Anna Dean’s Halal Hysteria

“…A halal ate my baby!!”

Commercial Facebook pages are rather dull places. However this doesn’t seem to stop frenzied obsessive bigoted nutjobs from marching on and having foaming tantrums if the business does something they do not like.

In the case of supermarket giant Coles, it is supposedly doing what a business sensitive to consumer needs and aware of its target market wants and marking products as halal or kosher as appropriate. It also provides nutritional information on products telling consumers if they contain nuts, if they are gluten-free or if they contain dairy products, so that customers unable to eat these products may make informed choices.

So along comes Islamophobe Anna Dean in full Joan of Arc mode accompanied by a rag tag bunch of bogot fanatics.

Halal hysteria 1

Now note that Anna by her own admission already buys her meat from an independent butcher so we are puzzled as to why Coles marketing practices concern her so much. However this is nothing new for us. The strange cognitive processes of the bogot continue to be a mystery.

Halal hysteria 2

Not to be outdone by their leader, the rest of the bogots climb out of the ruck and start to clamour for a hearing.

Halal hysteria Eve

Err speak for yourself sweetheart. Yet another clown who thinks “Australian values” = her own brain farts.

Eve de Laurent

Another CGI patriot from Bogot Central Casting

And no one “pays” for halal certification except the meat producers. Just as they pay for veterinary services, licensing fees to health authorities and other fees which enable their businesses to run. They then pass these costs down the supply chain to consumers. That is the nature of capitalism.

So are you now advocating a Communist society perhaps where the state owns the means of production? Or unregulated backyard slaughter – maybe you’d like to butcher and carve up your own steer while sinking goon by the pool?

Halal hysteria 4

A breathe of fresh air as someone sane points out that halal slaughter is no crueller than conventional non-halal slaughter in Australia. However the elevated tone lasts a mere nano-second as the Maid of Facebook lurches back into full shrillness linking halal certification with an escalating range of horrors for which in typical bogot style it offers no evidence.

And Adam Richards, racism is a form of bigotry. You don’t get let off being labelled as intolerant just because Islam is a religion, not an ethnic group.

Adam Richards, you are a bigot.

Halal hysteria 4

Now the Patriot Posse is in full flight, complete with fuzzy logic-theology from Wagga evangelist Mrs Palmer and the Five Granddaughters, all huddled under the mythical burqa which will ultimately consume them. Balaam’s ass gets a look-in as well, though it has nothing to do with Islam.

There are enough asses in that thread without dragging in a mythical Biblical one.


Halal hayseed

Straight from rural Queensland comes Debbie Monroe, amateur religious historian, resplendent in a borrowed Wonder Woman outfit, fired up to give us the revelation that she is racist. Yawn, yeah we knew that Debbie.

Halal hysteria 7

Now as tends to happen whenever we feature a stand-off between our folk and the Farces Forces of Bogotry, the dialogue degenerates quickly as the fake freaks take centre stage. Turd “Toad Man” is first as befits waste products expelled noisomely, followed by “Ron Proud”. This is supposed to have the effect of generating gales of laughter amongst the anti-bigot posters and the TAB members watching the thread scaring all those unwashed feral lefties who are also posting.

One of the TAB folk sums it up nicely for the benefit of the Coles admin, who has left to do something presumably more riveting, like watching grass grow on the local bowling green.

Coles – just ignore this pack of neo-Nazi scumbags. They DO NOT represent Australia.


Just when you thought it was safe to return to Coles, St Anna of Orleans Facebook vomited up this pearler.

Halal hysteria 10

1. Animals are bled out when they are dead

2. Halal slaughter of Australian meat is done in Australia by accredited Muslim slaughter-men who are Australian. Just like everywhere else in the meat industry.

3. Coles probably thinks Anna is as deluded as we do

We now have some insight into why Joan of Arc was executed by the Church in the 15th Century –  if she was anything like Anna.

35 thoughts on “Anna Dean’s Halal Hysteria

  1. Trying to reason with the dimwitted bigots on that thread was as fun as eating rocks. Critical analysis is clearly not the strong point of the anti-halal brigade.

