrisy I’ll next be seeing feminists defending serial rapists.

      • I really couldn’t care what he did. What I read in the comments section of this page was the typical socialist, atheist babble of acts of extremism committed in the name of Christianity, as if Islam isn’t any worse than Christianity or any other religious doctrine. Naivete. I certainly can’t recall the last time Buddhist fanatics flew planes into buildings; or when Taoist fundamentalists strapped bombs to their chests and walked into packed trains; or when Jewish holy warriors last issued a death fatwa to authors they didn’t like, but that’s beside the point here.

        You can hate Christian extremists all you want. Yet in this present day, I’ve never once read of any Christian group repeatedly vandalising another man’s property because it presented something they didn’t like. Unlike other renowned atheists such as Christopher Hitchens (deceased I know), Geert Wilders etc you all fail to get your priorities straight. Islam is the biggest threat to free speech since Nazism.

        • Taoism is a philosophy not a religion. That’s like trying to find a Cartesian suicide bomber or a Neo-Platonic insurgent.

          I certainly can’t recall the last time Buddhist fanatics flew planes into buildings

          Ask the Sri Lankan Tamils about the Buddhists.

          …Jewish holy warriors last issued a death fatwa to authors they didn’t like

          Google “Irgun” and “Stern Gang”

          I’ve never once read of any Christian group repeatedly vandalising another man’s property because it presented something they didn’t like

          1. Anti-choice fundamentalist Christians regularly attack abortion clinics in the US

          2. Not so long ago black churches and meeting places in the US were being torched by the Ku Klux Klan who profess Christianity.

          And hatred of African-Americans has not gone away. It has just been driven underground.

          3. The whole deadly and shambolic architecture of apartheid in South Africa, supposedly based on Christian principles.

          4. Hitchens was worth listening to on atheism, but his politics were hijacked by the neocons and he developed an unhealthy obsession with Islam.

          5. Geert Wilders is a prancing pompous popinjay with the brains of a flea and a shady background in regards to his campaign financing. No one takes him seriously except his deluded following. Sort of the Nick Folkes of Dutch politics.

  8. I love the way most people on this blog aggressively pontificate about matters of which they have no idea. It would be comedy gold if the subject matter wasn’t so serious.

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