More Homophobia in Australian Politics

Curtis Pitt is the Labor MP for the State seat of Mulgrave in Queensland

This attack comes just one day after the homophobia from within Bob Katter’s Australian Party and Campbell Newman’s LNP in Queensland. How can we continue to suggest that we are the greatest nation in this world when we continue to uncover scum like this?

5 thoughts on “More Homophobia in Australian Politics

  1. So Newman and the LNP are somehow jointly responsible for this attack because of Katter’s shameful political commercial condemning Newman for his apparent support for gay marriage?

    March 13, 2012 2:57 pm
    It’s actually Katter who is trying to make people believe Newman is for gay marriage, not Newman himself!”

    Who is responsible for Newman apparent support for gay marriages?

    Newman or Katter?

    • Newman was asked yesterday on The Circle if he supported gay marriage. He was asked no less than 5 times. An exasperated interviewer finally asked him if he could just give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ after he dodged the question the 4 previous times.

      His response? That he’d answered it, and another political sidestep of the issue.

      Newman is homophobic – but if it’s popular to support gay marriage – expect him to be showing his full support.

      • And expect him to change his mind AFTER the election, even those he won’t be The Ashgrove Member and QLD Premier.

  3. I saw that on the Circle and agree that he did not handle the question well, in fact he was a joke! However I hardly believe that, that caused the kind of hatred displayed in the above post. In fact I doubt the simple minded perpetrators of the cowardly acts on Curtis Pitt’s office would even know what the Circle is. Katter’s commercial on the other hand would appeal to them directly and it’s within his heartland.

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