    I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

  2. she is right in calling for a boycott of coles and woolworths, but not for the reasons she thinks. both support unfair trade practices, and one is the largest owner of poker machines in Australia. they pump CO2 and N2 into their meat to preserve “freshness” (ie: so they can keep it on the selves for days/weeks.) buying from a butcher or markets is much better for everyone….

    and as for the halal vs. normal abbatoir practices, in australia at least, both involve a stun to knock the animal out, before it is bled out… jeez, do some study on the subject, to eat meat is to support animal cruelty in one way or another.

    disclaimer, i eat meat, but try to avoid factory farming.

  3. Honestly the sheer idiocy these people are capable of is astounding. You don’t want to eat halal? Then don’t buy it. Woop-dee-fucking-doo. Or just buy pork.

    If you want to debate it on animal treatment grounds fine. Do that. But don’t bring islamicaphobia bigotry into it and claim it’s about animals. I notice none of these ‘patriots’ mention kosher killing even though it’s pretty much the same damn thing. I wonder why?

    Because they’re idiots that’s why.

    • There are no animal treatment grounds to debate it on for pete’s sake.

      The meat is slaughtered right HERE; there are over 123 abattoirs certified to Halal requirements (probably more now, that’s a 2010 figure).
      The Quran explicitly permits Muslims to eat meat that has been slaughtered by “People of the Book” (i.e. Jews and Christians).

      The only difference in how your sirloin or rump roast was killed by a Halal-certified abattoir, is that someone slaughtered the animal in the name of Allah.
      (Oh god no… I’ve suddenly developed the urge to grow a beard)

      Aside from that, both Halal and non-Halal slaughter methods cut the jugular and carotid arteries, exsanguinate the animal and then chop it up; there really isn’t more than one way to skin a cat in this case.

      From a personal preference stand-point, as someone who regularly eats both Halal and non-Halal meat, my local Halal butcher tastes leagues better than anything I’ve tried at either Coles or Woolies.
      It put that down to the thoroughness of the drainage of blood and bodily fluids from the meat, as Muslims are specifically forbidden from consuming blood and the animal is required to hang and not be handled until all the blood has visibly stopped exiting the body.

  4. RSPCA states that the animal is stunned after having their throat cut. I personally find that to be an unacceptable practice. All animals should be fully stunned prior to slaughter to prevent any potential suffering.

    • I think your info is incorrect.

      Stunning is done prior to throat-slitting. That was evident even in those dreadful videos from Indonesia, where the slaughter-men were obviously untrained in correct procedure.

      Both Islam and Judaism also specify a very sharp knife is to be used for slaughter.

        • If you read it closely it states that most common form of halal slaughter in Australia does comply with the Australian standard for meat production, which includes stunning prior to the throat being cut.

          It then goes on to state that in some instances, the state/territory authority can approve ritual slaughter where the animal is stunned immediately after its throat is cut, although it does say that if the animal is struggling then it must be stunned prior to slaughter.

          So for the most part, MMU is correct that, in Australia, stunning is still done prior to slaughter. There appear to be some exceptions, and perhaps this is something you might wish to take up from an animal rights perspective. Information on how to do so is at the end of that same page.

      • I understand that it states that prior approval is required, however I’m not comfortable with this occuring in Australia (or anywhere) at all.

        Obviously as an animal rights issue, in case that wasn’t clear.

  5. TL to R right now, but I do have an issue with Halal and Kosher (I think that is correct) slaughter. I want to know exactly how it is carried out in Australia.

    Slitting of the throat before stunning is horrible, if that is what is going on. It wasn’t that way at my local abattoir though, where they were stunned first.

    • Animal rights are something that should be debated and talked about. But when you read the comments of the likes of Anna Dean, you see quite plainly that this isn’t really about animal rights for her, it’s about Muslims. She doesn’t mention Kosher slaughter, which is very similar to Halal slaughter… and she goes on in that thread on the FB to invoke any anti-Islam and anti-asylum seeker message she can get her grubby little brain cell to latch onto for a few seconds.

      That’s the part that’s truly objectionable.

  6. I suppose they have the “luxury” of being a bigot if they live in the nether regions of the black stump, aka rural queensland. My street is very multicultual and up until a few weeks we would have been a model of how to get it done. The butcher up the road is halal and the local school P&C use it when they have a sausage sizzle or whatever. It caters for everyone, not just a chosen few

  7. I can provide this later, but there was a German study that actually showed the Sharia method of slaughter is actually more humane (ie, causes less pain to the animal) than the stunning prior to killing method we currently use.

