Glenn Mchale’s Keyboard Tanty

Here lie the main problems:

1. Muslims who kill are not the same Muslims who want to live peacefully in a peaceful conflict-free country and raise their children, pay taxes and enjoy all that life has to offer.

2. Glenn McHale is a fucking poisonous shit-for-brains.

Here lie the main problems:

1. White European settlers actually nearly caused genocide through their direct (murdering) and indirect (disease spreading/drug and alcohol introducing) actions.

2. Glenn McHale is a lowlife piece of smegma.

8 thoughts on “Glenn Mchale’s Keyboard Tanty

  1. “Sand coons”
    “the white man”

    Does this clown think he lives in Mississippi or something?

    I note he’s mates with that in-bred illiterate Salty, which is telling.

  2. Glen is so insightful. Can you believe we saved those poor indigenous folk from, drying up and poisoning their rivers, clearing and digging up their lands, killing the flora and fauna, and for those lucky ones from what is now Tasmania, killing themselves! Thanks for clearing everything up Glen, I can’t believe my understanding of Australian history was so fucked up!

  3. The lack of education in this post is sure to cause a void or a black hole or something. We’d best do away with them now to avoid certain global-stupidity.

    Everyone get in your HAZMAT suits.

  4. Ah Glen, I remember a time, not too long ago, that he told a friend of mine that his girlfriend looked like she was a mail order bride (She was Asian, you see), then repeatedly called him gay, and went into detail describing the sexual acts he was involved in.

    Though that contradiction is quite common, I’ve noticed, for the extreme right. Oh, if I only had a dollar for all the times I’ve heard “You’re a fag, a gay fag. And your attractive girlfriend/wife is a prostitute”

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