    But for now, it’s worthwhile pointing out that one of the complaints Eve De Laurent has about Hallal food is….that it is not a PETA approved practise.

    Just for the record, can anyone think of any methods of slaughtering animals that ARE okay with PETA?

    But seriously, this isn’t about animal rights (Otherwise all the people above would be proud vegetarians), it’s about a crazy belief that if you eat hallal food you’ll suddenly become a Muslim-without any other influence whatsoever. Not kosher though-kosher doesn’t turn you Jewish.

    I’m not too surprisedcoming from anna. Anna is one person who I debated to over a Dandenong public swimming pool plan to allow Muslims to have access to the pool for one hour during winter, outside of normal hours, for a traditional celebration.

    After challenging her belief that Muslims would be organising rape gangs, and slaughtering animals in the pool, she and others came up with a bizarre theory that I worked for the Dandenong council, and was placed there to encourage those protesting this decision (Who didn’t even live in Victoria) to leave, and demanded I be fired. It got to the point that an actual employee from the council, after repeated denials that I worked for council, to confirm that I was just a member of the public, not an employee. And still she wouldn’t believe it!

    • “..demanded I be fired. ”

      Are you frikken serious? Let’s just assume for a second that you were, indeed, a public servant in the employ of the Dandenong Council AND let’s assume that she was a ratepayer….where the FRICK does that ignorant beast get the gall to demand your employment termination in a discussion thread?

      Oh wait…go back to the bit about ignorant.

  8. Bloody Gold, keep up the good work, no need to black me out though I enjoy crushing these brain dead idiots who go out of their way to give Australians a bad name.

  9. Everybody run and hide, the Islam Mooslams are attacking Stralya with their Burkas, Halals and Shaaara Laws!
    Talk about a paranoid bunch of nut jobs. How the hell do they function outside their front doors while trying to cope with such irrational fears?

  10. 1. Coles have realised that they don’t have a marketshare on Halaal and Kosher Food Products.

    2. Blaming Muslims/Jews for a company decision to increase their marketshare is just plain stupid…

    3. Saying that Coles DO NOT have a right to sell these products is UN-AUSTRALIAN

    4. You can choose NOT to buy these products, as is YOUR right as a consumer

    On a side note – You will probably find that most Muslim’s and Judaist’s will continue to shop at their Local Halal/Kosher Butchers anyway. Certification is much harder for those businesses to keep, and therefore more reliable (religion wise) than vast major supermarkets.

  11. I want someone to start up an organisation labelling food products as gay friendly then watch these clowns go into convulsions as they’re required to choose between the vegemite that makes you gay and the one that makes you a Muslim.

  12. hahahahah The “anitbogan wordpress” Wowee what bunch of little minded “highly educated”.: Thats “left wing conditioned” “functional elitism”????? Bet you never read ABOUT THAT YOU FUCKTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE SO SMART HUH??????????? REST OF SHEEPLE DON’T KNOW NUFFIN HEY?????????????? HAHAHA!!!! GET READY CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM COMING TO GET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEGALLY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL WISH YOU GOT A PUNCH IN THE NUTS CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. There is nothing wrong in having food labelled. There is something wrong with our governments giving abattoirs money to produce halal meat and poultry. Many groups cannot eat halal including Sikh’s and Hindus. We should not be forced to adopt a religious ritual that has been found to harm animals. The CSIRO 2013. We used to have rights on what rituals we adopted and had remedies to enforce those rights. We do not have them now. We should not have to pay for religious rituals at the checkout.

    • 1. Observant Hindus usually don’t eat beef. The cow is the embodiment of the earth goddess Prithvi. It depends on the sect they belong to.

      2. Sikhs usually do not eat halal or kosher-slaughtered meats.

      3. The carnivores at TAB are fine with either halal or kosher meat.

      You can buy from an independent butcher or go eat road-kill.

      4. You pay nothing at the checkout except the wholesale price, the retail markup and the GST. So go whinge to the government or the supermarket chain.

    • Where has it been found that halal mode of preparation is more harmful to the animal than standard methods of slaughter, or kosher methods?

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